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Ezra Rivers

I'm the one steering. Just shut up and watch why dontcha`!

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a character in “Mis`fortune”, as played by Stiles



Name: Ezra Rivers


Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight


Role: Pilot

Information on your Role:

The man at the helm. The helmsman. The pilot was the man who steered the ship. Typically one man would be the master pilot who would work with the navigator and captain to pilot the ship over the water. The pilot needed to know such aspects as the ship's draught (how deep she sat in the water) how wide the ship was and how sharply she could turn. In shallow waters, the crew would take soundings (checking the depth of the water) and it would be up to the pilot to either steer the ship or sometimes stand at the bow and relay orders back to the man at the helm which way to steer the ship. Quite often, in the movies you see the captain of the ship giving the orders but in real life the captain would rely on the pilot of the ship to do such a task. In some cases a crew man might be given the task of acting as a pilot for a portion of a voyage because they were more familiar with sand banks, hidden shoals, and rough currents in an that area


Personality: Ezra is pretty calm, collected, and overall friendly unless you question her. She realizes that females aren't commonly accepted as pirates, but she honestly doesn't care. When she is working she is very Observant, serious and practical. Although when she's allowed to break, Ezra is Stubborn and standoffish. She's not really a people person, but only because she feels the need to prove herself constantly. She loves social gatherings, but she really doesn't participate very well, to put it appropriately, Ezra enjoys witnessing social interaction. People make Ezra nervous, especially guys, but she loves the sea, and traveling, so piracy she chose. It makes it rather difficult, but how much embarrassment could she really face being the pilot? She had to steer the ship a lot of the time!


History: Ezra grew up as an orphan. Nobody cared enough to take her in so living on the streets was her only way of survival. One time she accidentally got stowed away on a ship, trying to rob their supplies. She succeeded in not being discovered, but she soon found out she'd attempted to steal from pirates! It wasn't just any ship, but a pirate ship she stowed away on! She was soon discovered and upon thinking she was a little boy, they taught her the ways of the trade. They eventually indeed found out she was a girl, but she was spared. Her luck was unimaginable, the work was really hard, but now she is a full-fledged pilot!


- The ocean
- Traveling
- Parties
- Sunshine
- Sleep
- Naps in the sun
- Sleeping on deck
- Learning new things
- Intelligence

- Guys getting too close to her
- Alcohol
- Rain
- Cooking
- Animals
- Being judged by others
- Being Dependent
- Waking up early
- Eating a lot



To become captain of her own ship one day when she's older.

To see as much of the world as she can before she dies.

- Flexibility ~ 4
- Strength ~ 3
- Intelligence ~ 3
- Combat ~ 3
- Hand-Eye Coordination ~ 4



Ezra's weakness is guys. She isn't exactly boy crazy, but when they get too close or if a guy was to flirt with her Ezra would become a bit scattered and her embarrassment would cause her to make errors in her work. It's her biggest secret and she both physically and emotionally avoids getting close to the guys. She is terrified of anyone realizing her weakness, realizing it would make her a laughingstock. She desperately wants to prove she can be as good of a pirate as anyone else, she doesn't need to come across as a typical girl now.


Fear of intimacy - She is afraid of being emotionally and physically close to another individual. It is an acute exaggeration of the normal tendencies to protect one's personal space, expressed as a fear of contamination or invasion, and extending even to people whom its sufferers know well. Her fear is restricted specifically to being touched by people of the opposite sex. She WILL hit you if you corner her or embarrass her too much!


She prefers Flintlock pistols, carrying two on her sides, but she can also use a sword, cutlass, or rapier if one is availible.

Theme Song:

So begins...

Ezra Rivers's Story

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#, as written by Stiles

Ezra was sleeping in the crow's nest, snoring away without a care in the world. She'd climbed up there when everyone was pushed onto the ship. She wasn't commonly noticed, hell the first pirate ship she'd ever joined she'd stowed away on. She was just one of those people who were easily overlooked if you weren't downright looking for them in the first place. Her small hat was over her eyes, shielding them from the rays of the sun.

