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Viviannah Azalea Georgia Constantine

:This Place That is Now Shattering Apart... Will Still Remain Ever Beautiful:

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a character in “Misguided Ghosts: A Promise”, as played by MagicalNeko



:v i v i a n n a h . a z a l e a . g e o r g i a . c o n s t a n t i n e:

[Chef at a Spanish/Japanese restaurant, Viva Sushi!]

[Typically, with a name like Viviannah, one would imagine a tall, slender woman with thick dark curls and lips painted a bright red over pale ivory skin. It's alright. People have made the mistake before and he's used to it. Viv is a surprise, and has been from the moment of his birth. Most definitely, he's not a woman. He's average height at five feet seven, but well-built and proportioned. Thick gold hair that hangs to his waist also frames a face with high cheekbones that tapers off at his chin to create a fine heart-shape. His eyes are a light sky blue, flecked with hues of ocean and slate grey, framed by thick ebony lashes β€” he's always believed that his eyes are his best feature, a center piece in the most displayed part of his body. He's lean and athletically built, despite the fact that his only physical activity is running back and forth from his job making sushi for the Spanish/Japanese restaurant, Viva Sushi!, which is just down the street from his apartment. In terms of how he normally dresses... we'll say he doesn't wear much other than his work uniform and leave it at that. No.... No, we can't. Ever since the divorce, he's barely left his apartment, and he believes that he should be comfortable in his own home, so... he wears as little as possible. Bare feet, bare torso, and a good pair of boxers unless he has company, and then it's most likely shorts and a t-shirt.... But that's only because he keeps his apartment heated in tropical proportions. At home, his cheeks are always flushed a dark red; and though outside his home he doesn't display this same feature, he does start to turn colours when he gets embarrassed, stays in a crowded area too long, or eats fish. Of course... along with eating fish, his face also starts to swell up, and it's not pretty.... Not pretty at all....]

There was once a time, not too long ago, that Viviannah Azalea Georgia Constantine was that kind of guy. Upbeat and over-flowing with sickeningly sweet energy, and as naive as they come. A little stupid, even; but loveable. There was a time when he'd walk up to someone he saw crying and hold them and tell them everything would be alright, even if he didn't know them, because everything that happened in life shouldn't get you down. Even the bad things were opportunities, markers on the path of destiny as you made your way through life. Whenever bad things happened to him, he'd analyze it, wonder to himself why it had happened, and brood over it until he had discovered what he thought it was a sign of. For example, though married with a child, when he was kissed by the half-drunk best friend of his on one of the rare nights he went to the bar, he realized that he was, in fact, not attracted to women as much as he was raised to believe he was. It was the only time he tried to defy the person he truly was, which goes to show that he hates to ruin happiness in others' lives, no matter what he believes about destiny and following what you feel.

It hurt too much to leave them.

Seemingly unharmed by physical pain with an uncanny ability to shrug off minor wounds, mental and emotional pain take root deeply in him, as he is a very compassionate, sensitive and emotional person. He has never tried to stop what he feels because it's just unnatural. It feels wrong to him, and anything that feels is wrong he automatically assumes goes against his destiny. He always follows his destiny.

Or.... Not exactly.

After a rough divorce and hearing words shouted at him that scarred his soul and left him repeating them over and over to himself in the dark alone, Viv has changed quite a bit. Outwardly, he's still friendly and he still tries to support people as best he can when they need it the most; but inwardly he's broken and every happy, carefree word that he is able to force himself to speak makes him bleed on the inside just a little more. As of late it's been a little more obvious to family and friends, and even more so that he's trying to cover it up. It started just after the divorce six months ago, but has gotten progessionally worse as he spirals into a pit of despair and self-harm of the non-physical variety. And why not? He feels responsible for the death of his precious daughter only a few months ago, especially with his ex, Melody, shoving it in his face every time she gets the chance. Part of him hopes that this masquerade ball will help him take a load off, maybe that he'll find his path of destiny again, and he'll be able to cope, if not move on completely. He's certain that he never will... move on, that is.

~ Children
~ White chocolate
~ Cooking shows
~ Italian food
~ Ikea furniture stores β€” he likes having to go all the way around to get to the restaurant and then getting lost on the way; Ikea, to him, feels like Life.
~ Hugging people
~ The meatballs in cheap cans of stew

~ His step-mother
~ His ex-wife
~ Slow internet
~ Broken families
~ Reality TV shows about super rich people
~ Disorganization
~ Not finishing games of Solitaire

~ Clowns
~ Burning himself
~ Being attacked by birds (long story....)

Masque and Tuxedo

~ Niklas Aaron Constantine (Father)
~ Coralie Genevieve Pearce-Constantine (Mother) - Deceased
~ Emily Catherine Gianluca-Constantine (Step-Mother)
~ Jetta Miracle Constantine (Older sister, 25)
Quinton Flynn Constantine (Older twin brother, 21)
Lavi Aschlin Kimberley Constantine (Younger brother, 14)
Anastacia Elizabeth Ranaldi (Younger Step-Sister, 14)
~ Kinsley Matthew Ranaldi (Younger Step-Brother, 13)
~ Coralie Genevieve Constantine (Daughter, 4) - Deceased

Two thousand forty-five seconds on a game of Solitaire I'm never going to finish. It's a game I can't stand to leave sitting, knowing that all the cards are out of order and waiting to be put back the way they belong. Along the top of the computer screen β€” Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs. It's always in that order, red before black. Hearts before Diamonds. Spades before Clubs. Why? No reason. After so many years of doing it this way, it's just become force of habit.... And it looks disorganized any other way.

