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Katjusha Ekel

Everyone wants to be a princess

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a character in “Mistery Of The Beautiful Monsters”, as played by |lɐʇɹoɯɯI|


{'Pretty things want pretty things}
Theme Song
Lana Del Rey||Off To The Races
Melanie Martinez||Sippy Cup
Melanie Martinez||Pacify Her
Song to Love Interest
Melanie Martinez||Teddy Bear
Nicole Dollanganger||He hit me
Lana Del Rey||Million Dollar Man

{“Better to be slapped with the truth, than kissed with a lie”}

Full Name

Katy; Teachers
Baby Girl; Peers
Kitty-Kat; Friends



Sexual Orientation


{"The only me is, are you sure the only you is you?"}


*Fashion ~ Runs a fashion blog, goes shopping whenever the season changes and in between.
*Make up ~ Would "die" without make-up, she spends hours getting her face done.
*Coffee ~ Like is an understatement, she is addicted.
*Attention ~ Though she denys it, she enjoys people founding over her.
*Blogging ~ She has up to 14k followers on her fashion blog.


*Boredom ~ Is the main cause for her going out.
* Asian Fetish ~ People who tell her, they have an Asian Fetish.
*Wrong Ethnicity ~ Being called, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, just don't call her anything if you don't know.
*Early College ~ Hates that she went to college so early, wishes she was graduating with her friends.
*Looks ~ Though she prim whenever mentioned how beautiful she is, she doesn't want to be cute, she wants to be sexy and edgy.

Distinct Markings




To do whatever she wants.

Katy has two very huge white lies,
First being that, she tells everyone and tells them that her age is twenty-one, though she went to college early, and is in fact only eighteen.
Secondly, she had a very abusive online relationship that led to him going to jail.

Being completely out of control.

{“Keep calm and adjust your tiara”}

|Manipulative| |Bossy| |Bratty| |Bully| |Cutesy| |Flirtatious|
Katy enjoys playing with people's emotions and forcing them to do her bidding. But due to her pure appearance it almost never caught on that she is in fact manipulative, playing the baby doll so well. People never blame her for the drama that circles around, because she bats those pretty doe eyes and gets out of any trouble that may inflect on her if she was different. Even though she does skim pass any guilt or judgment, she is never plays the victim, just no one would believe such a sweet girl would want to hurt anyone or start a nasty rumor.
No one has ever seen her angry or upset, her temper has never stretched out of the mood of annoyance. Sure, she pouts and acts on her childish but it is part of her charm. Her thick Russian accent with soft spoken voice and strong Korean features with soft undertones make her adoring and Katy acts on that.
There is no doubt in the worlds eyes that Kitty-Kat is in fact a girly-girl. Her fashion and make up show that through while the way she carries herself and the hobbies she lives for are just the clarify.