The sunlight felt amazing on what little skin was exposed to it, she loved taking daytime naps. The warmth was exquisite. She wasn't even aware that she was sleeping on the job, she'd merely wanted to take a nap to avoid the introductions. She hadn't slept well the night before. The thought of possibly becoming a crew member of THE Captain Ron's ship was just too much to handle in one dose. It didn't take her long to wake though. She rubbed her eyes at the sound of screams, sitting up and adjusting her hat, "Geez.." she mumbled before yawning, "Whatcha' yelli-" then she noticed that the captain had one of the crew by the hair. Before another word came from her mouth he'd already killed her, causing Ezra to fall backwards, no longer leaning over the edge of the crows nest, but sitting flat on her butt inside it again. I-Is is insane!? He just killed someone!

Then she heard the brother threaten him, "This isn't going to end well.." Ezra sighed to herself. Regardless she made her way down from the crow's nest, mostly sliding down the ropes that led up to it. Ezra wasn't afraid of falling, honestly she wasn't scared by much, but the things she was, she was terrified of.

She'd landed on deck just in time to witness Ron breaking the boy's neck. She tilted her head, but only yawned again, this time covering it with her hand. This is going to be an interesting job.. I can tell. She thought, shaking her head.

Well, at least he didn't get mad that I was sleepin` and all that. Ezra thought to herself. She stretched before heading over to begin her job, reaching for the helm, only to realize, the captain never informed her to what direction they needed to be going in! She dropped her head, hat almost falling off of her short blue hair. But of course. Of course she'd forget to ask the most important bit of information while the captain was actually out and about! She ran her hand across her face, sighing to herself. Good one. You're starting off grand! She scolded herself. She tugged at the white collar of her shirt, eyes closed. She dressed like a young boy, but she wasn't trying to hide the fact that she was a woman, she'd admit it to anyone who asked.

Guess I gotta go interrupt captain to ask which direction to take this hell forsaken ship.. She hesitantly made her way over to the door of the captain's quarters, her fist lingering over the wood before she forced herself to knock. He looks human enough, why are you so terrified.. it's not like he's going to jump out at you...right? She shook her head, trying to ignore her nervous thoughts. Just ask him where we're headed and be done with it. Go straight to work. It's simple. Right?

She adjusted her clothes, not wanting to come across as messy or unprofessional. She had to prove herself. The men on this ship weren't going to accept her with open arms. She had to prove she was useful and that they needed her first. While I'm at it I should probably ask him which one of these people are our navigator.. and she turned her head to look behind her. They all looked.. so... different. Everyone seemed to have a different background. It was so hard to guess just looking at them.

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Taking the time to clean his face and his clothes from the blood. He sighed still bored. Having a crew wasn't very entertaining anymore, slowly he started to lose interest in this crew. Maybe killing them would be better.

He became frustrated with himself and the crew, searching threw his things he had to make time to find someone else. He had a hard time finding the papers for the deal making. When he finally found them they were hiding away in his books. Pulling it out he started to past about as he was thinking to himself while writing. He muttered to himself a few times. Irritated he slammed his hands down on his desk and held his hand in pain, the letter opener that was sitting pointed up had went through the Cap'n hand.

Cap'n Ron, flung the door open and jumped out at whomever was knocking on his door. "What is it?! I am busy!" He glared and noticed it was Ezra. He sighed and stood tall looking down at her with his wounded hand on his sword, just resting there as blood dripped on the floor of the ship. "Yes?" He corrected himself.

He stared her down with his cold greenish yellow eyes and heavy expression on his face. For a girl she made a cute looking boy. Maybe eating her up sometime would be fun. He raised his eyebrow as she fell silent all of a sudden. "Well what is it? Spit it out, I haven't got all day I have things to do, just as you do. Pilot us to head north, tell Lachance to help you Navigate. Make sure you tell him to get the map out on the southern hemisphere, we need to make a quick stop there to pick up someone (Riverstyx777)&(Passona My new character). Let's not delay this any longer than it should be! I am already going to be late." Just as he was about to turn around and leave he looked back at Ecra over his shoulder. "The doctor, tell him, once he is finished with what he is doing, to come to my cabin." And slammed the door shut behind him, going back to what it is he had been doing.

