Misfit: The Truth of What It Means



Misfits....every high school has them. The geeks, the nerds...the ones who aren't with the "in" crowd. They have their own little group, and most think they yearn to be apart of the populars, to be one of the ones on top.

But what about the other way around? Most populars think they're weird. They're different...they're "misfits".

But as one girl, the most popular girl in school, no less, is about to find out...

Being a misfit really isn't all that bad.


Leader of the Misfits [Michaline Walker] | As Played by Naga's Shadow
She has her little rag-tag group of friends, and knows where her loyalties lie. A lot of the populars in school think she's weird, and maybe she is. She doesn't care all that much, and turns a blind eye to them. Well, most of the time. She can't help but reach out to the one who's always tried to hurt her most, when she sees she needs the help.

Leader's Brother [url][? Walker][/url] | OPEN
The twin of the Misfit Leader, he follows his sister, but knows how to lead if he has to.

Leader's Best Friend [url][?][/url] | OPEN
The Leader's best friend. One odd thing she's oblivious to, apparently she's caught the Quarterback's eye...

Brother's Best Friend [url][?][/url] | OPEN
Another Misfit, he is the best friend of the Leader's twin, and has a long-standing silent crush on the Leader.

Miss Popular to Nada [Rose Hathaway] | As Played by BBSweetie
She had it all, but lost it all in a fiery accident that took her mother, home, clothes, and most of her personality. She quickly lost her position as Cheer Captain, and soon after that quit the squad. When she reached out to her friends, or whom she had though where her friends, for help, they rejected her. Even her boyfriend, the quarterback of football team. With nothing, she sank into a deep depression. Until of course, a certain Misfit offered to help her...

New Miss Popular [url][?][/url] | OPEN
Originally Miss Popular's best friend, she has been waiting on a chance to take her place, and now has it. She's been promoted to cheer captain, and she even has a new boyfriend, the quarterback on the team. Shallow and mean, she harasses both the misfits, and her not-so-best-friend to no end.

The Quarterback [url][?][/url] | OPEN
The star of the football team, he's got lots of offers to many different schools, even though it's only his sophomore year. He always dates the cheer captain, so he thought nothing of it moving from one girl to the next. At least until, she came along. He doesn't know here, and also knows that on the scale of Who's-Who, she's off-limits. Yet he can't stop thinking about her...[Leader's Best Friend]

Accidental Daughter [url][?][/url] | OPEN
Macon Bliege's unwanted daughter of a one-night stand, she, as well as her cousins, have been put under the care of a foster parent while he family is being investigated. She goes to Jackson Middle School, but often comes to watch Michaline play tennis. She was, and to an extent still is, a young, happy young girl, but the sheer emotional strain of what has been going on in her life and her family, some think she's starting to break.

The Socialite [url][?][/url] | RESERVED by Limepepper
The girl who doesn't belong to any of the groups, she flits back and forth between everyone, and yet no one. Also thought of as a ghost, she doesn't have friends, and yet she knows everyone, and all their secrets.

[Credit for Skeleton goes to Jakuri-chan, who was kind and awesome enough to let me use it]

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  • Please have fun. This is meant to be role play, which means I need others to help me complete it. It may be my idea, but you guys are going to write the story. So please, join, and as long as you follow my rules, you'll have fun, I promise!

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Character Portrait: Alexis June


Character Portrait: Alexis June
Alexis June

I'm not big on reading, but I'm sure to have one book at all times. Your diary.


Character Portrait: Alexis June
Alexis June

I'm not big on reading, but I'm sure to have one book at all times. Your diary.

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Character Portrait: Alexis June
Alexis June

I'm not big on reading, but I'm sure to have one book at all times. Your diary.

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