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Mishap with Disney

Walt Town


a part of Mishap with Disney, by The*Lucky*Teacup.


The*Lucky*Teacup holds sovereignty over Walt Town, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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walt disney's works


The home to many stray characters, changed to having new lives that may or may not have suited their past.
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Walt Town



Walt Town is a part of Mishap with Disney.

13 Characters Here

Bartholomew Basil [22] "It's elementary dear imbecile."
Miss Bianca Kósa [21] "Surely, you have a duty you must follow, don't you?"
Kidagakash Nedakh [19] "You... can read this?"
Dr. Zaz Watson [15] Ohhhh, I'm going to regret this...
Selena Lopez [12] no I dont trust you Idont trust anyone
Miss Jessica Rabbitheart [11] "You don't know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do. "
Pinocchio [11] "Right and Wrong? But how will I know?"
Scott Porter [10] Oh I see.......
Dot Ant [10] "It's payback time! Blueberry style!"
Violet Parr [8] "You know how it is. Angsty teenage stuff."

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3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Bartholomew Basil Character Portrait: Dr. Zaz Watson Character Portrait: Selena Lopez
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(I was waiting for this to come back up! Brilliant!)

"Damn my leg," the veteran growled under his breath. Watson hid the pang of anger and guilt at Basil's questions, resisting the urge to bellow something he'd regret. Bless Selena for interrupting him. With a curt nod and a sigh he accepted silently. He sipped a moment, trying to think of a way to dodge the question and insult. Perhaps he'd have been better off just observing, already he was tired of this involvement.

With another sigh, Zaz turned his grey eyes to the man before him, irritation masked. "I was in a war, long time ago," he answered simply, leaving out the full story. It wasn't something he tended to discuss, even with himself. He hated those memories, that failure, and he'd never trusted anyone since. His trust and cockiness had led to the downfall of the family he was bound to protect. Sure, it repaired in time, but not with any help from him. None at all...


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Miss Bianca Kósa Character Portrait: Kidagakash Nedakh
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#, as written by Runika
"The finest." She chuckled. "Of course, next to the head nurse." She whispered.

Kida's face flushed at Miss Bianca's inquiry to lift up her dress. If she were to speak now, she would definitely stutter. Being a nurse's assistant, she had seen children without their clothing, but that was one thing. It would be different with Miss Bianca. Kida calmed her heartbeat and smiled at Miss Bianca.

"No, that won't be necessary, Miss Bianca." She said with a smile. She went on to explain, "Doctors and nurses just have to press it against your clothing."

Then something came to her mind. Why would she have assumed she needed to remove her clothing? Had she done it before that way? The thought sent a negative feeling throughout her body. She couldn't tell whether or not Miss Bianca was joking, but it didn't sound like it. Kida's expression had begun to falter, turning into a rather cold one. Taking a breath she forced on a smile again, pressing the bell against Miss Bianca's chest.

"Breathe in and breathe out slowly, please." She instructed. She would then continue to do the same procedure as she pressed the bell against her back.

"Miss Bianca..." She started before pausing. "As I said, it is unnecessary to remove your clothing. So if someone were to ask you to do so, please deny them." Her tone then changed to that similar of a hiss. "Especially if it is a man." The thought of someone trying to trick any woman into removing their articles of clothing for the sake of a checkup was infuriating. For a professional in the medical field to even use such dirty tactics was just unforgivable. She was sure her expression wasn't that of a happy one, but it was hard to fake a smile with such an angry thought in her mind.