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#, as written by Stiles

Ezra shifted her feet around, wondering if Ron was busy or just flat out ignoring her. Maybe he didn't hear her knock? She decided to wait a moment before knocking again. If there was a definition for annoying it would be repetitive knocking. She hated it. She rubbed the back of her neck, sighing a bit. She really wanted to get to work soon. She'd hate for them to go crazily off course..

She hadn't really thought about why she came. She'd gotten a letter just like everyone else, and was just as skeptical as everyone else.. she closed her eyes with a small smile. Just as childish as ever.. I can't believe I still am so desperate to believe magic truly exists. She quietly laughed at herself before lifting her hand up to the door to knock again. I'm going to knock one more time.. if he doesn't answer this time then I will assume he didn't hear me. She mentally resolved. Though she never would have had enough time to prepare for what was coming next.

Ezra gasped out almost immediately when the door opened. Just as she'd went to knock, Ron had suddenly burst out like a madman! She nearly hit him in surprise, but she quickly caught her reflex. Her blue eyes went wide as she back-stepped to create space, hands in front of her slender, boyish form defensively, "Y-yeah.. I know sir.." she'd responded, then her look became more serious as she noticed his wounded hand. Her posture straightened, "Woah, are ya alright?" She asked, catching herself staring at the wound for several moments, half waiting for his response, half worried.

Ezra moved her thoughts away from the Captain's injury and raised an eyebrow at the stare he was giving her, she wasn't really scared of it as much as she should have been. A glare was much easier to deal with in Ezra's opinion than a loving smile. It meant he wasn't going to try and get too close to her. She couldn't possibly have caught on to what Ron was actually thinking about.

Then she shook her head, getting back to the matter at hand when the blonde male asked her What she needed for the second time, "I just was just wantin` to know which way we're headin` so I know where to steer to. I'd ask the navigator, but I'm not sure who that is." She replied in a confident voice this time, her initial surprise and timidness evaporating now that there was space between them and she felt assured that Ron wasn't going to come any closer to her. She listened to his instructions, nodding her head. She didn't interupt the captain a single time as he spoke, "Yes sir." she nearly turned to scamper off to start following orders, but Ron's voice made her spin on her heel to look at him again, "The Doctor..?" She asked quizzically. Though it was too late. She at least got somewhat of a name for the Navigator.. maybe they'd know who the doctor was.

The blue haired girl sighed to herself, adjusting her hat to make it fit snugly, "Back to work.." she grinned at her words. It felt nice to be back on the sea again. She missed being part of a crew. It was then she'd noticed a brunette male, tall and.. Ezra shook her head before allowing the thought to cross her mind. She didn't want to think about how handsome he looked. She needed to stay professional. She walked over, considering he had a compass in his hand.. and he was steering at the helm. She nearly smacked herself in the face, but she refused herself the public humiliation. Why didn't I just look around before bothering the Captain? She walked over with a smile, tapping him on the shoulder with her index finger. She was arms length away, withdrawing and giving a friendly but awkward wave, "I'm Ezra, the pilot.. Cap'n mentioned speaking to our navigator and used the name Lachance.. you had a compass so I assume that'd be you, right?" She asked, folding her fingers behind her back as she looked up at him, "If so, let's get right to the point. Cap'n said we needed the map of the southern hemisphere. We're picking up somebody, guess a newbie." She added, tapping her chin, "Uhm while you find that..." she noticed Andrew, walking just a few feet away from the Frenchman, staying in earshop as it came back to her. She remembered him (Andrew) now! He addressed himself as a Doctor at the docks! "Ron needs to see you in his office. He hurt his hand pretty bad."

