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Evan Cartier

"Come on in! The party is smokin!"

0 · 202 views · located in Walt Town

a character in “Mishap with Disney”, as played by rockPolotics


Evan Cartier

Disney Character:

Genie "Huh, never been called that before..."

Disney Movie:

Aladdin "A whole new wooorld... Don't judge..."


25 "I always have the vague feeling I'm closer to 2500 years old..."


Straight "Well, that's kind of a rude question to ask."

  • Helping people
  • Nice people
  • Cats
  • Exploring and Travel
  • Foreign Culture
  • Antiques "I once found this awesome rug during one of my travels."

  • Mean people
  • Broccoli
  • Boring days

  • Intellectual arguments
  • Being serious "I can be serious! Just the other day I pranked someone and held in my laughter all the way until i got home."

  • Aliens
  • Claustrophobia "I fell like at any minute I could be trapped for centuries in a small lamp... Weird huh?"


Evan is a very eccentric and very fun loving guy. He always speaks in a loud, booming voice regardless of the time and place, and likes to talk a lot. Because of this, many of the more conservative people around him try to avoid striking up a conversation. Stemming from that, he is very friendly, too friendly really. Once he made friends with a guy who had just previously robbed a bank, and was dearly sorry fro him when the cops arrested him a few minutes later. Along with this trust, he is also very nice and helpful. Sometimes his helpfulness gets out of hand to the point of annoyance, but he never means anything wrong by it. He also gets pushed around easily because of this happy-go-lucky demeanor of his.


♥= Love Interest
☺ = Friends
≈= Neutral
☻= Enemy

[will fill out as story progresses]

  • Pinocchio:
  • Thumper:
  • Mad Hatter:☺: Now here's a guy who knows how to party!
  • Mowgli:
  • Zazu:
  • Todd:
  • Basil:☻: He's a total stick in the mud! Always using big words and talking about depressing things.
  • Genie:♥: Hey, who's that nice looking gentleman...
  • Dodger:
  • Lumière:
  • Scar:
  • Randall:
  • Violet:
  • Marie:
  • Maid Marian:
  • Miss Bianca:
  • Jessica Rabbit:
  • Jessie:
  • Dot:
  • Lilo:
  • Kida:
  • Mittens:
  • Ursula:
  • Mother Gothel:

Their History:

The magical wish making Genie with a synonymous name. He helped Aladdin win the girl of his dreams by giving him three omnipotent wishes, making him the prince. Being a crazily eccentric and forward looking guy, he pushed Aladdin to go farther and wish bigger. His mischievous sprite attitude would get him into a few quarrels, but nobody can hate a big, lovable blue guy like him. But then, he is captured by the evil Jafar, and made to do his bidding. But, the good guy always wins in the end, and Jafar is defeated using his own vanity. Instead of using his last wish to become Jasmine's bride, he sets Genie free from his imprisonment.

Now, his home isn't a lamp, and he can't give any more omnipotent wishes. But he did keep his comedic and easy-going and honest attitude. This may have been thanks to his mother being a kindergarten teacher and his father being a comedian. He always loved to hear his father tell jokes around the dinner table, as his mother kept him from telling the more inappropriate ones. After he graduated, he immediately went into the peace corps, and traveled all around the world, and only came back 5 years later. He was just about to go on a second trip when his uncle asked him to take over his deli, "Sultan Sandwiches". He accepted, but still goes on trips often, usually just managing from his laptop.


When he came back from his first trip, he had several dubious tattoos that he will always try to avoid talking about if you ask. "Well, we all do things we're not terribly proud of."


The 6th and the 7th planets in the solar system.

So begins...

Evan Cartier's Story