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Donovan Petrov

"Every hand's a winner, and every hand's a loser, and the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep..."

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a character in “Misguided Ghosts: A Promise”, originally authored by kokiri_kat, as played by RolePlayGateway



Donovan Evgeny Petrov (Van)



Russian American

His resume includes the following:
-Self-proclaimed international man of mystery
-Full-time playboy
-Two-bit gambler
-Occasional con artist and trick-turner

Straight, but if the money’s good enough, he can be otherwise.

Van has a thick, muscular build. He is all broad shoulders, tan skin stretched taught over robust sinew; an imposing yet palatable figure. He is slightly above average in height at six-feet flat, and he manages to stay a slim, 162 lbs. High, sculpted cheek-bones grace his face, which compliment and balance the sharply square angle of his jaw. A noticeable cleft is present on his chin, and, paired with his weather-beaten skin, it paints a charmingly rugged picture. This ruggedness is only intensified by the few lines around the corners of his round mouth, under his eyes, and creased into his brow, which were etched by the hand of time. No one can escape the effects of age, but the years have been kinder to him than other, better men his age.

He keeps his straw blonde hair clipped short. Because it is such a light color, the fact that a few grey hairs have begun to come in is barley noticeable. Still, to those who do notice, the effect is distinguishing. There is both a warmth, and a suggestive glint in his slate-blue eyes as he squints them while forming a crooked smile. He cannot seem to look at anyone without giving the impression of impure intentions; as if he were undressing you with his eyes. What is he thinking when he looks at you that way? You can ask him, and he’ll give it to you straight.

It’s exactly what you think.

If one were inclined to look hard enough, though, at times there is a perceptible hesitation in his self-assured smile, a glaze in his seductive stare, and furrow in his brow which is not otherwise present. There are certain moments, certain triggers which can bring to the fore misplaced feelings and a worry that he would rather save for his nights alone in a lonely hotel suite with nothing but a bottle of scotch for company. Never ask him about that. You’d be better off not knowing.

“Suave” and “Debonair” are not words used often in today’s popular conversation, and it seems as if the trend died with men like Cary Grant and Clark Gable. Men who try to keep such a trend alive are few and far between, and none can pull it off with the same flare as Donovan Petrov. Handsome, virile, charismatic, and charming, with the knowledge of how to use such qualities to their utmost advantage, Van is nothing if not a smooth operator. His every word and movement is effortless, and yet deliberate. He is a man of tenacity and determination. It is not often that he doesn’t get precisely what he wants, and he’ll stalk you till he gets it, if need be; he’ll wear you down. But he will never beg.

Van has a way of figuring out precisely what he needs to be; manipulating himself to fit your wants and his purpose. If you pose a usefulness to him, he will go out of his way to become the person you most desire. He has no problem using his charm, and even sexuality to get what he needs, which is most often money. Sex holds no emotion for him: it is a tool to either get what he wants or blow of steam. Nothing more. He has coerced many men and women into giving him large amounts of money with nothing but his charm and the promise of something more… something which he never actually provides: his love. He is not adverse to prostituting himself for money, if all else fails.

With all the effort he puts into altering himself, all the time he spends wooing others for his own purposes, Van has nearly forgotten who he is. What did he want to be when he grew up? Surely not this person; who lives to feed his addiction and does unspeakable things just for one more role of the dice. Not this man who sits alone, strung-out on loss and fueled with cheap liquor. Lady Luck is a fickle bitch, but she’s been kinder to him than she has most men. And so, he lives his life in order to repay her. At least, that’s what he tells himself.

-the high of a winning streak
-reading people’s tells
-high stakes, no-limit Texas hold’em
-black jack
-scotch, neat, on a bad day
-making promises he doesn’t intend to keep
-the thrill of the chase

-the things he’ll do for money to gamble away
-fruity alcoholic drinks
-most sweet tasting things
-pills of any kind

-an unending loosing streak



and Tuxedo:
Van’s a classy guy, so he went with a classic. White dinner jacket and a black satin bow tie, matching cummerbund, and black tuxedo pants with a satin stripe running down both sides.

-Parents: Yuri and Patricia Petrov. Both Russian immigrants who made their living as a mailman and a seamstress, respectively. Van has lost touch with them over the years. They never approved of his lifestyle, and refused to give him money for his gambling habit.

-Daughter: Lila Hirsch, 23. Born to him via a one-night stand at the age of 21. Like any other woman, he would have forgotten her name if she hadn’t come to him seven months later; found him in the basement of a seedy bar on a hot streak, her stomach swelling with his offspring. He’d tried to do the right thing. They moved in together. They were going to raise her; be a family. But, he wasn’t cut out for fatherhood, and his new wife loved the bottle more than she could ever love him. So he left, they divorced, and he’s barley given it a thought since…

Except on lonely nights, when there’s no one else in his bed. It’s then that he wonders what became of his daughter, and regrets leaving her with no one but a drunkard for a mother.

Born to immigrant parents in the slums of Brooklyn, Van was consumed by his upbringing where some are lucky enough to rise above it. At an early age, he fell in with the wrong crowd. He learned how to play poker, and he came home with other kid’s lunch money. In his teenage years, he ran up quite a debt with a loan shark who had ties to the Russian Mafia. He went to his parents for the money to pay back his debt, but they wouldn’t help him. He was forced to run.

When the addiction started, he cannot quite pinpoint, but he ran up more debts, with more nefarious men, literally the world over. He was forced to do things he’s not proud of to pay them off. Then he met Maxine Wallace, a widow who inherited her husband vast wealth. She taught him that there are better--easier, at least--ways to get money. Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macao: the world literally opened up to him. He discovered a new talent, which he put to use.

From then on, he began to spend half his time wooing wealthy widows, socialites, and the like, and the other half gambling their money away; sometimes with their knowledge, sometimes without. He is constantly running from someone he owes money to, and constantly on the prowl for a new “sugar momma.” He attends many parties and social functions with that aim in view.

-For those familiar with the underground gambling world, Van has earned the nickname, "The Wildcard."

Dirty Laundry (Skeewiff Remix) by Bitter:Sweet;Luck be a Lady, by Frank Sinatra;The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers

So begins...

Donovan Petrov's Story