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I am a Lady

0 · 711 views · located in Walt Town

a character in “Mishap with Disney”, as played by CuteAsKaylah



Disney Character:


Disney Movie:

The Aristocats





  • Pink
  • Being a Lady
  • Being spoiled
  • Cosmos
  • Shopping

  • Girls with no class
  • Boys who are jerks or disrespectful
  • Being called a snob
  • People who are purposely mean

  • Most sweets, she has struggled with her weight for a little while. Its one of her weakness's and it makes her self conscious. She eats her feeling usually.
  • She has a habit of falling for guys easily. She's a hopeless romantic so she likes to believe that true love not only exists but will find her. This makes her naive and easily taken advantage of.

  • Brontophobia: The fear of thunder or thunderstorms. This is not the fear of being caught outside in a storm, which is common, and not a phobia, but the irrational, emotional reaction to a storm.
    "I mean they're so loud and frightening"
  • Cacophobia - Fear of ugliness. "Ok I know that sounds terrible and mean but I'm more afraid of becoming ugly I mean seriously"


Marie is very bubbly, she loves to laugh and party, and have fun, that's just who she is. She tends to fall in love easily however in her case it staying in love that's hard. She barely knows herself and doesn't think its fair to judge others because of that. Which makes her on many occasions get walked all over. She can be very naive and people like to use her but she will not be stopped on [her search, love will find her eventually. She is very sweetand honest. Which occasionally gets her in trouble. She is honest about everything because her mouth doesn't have a filter. She says what she feels. The only things she hides are her feelings. She prefers to suffer and silence than be a burden on others.

β™₯= Love Interest
☺ = Friends
β‰ˆ= Neutral
☻= Enemy

[]May want to contact the user playing that character to see if they agree, and really think about the personality of the other character. Would they really get along?[]

  • Pinocchio: β‰ˆ
    I don't really know him well but he seems nice enough. Aside from his lying thing but that nose is quite handy.
  • Thumper:β‰ˆ
    I also haven't gotten to know him to well but he seems nice and energetic.
  • Mad Hatter:β‰ˆ
    I like him enough
  • Mowgli:β‰ˆ
    I also don't know him but he is a bit too wild for my taste
  • Zazu:β‰ˆ
    I always see him around he always seems stressed.
  • Todd:β™₯
    Ok technically I stalk him from afar but still he's super cute right!
  • Basil:β‰ˆ
    I only talked to him once but I'm not sure if he was insulting me or not....
  • Genie:β‰ˆ
    I don;t know him well enough to call him a friend but he's so charming!
  • Dodger:β‰ˆ
    I also don't know him but I always see him around town he's so cool.
  • LumiΓ¨re:☺
    I like him he;s also a hopeless romantic
  • Scar:β‰ˆ
    He seems a bit um moody
  • Randall:β‰ˆ
    He seems like he's a schemer but I haven't gotten to know him personally
  • Violet:β‰ˆ
    I haven't really talk to me
  • Marie:Haha me!
  • Maid Marian:
  • Miss Bianca:
  • Jessica Rabbit:
  • Jessie:
  • Dot:
  • Lilo:
  • Kida:
  • Mittens:
  • Ursula:
  • Mother Gothel:

Their History:

In the story Marie looks alot like Duchess, and is a romantic. (She found Tomas and Duchess's relationship romantic) She sings while her two brothers paint and play piano. She wears two pink bows on her. (One on her "bangs" and one on her neck") She is being taught to be a lady, but uses it to her advantage. ("Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them!")
She nearly dies during the film, when they were avoiding the train, she falls into the water. But O'Malley saves her.

Now she lives alone in a rather large house in town. Her home and clothes resemble the same in the story but she doesn't have her mother, brothers, or Tomas which makes her rather lonely. She currently owns her own boutique called Classy. It was a little dream of hers she made come true. She still has her family's fortune though. She hopes to meet somebody special and start a family soon. For now though she is content with her life. She hasn't really done much with her life though honestly. But she hopes to make a change


She lives in a home that is an exact replica of her home in the story.

Saturn and Uranus

So begins...

Marie's Story