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Mixology:Tournament One

Mixology:Tournament One


Who you are. Where you come from. Why you were born. These questions don't matter anymore. You have been chosen for entertainment for The King. You'll have to fight for everything you lived for and get it back

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God must have a sense of humor. I mean, have you looked around lately? Clowns, freak shows, AIDS. It would only make sense that he would create an evil virus in a random website page that pitted various Role Player's characters against each other. What other explanation would there be?

You awaken to a frozen, prison room. You shiver as the metal floor tickles your skin. You notice the steel cube that your quarantined in. You can't move as your legs are chained to the wall. Struggling to break loose is worthless as your efforts just prove to be getting you know where. You discover whatever previous weapons magic have been looted from your unconscious body. You notice the chain is a type of strange metal that can block any powers or magic that you once cast. You start realizing that you aren't the only one here. You spotted two more bodies having a difficult time with their chains. You're having a headache just trying to remember what had happened to you. You look at the two people wondering if you seen their faces before. You can't seem to recollect any thought involving them.

A sudden voice comes on that catches you off guard. You point your head to find a small megaphone connected to the corner of the room. The voice sounds robotized and inhuman. It sounds unpleasant as it speaks. "Programming Project Mixology! Tournament 1! Processing memory into players. Successful!" The voice drops down leaving a silent dial tone. You start feeling something weird. You notice the two others getting the same reaction. You blank out as strange thought are pouring into your head. You can't help, but scream as the sensation is horrible! You hug you head tightly hoping when the pain stops. The strange thought explains something though.

"You are a player." Someone whispers quietly."You have been chosen to entertain our King. We have pulled you out of your other RP. You have been pitted against others players to duke it out and settle who is supreme!" You try to figure out where the voice is coming from. The only visible thing is complete darkness. The voice sounds amazingly close as if it's whispering in your ear! "Now no man can do this impossible objective by himself. Well, our King can! Though all of you aren't our King. You are just little bugs. These other two bugs are your teammates from other RPs." Light appears out of nowhere with no trace of any electricity. The light reveals the two others that have been locked with you. Their faces are surprised as if they are hearing the exact same words as you are. "Now you must win this tournament or your precious life and your beloved thing will stay with us." Another odd light pops up. It shows what you've work hard for and would never let go of. You see other beloved objects that must belong to your "teammates".

"Win this and you might get a prize. It's all up to you and your teamates." The whispering voice started to lower untill you couldn't hear anything, but the heavy breathing of you and the others. You stand silent waiting for anything. Your eyes roll to spot any type of nearby exit. There's no hope as you are enveloped in a shadowing blanket.

You here a loud ongoing noise that snaps you out of your deep thoughts. You can't help to see that you're in the exact same frozen room. The loud, obnoxious sound erupted from the tiny megaphone. You slowly figure out you were in a trance this whole time. Everyone including you were getting a drowsy feeling. The noise came to an immediate stop while the robotic voice continued. "Memory is Sucessful! Steel doors open! Weapon Storage open! Players released! Successful! Have a nice day!" The robotic voice came to a halt leaving an annoying beep that led on forever. The prison walls separate revealing an enormous door that had been there the whole time! Behind the door is a arctic wasteland with miles deep of snow that appears to be getting deeper by the piles of snowing falling. Your chains are later released letting you be able to walk around finally. You noticed that your magic or powers have returned. You start wondering where your weapons are hidden. You heard a small ring as your eyes have deceived you again. A spacey closet popped from one of the room's walls showing winter coats and everyone's weapons. As you ready yourself you gaze into your teammates. It's silent for everyone, but you all have reacted the same to this. Are you ready?

(More will posted if having to. I'm hoping to make a map and a NPC profile. Now what are you waiting for? Get your characters!)


More will be described later on about the place your on, but hopefully you can get a good idea where you are from the intro above. If not I'm going with a artic planet that has some sci-fi effects to it. I'll be including special destinations such as a small town, mountains, and a monster's nest. Everyone of course will start at different locations.

1. No God Modding
2. No Character Control
3. Do not kill a character unless given permission by me.
4. Do not Spam
5. Do not pass go. Do not collect $100.
6. Sex scenes aren't allowed. Maybe a brief flirtation, but nothing more.
7. Your character MUST have come from another RP.
8. I won't be strict on how long a post may be. . .three lines the least though.
8.5. Type "On a mission to get back to my RP" on the top of your template so I can understand you read everything.
9. You can have up to 3 players on this RP.
10. Put the link where the characters debuted in the character profile.
11. There will be three characters on each team,
12. All characters will undergo a random drawing for teams.
13. A fight will occur when all players in the battle radius argee to fight with their characters. From there it's allowed to destroy OTHER players character's. If it's too much of a tied match the players can whether declare their characters tie and roam where ever still being in the RP or everyone will vote on which character dominated.
14. This RP will take fair sportmanship who can take that their characters lost!
15. If two or more players picked out characters that came from the same RP,go ahead and try to play along with it.

If these rules are broken, the Virus will delete you and your family from existence. Plus I'll kick you out of the RP.

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