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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Mary Zaiyuki

Names can't hurt or even stabs from a supernatural

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a character in “Mitress Academy”, as played by XAngelShi


She has short blonde hair , her eyes re black , her skin is pale since she is allergic to sunlight , she is a bit tall for her age , she is beautiful the same time handsome , she has a scar in her arm that its shape is like a rose its size is big as her whole arm.


She likes music , she hates boys , she is quiet and only speaks if needed , she is emotionless , she is boyish , and does not wear girly clothes


She always carries a bag any where that bag only have the books for her morning class and things she need every time she escapes and explores away from the academy and no matter what problem she conquer the things inside her bag are the tings she need and for last she always wear a jacket which covers her hidden weapon the hidden dagger and hidden gun


She eventually is half Immortal and have mortal , her mother was a human and her father was a immortal , she live alone since she escaped from her family , she went to this school because of a scholar and everything for her is free since the chairman of the school was her grandfather and no one knows about it , now every time she goes to school all girls in the school stay away from her since she is creepy , she lives in the forest alone where all the things she need is there the money she get i from her job she is a cook in a 5 star restaurant.

So begins...

Mary Zaiyuki's Story


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As soon as Mary walks in the academy everyone as looking on her but as soon as the shy turned dark and here is nothing can be seen she disappeared , she just teleport to the Faculty she met her class advisor , as soon as they go inside the classroom everyone turned silent and look at her , the teacher introduced her to her classmates but very briefly since she does not know anything about her only her name , she sat the backed next to the window then listened to music , when the morning class was over no one sawed her again but one of her classmate Karla followed her to the rooftop , then went home immediately with out Karla knowing she was leaving and lost track of her.


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When Mary went inside the room she didn't know she saw John Blake , Abdiel Joshua , and Jennifer , she was speechless when she saw what happened so she left quickly and went to the gym and pretended she saw nothing , but she left a letter to Jennifer saying " Meet me at the gym at 2:00 P.M tomorrow".


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When Mary was going to the hallways she forgot to get her bag from the room where Jennifer and the others where , so she teleport to the room immediately , when she was there she saw Ruth but she still don't know how Ruth transform into Abdiel again so she sit next to Jennifer and whispered her " Please stay calm and when your in a bad mood do anything you want but we should be alone here * gives Jennifer her bag * this is your bag you left it at the room so ... see you as much as possible bye * she waved a good bye to Jennifer while Jennifer was blushing brightly and she teleported immediately as soon as she sees Jennifer blush she spawned in her house and when she went inside her room inside she placed a fly camera and she control it and she heard Jennifer's voice saying " Hey Blake make sure you don't come near me any more " , John was shocked and remained quiet but a accident happened Dante went inside was shocked and just went out immediately , she turned of the camera and turned off her computer and just do her homework .