Two thousand seventy seconds.

I'm just staring at the screen, phone in hand and held just a few inches from my head.

A voice comes over the phone β€” "Mr. Constantine, are you alright?" β€” and I can't draw the breath it takes to answer him. I know what I want to say. No. No, I am not fucking alright. What kind of heartless being would ask someone that after telling them that the only child they'd ever have is dead? I was somewhere between wanting to tear out this man's eyeballs and shove them up his ass β€” because Goddammit, they did not pull the plug on her without calling me first β€” and wanting to rip out my own eyeballs and stuff them up my own ass β€” how could I be so stupid to think that it would be okay to name her after her Grandmother, taken before she could ever meet her, and think that some kind of curse wouldn't attach itself to her? At that moment, I hated everyone and everything β€” I hated the man on the phone, I hated my ex-wife, I hated my late Mother, I hated my Father.... I hated myself. All these people all tied into little Coralie's death β€” it was our fault that such a precious life had to be ripped away from the world so violently. It was our fault that she had suffered, and it was our fault that she had been in pain. She, who was so much more beautiful than any other human being, had been forced to deal with more pain than she ever deserved.

It reminds me of a seven-year-old me, waking up where I fell asleep in the bed with my Mother and twin brother, cuddled up next to her warmth as she stroked our hair and sang gently to us to calm our tears. Why were we crying? We didn't understand, other than the fact that Mom was really sick and that she couldn't come home until she got better. When we finally woke up, the doctors were there, telling us we had to go, and we didn't understand that either. Mom had fallen asleep with us, and it didn't exactly make sense that she wasn't going to wake up. The reality didn't hit until after we buried her next to Grandpa, and maybe it didn't really sink in until five years later when Dad married Emily Gianluca and added her daughter and son to the family. Never before had I hated anyone, and Emily was a nice woman... but I could never bring myself to call her Mom like she asked, and like Lavi had from the first time he met her. But Lavi had never had a mother before, so I didn't blame him for getting all excited. At least I was able to make friends with her kids, Anastacia and Kinsley, even though they're both so much younger than I am. I mean, Anastacia is a bit of a drama queen, and she wants to be an actress, and Kinsley once snorted a worm up his nose then horked it back out his mouth.... I mean.... No, he's a good kid. I dared him to do it for fifty bucks, and he did. He's not the brightest bulb in the string, but he never backs down from a challenge. I really do respect that about him.

"Mr. Constantine? Are you there?"

Finally, I can answer. "Is Melody there with you?"

"Yes, she is."

I've never been this angry about anything in my entire life. I've never hated anyone more than I hate Emily. "Why didn't she call me?"

"I'm sorry, but she didn't inform us that there was a father involved until it was too late. I definitely would have called you if I had known."

There's a lump growing in my throat, getting more and more difficult to push past. "Don't you have these things on record?"

"I'm sorry, but your name and number appear to have been taken off Coralie's papers as a parent."

"What? You can't do that!"

"Sometimes, after a divorce, the parent who has custody will do this; it's not uncommon, especially if they choose to put in an alternate contact."

"No! Are you retarded? You can't just remove someone as a parent! I'm her father, and there's no way that you can change it!"

"I'm sorry, butβ€”"

Whatever he said next, I didn't hear. I found out only an hour after that the only reason this asshole had any authority over those decisions is because he tampered with the records illegally in order to sleep with Melody, my ex-wife. And when she turned him down afterward like the bitch she is, bitter because I divorced her for another man, he immediately called me out of pity. Want to know something? They had pulled the plug the day before, and that doctor was too much of a coward to tell me until I had regained enough of myself to speed to the hospital and demand to see my baby. Then, he couldn't hide anything from me, and I had to find out what had been going on behind my back ever since they had found out that Coralie was sick. I found Melody, still there with this doctor, and I wanted to hit her.... But I couldn't do that β€” even in this state, I know better than that β€” and instead I just stood there and cried. I must have looked so pitiful, so weak. But I don't care. If.... If this was part of my destiny.... So be it. Fate is cruel.

Cruel enough to take a four-year-old's life through the same leukemia that killed her Grandma. What kind of sick irony is that?

~ His view on why the Swedish built Ikea? Ikea is an analogy for life: it has many twists and turns, it takes a lot of hard work to get where you're going, it'll confuse the shit out of you, leaves a ton of unanswered questions, you find yourself getting lost everytime you turn around, it costs a fortune no matter how many deals you think you find, and you're dead by the time you finally get out of it.
~ He's a bit of a compulsive cleaner.
~ He makes the best damn sushi in the world, even though he is allergic to fish

So begins...

Viviannah Azalea Georgia Constantine's Story