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Gunnar Marcail Macphee

I'm a crow, I'm the most with the least to gain.

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a character in “Misguided Ghosts: A Promise”, originally authored by Yonbibuns, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Gunnar Marcail Macphee

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Australian/Canadian/Scottish

Occupation: Professional Scuba Diving Instructor; Bouncer

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: [Will Edit]


Y'know that kind of guy that pisses you off so much, because he has that piss-poor attitude and ability to turn any situation into fisticuffs, but piques your interest at the same time? The stereotypical bad boy with a chip on his shoulder, and a knack for earning black eyes. Gunnar places himself first and the world second, unless it involves his family. He's an incredibly strong individual whose grown hard with his independence. He immediately distrusts anyone who isn't his immediate family, feeling as if friends can't be relied on. It's the result of having several of his supposed buddies jump him in high school, just so that they wouldn't be beat up. Though he's quite charismatic (when need be) and a natural leader, he's also ruthless, tough, and one mean sonnuva-bitch. He's a dirty fighter in a rundown neighbourhood where there's no such thing as "dirty fighting," and possesses an animal cunning absent in his brothers; he's truly a predator, in body and mind. When confronted with stress, he becomes cold and calculating, though prone to rage if the right buttons are pushed. His tempers, while barely contained, is atomic. He tries very hard to maintain his veneer of stoicism through various means: calming himself with classical music, punching the target of his aggression, or having a couple cigarettes.

Gunnar works on violent tendencies; because he's considered one that is prone to boredom, he enjoys destroying silence by creating uproar. When boredom occurs, Gunnar tends to fidget around, until his fist meets the face of a random person, even if it is one of his friends. Really, he does feel remorseful over most of the things he does. But he believes he's in the right and they're in the wrong; black and white, there's no in between and he isn't there to argue over his actions. If he really feels guilty about what he's done, he'll distance himself from the group and pout. It's that simple. Gunnar is incredibly adamant. He believes his way is the only way to go. It's sink or swim with him, so you'll never see him holding back what he says. You either don't like it, or you deal with it—he won't sit around holding your hand or offering his shoulder to cry on, he's not a gentleman. If you want sex, fine. If you don't, screw off.

He's impersonally exploitative; he feels entitled to do whatever he wishes and is generally unsympathetic and expects special favours without assuming reciprocal responsibilities; he also shamelessly takes others for granted and uses them to enhance self and indulge desires. Gunnar's suffered horrible relationships at home as a kid and constantly expresses his distrust of others, even if they genuinely want to befriend him. He just can't get past his own walls, and desperately tries to repair them when someone starts ripping them down. Sometimes, he lashes out and scares them away; other times, they stubbornly stand at his gates and expects him to say something. What exactly? He's not entirely sure. He breaks down when they push too hard. Some buttons are far too sensitive and shouldn't be pushed, but they wouldn't know any better until it's too late. He manifests a general air of nonchalance, imperturbability, and feigned tranquillity; appears coolly unimpressionable or expresses an I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude, except when narcissistic confidence is shaken, at which time either rage, shame, or emptiness is briefly displayed. Close friends have seen him cry—and he's sworn them to secrecy, or outright denies it if they bring it up in person. Honestly, it's the most sad sight there is. When he's feeling that far down, he resorts to sleazy means of making himself feel better. With a mumbled, “whatever,” he'll seek comforts in the only ways he knows how to, even if he has to resort to begging.

I think the only admirable trait Gunnar has is his insatiable, unstoppable drive towards his work—well, actually in anything he does and in anything he pursues. He wouldn't even think about giving up. He'll bull headlong, ignoring any hurts and pains, until he gets what he wants. And when it comes to his job, he's incredibly devoted to work; he's industrious, reliable, meticulous and efficient, largely to the exclusion of leisure activities. This makes him fearful of error and misjudgement; he's terrified of being seen as weak, lazy, or a failure. Disappointment is the bane of his existence. It hounds him in his sleep, and elbows it's way into his life to sneer in his face, waiting and watching. Those are the reasons why he's so rigid and stubborn, never moving too far away out of his comfort zone. He plays by his own rules and regulations, because they feel right to him. And even if he is meticulous, he doesn't really plan things out. Everything he does is spontaneous and in the moment. He wants to be shocking; he doesn't want people to know what he's thinking, or what he's going to do next. Why? Because then they'd of figured him out, and he'd be less than nothing.

[*] The sound of trumpets
[*] Pirate movies
[*] Working on his motorbike
[*] Ice cream
[*] Guinness beer
[*] Working out
[*] Cigarettes

[*] Medication
[*] Hospitals
[*] His father
[*] Family issues
[*] Needy girls
[*] High expectations

[*] Medication
[*] Mental institutions
[*] Seeing his father again
[*] Letting someone in, and being hurt

Masque and Gown/Tuxedo: Mask | Casual Suit

Serephina Lily Macphee [Mother]
Donnell Harris Macphee [Father, Estranged]
Onyx Beaumont Macphee [Younger brother, aged 20]

History: Gunnar has a long history of obvious daddy and mommy issues, stemming from poor parenting and a long string of abuse, starting when he was a young boy. His mother developed acute stress reaction disorder during her services as a paramedic; constantly seeing kids that reminded her of her own children dying in horrific accidents, whereas it was too late and she could only stand on the sidelines hearing their muffled screams. Soon after, she developed clinical depression. It was a recurrent all-encompassing depression accompanied by sudden low self-esteem, accompanied by loss of interest and pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. Nothing pleased her, and she no longer wanted to work—not that they'd let her back in the union, they let her go due to her psychiatric portfolio. And then, Gunnar's father suddenly couldn't handle all the financial pressures and began beating his mother, as well as him. He was smaller than him, so he couldn't do anything besides curl up under desks and cover his ears. He wanted so badly to defend his mother, and to save her from him. His father's face was all twisted knots and veins, bubbling over like a monster; ugly, and furious.

Gunnar also had a younger brother named Onyx, and often forced him to hide in his room so he wouldn't need to witness his fathers' temper tantrums, and so he wouldn't be victimized. His brother was only five, and he was only ten years old. The world felt like it shook beneath his feet whenever his dad stormed through the house in his drunken stupor, smashing lamps and breaking all of the lights in the house because it took too much energy. They were wasteful. They couldn't afford it, and they were making him pay; he was constantly screaming things like that throughout the house, and into their faces.

[Will Edit]

[Has been long time friends with Jetta Constantine; drawn together by trouble, drugs and alcohol. Surprisingly, they've never tried anything together but he considers her one of his good friends, and if she needed him to beat anyone up for her, he's do it in a heartbeat. He's always been someone whose looked out for her, whether or not she realizes it. He's also friends with Viviannah, and seems to get along with him pretty well considering he's incredibly feminine.]

[Gunnar used to date Mischa Hawthorne; Despite his uncanny ability to get over girls and move on, he considers their breakup rough, and still manages to feel jealous when he sees guys with her.]

[He was recently diagnosed with an anger disorder, but does not take medication.]

Gunnar; You Don't Know Me by the Art of Dying | Kick in the Teeth by Papa Roach | Next Contestant by Nickelback

So begins...

Gunnar Marcail Macphee's Story