{“Every person has at least one secret that would break your heart”}


Katyjusha, was born for two beautiful Russians, Luka and Anja. These two, were blessed with power and money in the large country of Russia. Though they say power and money corrupt, Luka and Anja had never felt the twinge of evil. They both were well loved and adored.
They took a small vacation to Korea to educate their young sons. While there, they stayed in a small town in a little cottage. In the town was a young shop owner, Nari Ou, she was a beautiful young lady, but dirt stained her face, sheets covered her body and her hair was burned at the tips. Anja spoke to the woman everyday they stayed in Korea. She learn the woman was pregnant the father was long dead. The baby was to be a girl, and though Nari was happy to have a bright child, she knew that there was no way of raising the child. Anja's heart broke.
There last night, Anja went to her beloved husband. And plead with him to keep Nari's unborn child. Luka was shocked for Anja had four beautiful young boys, another child could have been easily made. But Anja begged Luka for this beautiful girl. Luka feared the with Nari's conditions that the child may not survive or could even have bad genes. And to have this kind of life changing decisions to be made in only a night was annoying as well. But after hours of talking Luka agreed spitefully.
Katjusha was born into the world of frozen air, with a warm home. Four loving older brothers, and two wonderful parents. Though it was no secret that Katjusha was adapted, being of different race, and not having the long lined features the Ekel was famous for.
The Ekel's, were a huge family, Luka stood at 6'10, Anja stood at 6". Luka was strong and broad with thin red hair that was cut around his ears and light bangs that barely covered his eye brows. His face was round and soft features leaving him an adoring look. Anja was just long lined and lean, with golden locks that fluttered down the sides of her face and fell to surround her shoulders. Her jaw was strong and sharp, Anja's blue eyes pierced through men's hearts, and her slick curves made all weak. Each of the boys shared their parents height and two of them were blessed with red hair and green eyes while the other two looked as their mother with the blonde and blue eyes.
Then there was Katy, a small chubby Korean girl. She stood at only 4'11, covered in baby fat that refused to melt away.
Even though Katjusha looked nothing like her family, she never felt left out or even out of place. She often forgot she was adapted or completely blocked out the racial barrier at such an early age. Through her early school years she was shy and didn't speak out at all. She spent most of her time online.
Pikapieceofmymind, was a fourteen year old Turkish boy on a group chat. He was intelligent, a leader, bold, and Duchessoflove fell head over heels for him. She messaged the boy every night and did what ever he wanted. So when he asked her to message him when she got home, or when she was going out, even going to bed or waking him, Katy just grinned and did as she was told. When he explained that her best online friends were poison and trying to ruin their relationship, Katy listened and deleted her friends. When he took over her profile and started posting as her, she thought it was cute to share a profile. Soon he became more demanding, more possessive. But that is only because he cared?
It wasn't long until he came to Russia to meet her. But of course, Pikapiecemymind waited to tell Duchessoflove until he followed her for three weeks. Snapping photos of her, following her routine and learning her route. It took the family security the day of Pikapieceofmymind to come out of the bushes of Katjusha's school to be caught. And much to everyone's dismay. Pikapieceofmymind was not a fourteen Turkish boy, but an European Fourth-six year old man, who had an Asian fetish. The man got the life in prison in Russia.
After this, something changed in Katjusha. She began to take part of her mother's fashion sense. She started to take care of her body, and actually putting in effort in how she looked. Before long she blossomed into a flower, that lit up all of the frostbitten wasteland that was Russia.
Katy became the inner circle of popularity. People adored her, and couldn't help but lose themselves in her, she was being fond over. But not because she was a sex symbol but because they no one could get over the fact she looked like such a sweet doll. Even when she wore clothes that no thirteen year old girl should be caught wearing, she looked innocent and soft.
When she started a rumor about the fat girl in school that led the whole school against the poor child, no one blamed Katjusha. Not because she cried out, because Katy remained silent, but no one believed a baby girl could say such an awful thing.
Katjusha high school years were short, not by choice and not by intelligence, but by pure parental guidance. Katy walked at the age of sixteen when she finished all her credits, after that she was accepted at a private university in England, but after a year of British tea she wanted to taste the States. So she flew across the waters to a university in America.
In America people thought it was amazing seeing a cute Korean with a thick Russian accent and a very soft spoken voice. Americans went nuts over her and just like everywhere she went, everyone at the school knew her name and wanted to be her friend or be her even if they didn't.

So begins...

Katjusha Ekel's Story


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Griffin walked through the jam-packed halls, shoving down his claustrophobic panic and attempting to not crinkle his nose in distaste at the humans in their school. He stood taller than most of the freshmen and about half of the sophomores, and he used this to his advantage as he looked over the crowd. First class- Art. Griffin had taken art for the past two years, and Ms. Belfast still gave him the creeps. As a gryphon, he wasn't necessarily scared of her, she was just... odd. Creepy odd.

Walking into the classroom and picking a seat next to the window, he pulled out his sketchbook and a pencil and tapped on the desk absentmindedly and watched the other students stream in. He enjoyed college, really, but the first couple days were always slow and boring. Without a real friend group, Griffin mostly drifted and spent most of his time alone, working.

The bell rang, jolting him out of his tapping and sending his attention to Ms. Belfast. She called names out quickly and efficiently, and when she got to a name Griffin didn't recognize, she drew a sharp intake of breath and continued. Griffin got ready for class as she kept calling, but only got one name farther when she stopped. No Jessica. He was about to sigh and get back to rearranging his supplies when the door swung open and a brunette girl stumbled through.

Ms. Belfast glared into the late arrival's eyes, seemingly into her soul. She instantly scolded the girl, and just as Griffin thought he was safe, the teacher assigned him to be this girl, Jessica's, guide. Whoop-dee-doo. I get to be a babysitter. he thought as the class settled down again. Jessica took a seat, and Ms. Belfast scraped her creepy claws down the board. Most students jumped, but Griffin was prepared. Two years of this teacher, and he knew better than to be surprised.

She ran through the assignment with them, and Griffin jotted notes on a loose sheet of paper. Folding it and putting it neatly into a folder on the back of his sketchbook's cover, he looked up as Jessica walked over. "You're Griffin, right? I'm Jess." She smiled, seemingly shaken. Griffin shook her hand, grudgingly introducing himself. "Yeah, Griffin Coriolus. By the way, a tip. Don't piss off Ms. Belfast. She's not one you want on your bad side." Forcing a half-smile that was really more of a grimace, he continued. "I guess since I'm your guide, we might as well team up on this project."

This year was certainly going to be interesting.