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Mistakes and Memories

Mistakes and Memories


Eight people, all so different from each other, come together in one house. In one year they will learn what it is to love, to lose, and to say good-bye.

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"Mistakes and Memories"

Cassandra and Alexander's Story

Cassandra Warner had everything: millions of dollars at her disposal, a family that looked tabloid perfect, and connections that could get her anywhere in life she wanted. So why, after sixteen years of living in luxury, would she just up and run away? Every family has their secrets. Her mother was never home, always prancing around with young me. Her father, who knew of her affairs, was a drunk who would lock himself in his office for days with nothing but a bottle of whiskey. Her brother was sick and twisted, wanting nothing more than to take advantage of his sister whenever he could. Every attempt she made to fight him off resulted in worse abuse. Shame and fear made it impossible for her to tell anyone, to speak out. She was alone, every day her depression grew a little worse. Finally, one day, after a particularly brutal attack, she left. She didn't bother to grab any of her stuff and had no intention of coming back for it. Two days later, she found leaning against an alley wall, a razor blade in her hand. Just as she was about to end her life, thinking that was the only option she had left, a boy about her age saw her there. His name was Alexander and he would change her life forever.

Alex was only fifteen when he was kicked out of his house and left to his own devices. His mom was a drunken prostitute who never wanted him in the first place, and he had the cigarette burn scars on his arms to prove it. He wasn't upset to be kicked out, he was glad and quite literally celebrated the occasion. He moved from house to house, always staying with friends. It didn't take him long to find out that there was quite a bit of money to be made in dealing the drugs he used quite frequently, and started doing that on the side along with his job at a small construction company. By the time he was eighteen he was making enough money to rent a house. There were five empty rooms, a roomy attic, and a carpeted basement and he was tired of spending all of his money on rent, so he began to rent them out. He was picky with the roommates he chose. They had to be laid back, okay with partying, and he just had to like them in general. Eventually he was able to rent out three of the rooms, leaving one empty. One night he was out, giving a few of his 'customers' their fix, when he saw Cassandra. She was still in pajamas, her face stained with tears, and a razor in her hands.

He had found his final roommate.

Cassandra: Taken by Me (Fauxreality)
Alexander: Reserved by Demo Chan

**Names may be changed.**

Tessa and Michael's Story

No girl dreams of being a stripper - no sorry - exotic dancer when they grow up, it's a profession you just sort of fall into. That's what happened with Tessa Jackson. She had had a good life with her mother. Not necessarily comfortable, but it was good. She loved her mom with all she had until the day she died of breast cancer. That's when things got really hard. The funeral in itself was expensive and a minimum wage job wasn't going to cover it, let alone rent and everything else she had to take care of. Eventually she was evicted and up to her forehead in debt, at only eighteen years old. She didn't have another family member to help her out, nor a friend who had the space to take her in. She was completely on her own. And then she saw the 'Dancers Wanted' ad for Vertigo Gentleman's Club. She had always been attractive, or that's what she was told. So she put on the tightest, low cut shirt she had, and applied for the job. She was hired on the spot and shortly after she was able to afford rent in a house where she would only have a few roommates to deal with.

Michael was head over heels in loved with Melody and she had just broken his heart. Walking in on her with, not one, but three other men had not been good for his self esteem. Adding insult to injury, she had decided it would be best if she took the apartment. Normally he wouldn't allow himself to be treated in such a way, but he didn't have the heart to tell her no. He just wanted to leave and never look back. He hid in a hotel room for a few days before his friends took him to a strip club, in attempt to cheer him up. When a stripper named Tessa came on the stage to dance, it was clear she was a favorite of the men who frequented the place - and several of his friends. She was beautiful, but while everyone else cheered, he didn't feel like she belonged up there. He didn't know what it was, maybe it was the look in her eyes, but he knew she deserved better than that. But he pushed the thought away and left. A few weeks later he found himself applying for a room and got it. It didn't take long to realize the sad stripper was living there too.

And she recognized him as the guy who didn't tip her that night.

Tessa: Taken by HeavenAndHell
Michael: Taken by Fauxreality

**Names may be changed.**

Mia and Leo's Story

This one is only going to be one paragraph as "Mia and Leo" already know each other.

Mia and Leo met at a hospital when they were very young, both of them suffering from Leukemia and chemo treatments. Their appointments were almost always scheduled on the same day and they saw each other at all the events the hospital held for the children with cancer. They quickly became friends. Leo would hold her hair when she got sick from the medicine, told her she was pretty when she finally went bald. To their parents it was the most precious thing they had ever witnessed, despite the fact it was a deadly illness that brought them together. After two years of fighting together, they finally went into remission only a month or so apart from each other. They decided then that they would do everything together and when they were in their late teens? That meant moving in together, though they had to convince their parents it was completely platonic. They found a house that had two rooms available for rent and it was like they were two normal people, not people who had had cancer. Then Leo starts to become distant and Mia isn't sure how to take it, he won't talk to her and it's not like him at all.