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The tempo was changing, but Mortimer paid it no mind, foot still tapping, unconsciously changing to match the beat. It was just background noise now as he kept his eyes ahead him on the blue ocean waters, occasionally glancing at the compass tied around his neck if only to avoid more populated shipping routes. He didn't particularly want to tempt fate and risk running across a naval vessel or any other ship that thirsted for pirate blood. The crew of the supposed Mis 'fortune they may be, but he hardly thought that they'd fare well as a crew given that they'd only known each other for upwards of one hour or so.

He was so enraptured by his duties that he didn't notice the fiddle music trail off at first until a voice broke into the soundtrack of the sea. It was the fiddle player, one of the women who'd somehow gained or been cursed with(he wasn't actually sure which it was at this point in their voyage) a position in this mysterious crew.

"No, not a stranger to music," He agreed, glancing at her but not turning fully to face the fiddler. "You certainly know how to play." The compliment was curt but honest if only because he'd been surrounded by so many talentless musicians while at port and someone with the ability to pull a decent melody from their instrument was a welcome surprise. However, the musician was distracted by their sour-faced doctor and Mortimer returned his full attention to the helm. That is, until a shrill shriek rang out on deck. He let go of the wheel just in time to see the captain's sword pull across the first woman's throat, the one who'd sashayed onto the boat with flirtations already falling from her lips, the blood spraying like a fountain, coating both the captain's face and the deck beneath them. Mortimer froze, eyes wide in horror as her body fell to the planks beneath her feet, wound still oozing between the cracks, spreading slowly and painting the wood of the deck. Then, as if giving an encore to his performance, the captain broke the girl's companion's neck with a simple twist of his hands, the sickening crunch making him involuntarily gag. He'd seen death before in many forms, but never like this.

Any doubt that had been in Mortimer's mind of who this boy really was was instantly dissolved in those few moments. No simple teenager could accomplish that, would even think to do so without a valid reason. No, that level of carnage, of bloodlust, the lack of regard for human life added with everything that had happened since he'd received that damned deed the day before exposed the truth. This was no mere boy; this was Captain Ron Hingsty, the demonic pirate of legends, and now- now Mortimer was part of his Hellish crew.

He felt ill at the revelation combined with the senseless carnage he'd just been forced to witness, the two bodies still on the deck where they'd fallen, the blood from the girl still flowing even in her death, but now only at a trickle. The worst part was the reaction of the crew or lack there of. Some watched on in a mild sort of shock, but continued about their duties afterwards without so much as a gasp or a stare of horror. Their illustrious Captain had chosen his crew well if this was their only reaction to the two brutal murders of crew members in quick succession.

"Putain de merde," He groaned and only just refrained from crossing himself as none other than Captain Ron Hingsty retreated back to his rooms as if nothing had happened at all. He took a deep breath, composing himself and schooling his expression before turning back to the wheel. There was nothing he could do now except carry out his duties or risk being the next victim of the Mis 'fortune.

So, naturally, when he felt a finger tapping at his shoulder, he gave a little jump, whirling around and half expecting the disturbing smile of their Captain and a sword to the throat. But, no, the face was much more pleasant to look at in that the person did not look like they were about to murder him. He couldn't quite tell if they were a girl dressing like a boy or a particularly feminine young man, but decided that he didn't really care at this point.

"You would be correct... Ezra," He said with a nod, stepping away from the wheel to allow the pilot to their position. At least that was one less thing for him to do. "Call me Mortimer." It wasn't because he particularly liked the pilot as of yet, but more of a dislike for his last name. Lachance, he decided rather bitterly as he began fishing through his overstuffed bags, thumbing quickly through maps upon maps and books upon books stuffed inside, barely glancing at each one, was much too ironic of a name given his current circumstances. The Southern hemisphere was vague enough, but he was prepared- how the Captain had known this, he didn't even dare guess. It was better to not know. He tugged out three maps, all slightly different but intricately detailed just as the pilot called for the doctor to assist their Captain. Huh. So even a monster like Ron Hingsty occasionally needed medical assistance. Who would have thought?

