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Naomi Belfast

Fear Me!

0 · 393 views · located in Monster realm

a character in “Mistery Of The Beautiful Monsters”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


{“I Am Not Your Friend.”}
Theme Song
Song to Love Interest
LUDO||Love Me Dead
Walk The Moon||Shut Up And Dance

{"You Could Be The Ugliest Thing In The World, The Right Person Would Still Think The Sun Shines Out Of Your Ass."}

Full Name
Naomi Belfast


looks 21, she is really 324 years old.

Naomi is a Vampire.

Sexual Orientation

Naomi is actually a teacher at the school. She teaches art.

{"Love Me, Hate Me, I Don't Really Care, Just Don't Assume You Know Me."}

*Smoking clove cigars.
*Cool weather.
*Loud music.

*Disrespectful people.
*Being told she can't do something

Distinct Markings
Scars: Naomi is covered in bite marks from her wild years when she had a mad love affair with another vampire.

Piercings: Two in her right ear and one in her left, she also has her septum priced.

Tattoos: None.

Monster Form & Human Form

"I have lived for hundreds of years, I've had enough of dreaming."

"I'm wanted for mass murder in many country's.. Or at least I would be if they knew who had done the killing!"

"I'm to old to be afraid of anything."

{“Always Say What You Mean!”}

"I am a teacher, I'm not paid to have a personality."Image

{“Know Your Place!”}


Hex Code Color: Red

Character Sheet by TheGypsyQueen_13.
Character by TheGypsyQueen_13.


So begins...

Naomi Belfast's Story


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Griffin walked through the jam-packed halls, shoving down his claustrophobic panic and attempting to not crinkle his nose in distaste at the humans in their school. He stood taller than most of the freshmen and about half of the sophomores, and he used this to his advantage as he looked over the crowd. First class- Art. Griffin had taken art for the past two years, and Ms. Belfast still gave him the creeps. As a gryphon, he wasn't necessarily scared of her, she was just... odd. Creepy odd.

Walking into the classroom and picking a seat next to the window, he pulled out his sketchbook and a pencil and tapped on the desk absentmindedly and watched the other students stream in. He enjoyed college, really, but the first couple days were always slow and boring. Without a real friend group, Griffin mostly drifted and spent most of his time alone, working.

The bell rang, jolting him out of his tapping and sending his attention to Ms. Belfast. She called names out quickly and efficiently, and when she got to a name Griffin didn't recognize, she drew a sharp intake of breath and continued. Griffin got ready for class as she kept calling, but only got one name farther when she stopped. No Jessica. He was about to sigh and get back to rearranging his supplies when the door swung open and a brunette girl stumbled through.

Ms. Belfast glared into the late arrival's eyes, seemingly into her soul. She instantly scolded the girl, and just as Griffin thought he was safe, the teacher assigned him to be this girl, Jessica's, guide. Whoop-dee-doo. I get to be a babysitter. he thought as the class settled down again. Jessica took a seat, and Ms. Belfast scraped her creepy claws down the board. Most students jumped, but Griffin was prepared. Two years of this teacher, and he knew better than to be surprised.

She ran through the assignment with them, and Griffin jotted notes on a loose sheet of paper. Folding it and putting it neatly into a folder on the back of his sketchbook's cover, he looked up as Jessica walked over. "You're Griffin, right? I'm Jess." She smiled, seemingly shaken. Griffin shook her hand, grudgingly introducing himself. "Yeah, Griffin Coriolus. By the way, a tip. Don't piss off Ms. Belfast. She's not one you want on your bad side." Forcing a half-smile that was really more of a grimace, he continued. "I guess since I'm your guide, we might as well team up on this project."

This year was certainly going to be interesting.


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ImageGriffin flipped to a fresh page and glanced over at Jessica. The brunette, obviously human, was sketching him- in profile- in chalk pencils. She was good, no doubt, but she was human. And Griffin wasn't a huge fan of those.