Turns out Leo's cancer is back and the outlook isn't so good this time.

Mia: Taken by TrueLilShooz
Leo: Taken by Enter Username Here

**Names may be changed.**

Alyssa and Jesse's Story

These characters should be in their early to mid twenties.

Jesse never thought he would end up like his father, he swore he never would, but when his wife left him and took his one year old daughter with her...he couldn't stop things from spiraling out of control. It started with one drunken night and he promised himself never again. Then that one time turned into two, then three, then four, and so on. Soon he was going out every night to get drunk and going through a variety of women. It wasn't long before he lost his job and needed to find a cheaper place to stay. After he got a job that would pay enough for booze and rent, he moved off of his friend's cash and into a house with a bunch of roommates who were only a few years younger than himself. And they always had a steady supply of beer.

Enter Alyssa, a girl who can drink even Jesse under the table and who loves to party just as much as him. They quickly form a friends-with-benefits type relationship. It seems like the perfect arrangement, until Alyssa becomes pregnant. Instantly he's reminded of his one year old he'll likely never see again, and is willing to clean up his act for the baby. But Alyssa doesn't want it and has a secret of her own. She's bulimic and has been for a while now. She knows the baby likely won't make it to full term and she has no desire to let it happen.

Alyssa: Reserved by KiraArsenic
Jesse: Open

**Names may be changed.**

"More Information"

If you didn't figure it out, they all live in Alex's house. Some of them have been their for a few months, some for only a few weeks. Alex has been in the house for about a year. Mia and Leo were the first two to move in, followed by Alyssa and Jesse, followed by Tessa and Michael, and finally Cassandra. Yes, eventually all the people I've paired together will be involved romantically. This role play should be filled with angst and drama, preferably very large amounts of it. (:



Name -

Age -

Gender/Role -

Occupation -

Likes - (At least five)

Dislikes - (At least five)

Appearance - (At least one large paragraph.)

Personality - (At least one large paragraph.)

History - (Optional.)


Toggle Rules

1. At least 400 words per post. I'm lenient, but don't take advantage.
2. This is a mature role play. There will be cursing, drug use, mentions of abuse, etc.
3. However, sex should be taken to PMs.
4. I have the right to decline your application.
5. I do not accept unfinished applications.
6. Spots will only be held for 24 hours.
7. You must post every other day. After 72 hours I will assume you have given up the spot.
9. Have a basic understanding of grammar. I know no one is perfect, but try your best. I may ask you politely to leave if I don't think you're on the same level as everyone else. Please don't take it personally, I just like things to be equal.
10. I know I may seem a little harsh, but I promise I'm not! Have fun. (:

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It looks like this role play is going no where fast. :/

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-sigh- Sorry, fruity_loops, you've lost your spot. ):

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To fill spots faster, I will be doubling as Michael. Unless someone else comes along who wants him.

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I suppose, but only until 10:00 tomorrow morning.
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Could i extend my reservation ?

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The Michael spot is now open.

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Youloveme? and Bugbuster, there is only two and a half hours left for you to turn in your applications before I reopen the spots.


Youloveme?'s reservation has been extended until tomorrow.

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Will do. (:
Once all the spots are filled, I may consider making another story line. (:
But I'm not sure. We'll see how it works out!

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Let me know if a female role re-opens or if you create another story line. I love the idea of this role play and I'm a literate role player. :)

Re: Mistakes and Memories

Actually let Demo Chan have Alexander's role, will be a bit busier than I thought.

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I submitted my character for Tessa (Roar now)! Hope you like it :)

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Sure to all of you. :3 I'll be back in a few hours, I have a charity event to go to!

And I love stripping bunny!

Re: Mistakes and Memories

Aww I wanted Alexander D;

Oh well, If someone drops out, I can fill the place. Just in case.

Re: Mistakes and Memories

Could i reserve Jesse ? This looks pretty good ^.^

Re: Mistakes and Memories

I'll be your Alexander ;] just give me a couple hours (Heading out)

P.S. Love the bunny stripper, he/she looks professional must have a phd in strippertology

Re: Mistakes and Memories

Can you let me know if Tessa or Alyssa reopen, I'm interested in there story lines and I'm a strong role player when it comes to there types.

Re: Mistakes and Memories

Awesome, thank you :D

Can't wait to get started with you guys :)

Re: Mistakes and Memories

Submitted my character, hope you like it :)

I may work on a history, tomorrow. 2:39am for me, so my brain is mush at the moment lol