"Here we are," He said out loud for Ezra's benefit, unrolling the maps and holding up his compass for a glance. "Turn hard a-starboard, then we can continue to go towards the South until further instructions, yes?"

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Loct rang the bell once at the kitchen, to let the crew know that they need to wash up for dinner soon.

1 Ring: Get ready for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2 Rings: Time to eat so come in and have at it.

He had written this down and nailed it up on the doors to the kitchen area. So the crew would know. When he was nailing away he over heard Ezra, talking to the doctor about the captain. Quickly and steady, Loct rushed to the kitchen and heated up some boiled water and, cleaned up some needles, sterilizing them thoroughly. He did this twice and had some clean cloths with him, walking up to the docks.

Loct knew plenty to know that the Doctor would have him do this, so he had already got it prepared waiting for him. Instead of wanting to knock on the door and risking the sterilize things, he just leaned against the frame waiting for the doctor to come and Image get them out of his hands so he could get back to cooking.

'I wonder what he did to hurt himself? So much for being the famous Captain Ron.' Loct thought mentally as he waited. 'You would think a man such as Ron wouldn't be able to get hurt. Not like I saw him hurt himself while killing the two members, so what did he do?' Getting bored of this mental conversation in his head he looked around from where he stood. Some of the crew members had picked up the dead bodies and throw them over board. He saw the cabin boy mop up the blood trying not to puke, even though his face turned green and his hands were shaky. 'If this is how weak the crew is, I fail to want to see the new member about to join, probable another girl if that.' Glaring now he looked away and stared at the see he could see in front of him. He took a deep breath to cool himself as a gush of wind came through blowing up and around the whole ship. It felt relaxing some how.

Being damned to this ship only had a few good sides. A crazy kid who thinks he is the Captain and a few members who seemed to agree with him about the females. 'If the ship was already cursed, what could a few females do? Absolutely nothing but whore about, is their a point other than sexual needs?' Which brought to him another thought. 'Is the Captain gay? He looks girly, yet has a heart of a psycho path.' He just knew one thing, if he kept thinking about this for to long he might just end up as crazy as a Captain who thinks he is Ron. This he has yet to believe or want to believe.

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#, as written by Stiles

Andrew was taken by surprise when he heard a feminine voice addressing him in his task. He turned his attention towards her, holding the bucket close to his side as he gave out an exhausted sigh. He wasn't high enough on the payroll to be forced to deal with women. He forced a sort of cocky grin onto his face as he replied back to the brunette, "It's not so much the water... as it is the accompaniment." In his opinion, he chose his words quite cleverly. Not many would be able to deduct that he was implying she was the terrible part that came along with his current task. Andrew closed his eyes about to return to his office, or sanctuary as he endearingly titled it, but a bit of a ruckus caused him to delay.

Andrew noticed the harlot from earlier had finally caught Ron's attention. He instantly rubbed his temples, wondering what the Captain intended to do. Her screams of pain were an excellent start. He couldn't contain the amused smirk. Out of all of the female's, so far she was his least favorite so Andrew had no objections towards her ill treatment.

He went wide eyed when the Captain killed the girl. She was annoying, but she still had a job on the ship.. Then his mind went elsewhere. He noticed the blood pouring out onto the deck, his eyelid twitching. He instantly felt a wave of irritation sweep over his frame. Mess.. She's causing such a mess.. her blood is getting all over the deck.. It was becoming a bit of an obsession. Andrews eyes were fixated on the growing problem. Blood is getting everywhere.. it's all over the deck...

He heard the girl's brother scream, but he didn't even look up. He knew what was coming next. They're making a mess. I'm not going to be the one to sanitize this.. He thought bitterly. He didn't care whom the captain wished to kill, he only hated the mess the wretched bodies left behind. He sighed aloud, closing his eyes. I wish he'd at least murder them in a cleaner manner.