He pulled out a good old-fashioned pencil and began sketching her face, full front. Making sure to accurately illustrate her hair,- he always had problems with that- Griffin half-listened to his partner. "I guess since I'll be guiding you around, we'll have some time then. Providing you pay attention in class, most of our friendly chats will be outside of class. Do you live on campus?" he asked, returning to the tedious task of drawing strands of hair. He heard something about his name, and jolted when she mentioned a true nature. She was a human, only a few days old here. What did she know? Obviously something she shouldn't, given that all the monsters attending this school should know much better than to reveal their true forms to a human. Most didn't even tell other monsters. He dug around in his bag for a pen and began inking and erasing.

"What do you mean about true nature? And you don't seem the type to be boring. You look... full of secrets and childish humor." Griffin tried to steer away from the subject, subtly. He wasn't one for small talk, but if she knew anything about this true community... Griffin would just try to play dumb for now. It was killing him. He didn't like acting dumb. He loved being smart, and while he didn't wave it in people's faces, his secret joy was correcting them. One of the many reasons people tended to avoid him. He pulled a small set of watercolors from his bag and a water bottle he carried for this sole purpose. He'd had to warn people, many times, to not drink the rainbow water. It wasn't fruity, or probably even healthy.

He started to add color, mostly to the hair and a bit on the face. The art was quick, maybe a little messy, but it wasn't his final. Before he knew it, class would be over. It always flashed by. Glancing down at the page, he allowed himself a faint grin. It wasn't perfect, but his style had definitely captured the childlike wonder in this human's eyes. Looking over at the drawing Jessica held up, he nodded. She was talented, Griffin guessed. He held his up as well, hoping it wasn't too atrocious or offensive.


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"Yes I live on campus." She said looking at the picture he had drawn of her. It was beautiful. They continued talking then Jess all but froze when Griffin said she looked like she was full of secrets. Slowly she sat up straight and smiled at him, "I'm sure I have no idea what your talking about." her hands were shaking slightly but she made sure to hide that fact.
As the bell for the next class sounded and ms. Belfast dismissed the students Jess had managed to pack her things quickly. She looked at a sheet of paper with her next class on it, political science, with mr. Owens. "Hey Griffin?" She quickly caught up with him as he was leaving the classroom. "Do you know where mr. Owens's class is?" Jess handed him the schedule,

•Art- ms. Belfast
• Political Science- mr. Owens
•Business Management- miss. Tigg
•Computer Science- mr. Stimson
•Advanced Chemistry- ms. Abo

he looked it over then handed it back.
She glanced down at it, Jess couldn't wait for her advanced chemistry class.
It was her last class of the day but it was her favorite.
I wonder if we have any more classes together...
Jess thought to herself as they walked.
Once or twice she has to grab the strap to his bag so she wouldn't get swept up in the crowd and lost again.


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When Griffin brought up secrets, the brunette froze. She slowly choked out words, and he didn't believe them a tiny bit. She was obviously hiding something. "You're terrible at lying." he remarked, packing up his things as the bell rang. Glancing at her schedule, he dug his up from a folder.


  • Art [Mrs. Belfast]
  • Creative Writing [Mr. Kalos]
  • General Calculus II [Dr. Redcrest]
  • Computer Science [Mr. Stimson]
  • Advanced Coding [Ms. Luis]
"It seems we have Computer Science together as well. See you then." As he started walking out of the classroom, Jess caught up to him. Dangit, I'm a guide for this girl. Ah well, better get used to it. He nodded slightly and pushed out into the crowded hall, with the brunette hanging onto his backpack strap. He was sure they made an odd sight, and was relieved to drop her off outside of the classroom. With a little wave and a minute to make sure she got inside, Griffin heaved a sigh. Making sure nobody was around, he tapped into his power and set off to Creative Writing at an only slightly suspicious sprint.

Griffin walked towards Computer Science, chewing the last bites of a sandwich. He'd studied for most of his free time, and as he made his way across campus, he remembered that Jess, the human, would be in his class. He hoped she hadn't gotten lost- Mrs. Belfast would probably have his furry hide- quite literally. He spotted the brunette, and hurried to catch up with her. He swallowed the sandwich and caught up, now keeping pace beside the girl. "You found your way around okay?" He asked, making sure he wouldn't die by crazy teacher. Maybe because he was getting a little attached? No. Griffin hated humans. No way, no how, was he getting attached to this human girl who he'd just met.