He blinked when he heard a snap, and without thinking he placed the bucket he was holding down and bagan quietly applauding. At least it was a much cleaner kill, he had to express his approval. There was going to be minimal blood from a snapped neck.

Andrew looked around, forgetting where he'd sat his bucket of water for a moment, before picking it up, only to be interupted at the stairs to the lower deck. It was a blue haired... and he narrowed his eyes as he made a sharper examination. Girl. It was definitely a female. His blood could almost boil. Was Ron actually trying to piss off luck? She mentioned Ron, snapping him back to full attention, "Alright." Is all he replied with, leaving her to her own duties. He dropped the bucket into the floor with irritation and grabbed a few utensils he would need. A needle, and cotton thread, seeing as they couldn't afford finer stitching thread. He would've preferred horse hair, or anything else really.

Andrew left with his supplies in his bulky black doctor bag, shifting to a stop at the door of the kitchen. He gave one, and only one, warning knock before strolling in, "Not trying to steal food-" His eyes fell on an empty kitchen. That's odd.. He closed the door, not wishing to cause an unnecessary fight with the cook. He headed up to the main deck, nodding his head in acceptance when his vision locked onto Loct. Well, prepared. That's excellent. He nodded to the cook in thanks before knocking on Ron's door, inviting himself in after a few moments, "You asked for me? Allow me to get my tools prepared.." and he placed his bag on the first clear space he could find in the Captain's quarters. He took the bucket of hot water, noticing the needles and cloths. Well..too many sterilized needles never hurt... Oh, right.. He smirked to himself, "I appreciate your cooperation." He informed Loct, closing the door behind himself and Ron, "Now where does it hurt..?" Andrew didn't even recognize his words could have been taken as a sexual innuendo.

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#, as written by Stiles

Ezra didn't see Mortimer's reaction coming at all. Death was a common sight to her, it happened all the time and she accepted it. She didn't even mind the blood everywhere. It was just blood. They'd get it on their clothes occasionally in their line of work. She however blinked when she caused him to jump, nearly jolting out of her skin as well. Did I do something wrong? She didn't even connect it to the murders that took place mere moments ago. She noticed he seemed to take a moment to return to himself, making her feel a little guilty, "Uhm, sorry. I didn't mean ta scare ya." She grinned childishly. She laughed slightly, "I almost forgot Cap'n just killed those two. I'm sure that'd of scared just about n'body." she added.

She blinked as his accent pronounced her name, laughing again. He sounded so proper and she'd never had someone actually call her by name. Usually the pirates she worked with gave her some crude or embarrassing nickname because she was a girl. Then he said his own name. Morty. Mort. Mortimey.. I think he'd kill me.. She thought to herself, barely holding back a smile. "Gotcha`." She responded, "Cap'n just called ya that.. so I figured.. Sorry mate." responded, taking the wheel in hand, adjusting her hat again, something that was quite a habit.

She'd only taken a break to talk to Andrew, and he seemed to dislike her, speaking the bare minimum before escaping. She shook her head, returning to the wheel when she heard Mortimer say he found the map that they needed, "Great!" She responded enthusiastically, leaning on the wheel of the helm. She listened to him explain their game plan before smirking, spinning the wheel to turn the ship, steadying once the bow was pointing in the right direction, "Awe, now the sails need fixed.." she frowned a bit, looking up, one hand on the wheel, the other holding her hat in place.

"Fine by me." She responded, "Not like we're in a rush.. we don't even know where we're goin` really." Ezra shrugged, deciding to watch the interactions aboard if Mortimer wasn't up for further conversation. Though she knew, like it or not, the two of them would be spending a lot of time together.. She at least decided to get to know him, "So.. What tis your favorite part about the life?" she asked him, gazing off into the open sea. She took her job seriously, but it was a really boring job if you stood by yourself the whole time! At least there was music.. She wasn't sure where it was coming from, but she found herself humming with it. This sounds nice.

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Sorry guys. I am about to Quit. I am just to busy lately. Forgive me, but Ville is finding a new cook to replace my spot. I will keep posting until he finds a new person, if that helps.

Loct said nothing to the doctor and just, helped him out with everything Loct had in his hands, placing it down on a flat area for the doctor. Loct noticed the Captain staring out the window, lost in thought, but he didn't stare. About to look away he noticed blood that dripped from his finger tips onto the floor. The unclean mess bothered him more than the Captain being injured.

Irritated at all the mess in one day, Loct grit his teeth and left the area as the doctor closed the door behind him. He rubbed his head as he walked back to the kitchen. He noticed the door had been open by someone. So he looked around, not a thing out of place, so he figured it was the doctor looking for him earlier.

With a long and irritated sigh, Loct rang the bell twice to let everyone know it was time for eating. He placed the bowls out along with all the food. He made enough for everyone to have seconds or thirds. He even made desert but that was for a later time. He leaned back against the counter tops, watching as the crew came in one at a time picking a spot to sit as the drooled all over the food. As gross as that was, Loct enjoyed it, he knew his food was good, but what he wanted to see most was the looks on their face when they take a bite.

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The apology for frightening him, Mortimer thought, was much more lackadaisical then the situation called for, the sweet grin and little laugh the opposite of his own emotions. And, yes, the brutal murders he'd just witnessed would have frightened anybody except that he seemed to be the only one effected. In an odd sort of way, that was comforting in that he was still clinging stubbornly to his humanity. He was still Mortimer Lachance, son, brother, and navigator, not just Mortimer the pirate. He couldn't hold it against Ezra, however, who he was becoming more and more sure was a young lady instead of an effeminate youth. This was a pirate ship, after all. What had he expected? Morals? Regard for human life?

The second apology was a bit more appropriate, even if he still found it disturbing that Captain Ron Hingsty knew his last name, or who he was at all. It wasn't as if he had much of a reputation given that the only pirate crew he'd served under had been arrested some time ago, and who tells stories of navigators anyways? But that little fact, he decided with the same determination of any man faced with an unsettling question with an even more unsettling answer, was something he refused to dwell on.

"You are fine. It is nothing to worry about," He said with a shake of his head, waving off both apologies in one fell swoop, awkward in his apparent refusal to use contractions. His English, despite his years of lessons and complete immersion in the language at the Caribbean port he'd been stuck in up until today, could still be stubbornly awkward, accent still thick as it rolled over foreign words and words stilted as he worked to recall proper names and the dreaded grammar rules. When was the last time he'd been able to use his mother tongue in conversation? It was, however, nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of things; just one more thing that separated him from the present crew.

As Ezra took the helm, Mortimer stepped back further, smoothing out creases in the maps gathered in his hands. She was, right, of course, that they really had no idea where they were going or why they were going there. How useful were his maps, really, if they didn't have a destination besides the general Southern hemisphere? Any fool with a working compass and half a mind could point the ship in the right direction. Still, who was he to question their illustrious(and murderous) Captain? Mortimer liked being alive, thanks, and would be doing anything in his power to stay that way.

"So.. What tis your favorite part about the life?"

He blinked at her, despite Ezra's gaze being on the ocean instead of on him. His favorite part....? He was silent for a moment, considering the question. Was there anything he liked about the life of a pirate? The long voyages dragging him further and further from the destination he really wanted to go to, the danger lurking wherever they went of military ships, storms, and other pirates looking to make names for themselves, the general poor conditions on board, the complete lack of any of his loved ones. The pirate life was not the life for him, was it? But, on the other hand, he was sort of doing what he'd always wanted to do; exploring the world instead of sitting at a desk and sending others off to deliver goods and have adventures.

"I, ah, I like the freedom," He decided on, and it was true enough. He was just leaving out all the depressing and angst-filled thoughts. "And yourself? What is it that you like?"

Just as he asked the question, two strikes of the bell rang out over the deck and he turned his head towards the source.

"Is it meal time already...?"