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General Eclipse

General of Luna's Army and Air Force

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a character in “MLP: The Great Schism”, as played by Cheshire Kitten


General Eclipse

Name: Nopony knows her real name, when she joined the royal guard she only gave the name, Eclipse.
Nickname: "The Flash" by her enemies and General Flash by her subordinates.
Child of: The Night
Species: Bat-pony
Gender: Female
Cutie Mark: A solar eclipse

Eclipse is a tall, slender, light grey bat-pony with black hooves. She has jet black hair with yellow streaks and her mane matches her tail. She keeps her mane cut short and neat so that it does not get in her way during combat. Her tail she keeps at a medium length, not too short to make her appear male but not too long to get in the way. She has exceptionally large wings making flight particularly easy for her. She is fast and silent when she flies and she blends into the night well. Her opponents all report the same thing; all they saw was a streak of yellow before she struck. This has earned her the nickname "Flash".

General Eclipse is a very serious, no-nonsense pony. She takes her position as General of the Army and the Air Force very seriously but she does try to do the best she can for her troops to make the war a bit less hellish. She is very hard on the new recruits but this is only a facade to weed out the weak from the strong. All those who make it through basic training and her rigorous 36 hour flight sessions will see the respectful, kinder side of their General. She can be very motherly at times and sees her troops as her responsibility, she will fight tooth and nail to protect them and she will never, ever leave a pony behind. Her loyalty to her troops is only rivaled by her loyalty to Princess Luna. She is very protective of her Princess and she herself personally chose the members of Princess Luna's personal guard.

Eclipse was born and raised in the Crystal Mountains on the outskirts of Equestria. It was there that she lived with her parents until one day she was playing at home alone, as usual. Her parents were foragers and went out every day to collect food and water but today there was a terrible snowstorm. Eclipse wanted to go in search of her family but the wind was so harsh she could barely open the door without being blinded by snow. So she waited, and waited, and waited for days until the storm finally passed. When she could finally go outside there was no sign of her parents, or anypony for that matter. She sat down in the snow and cried and cried until she eventually fell asleep from exhaustion. While she slept Princess Luna visited her dreams and told her that she must come to Canterlot, where she would be taken care of.

The next morning when she awoke she decided to heed the Princess's message and she packed up her belongings and what little food she could find and set out. She didn't know where she was going but every night Princess Luna came and showed her the way. It was a long and arduous journey but when she finally made it to the Crystal Empire she had just enough money for a train ticket to Canterlot so without a second thought she got on the train, ignoring all the beauty and splendor of the Empire her mind set on one thing, Canterlot. When the train pulled into the station and she disembarked she was amazed to find other bat-ponies like herself, Luna's Royal Guards, waiting for her. They took her to the orphanage where she would be living and to her surprise there was Princess Luna, waiting outside for her. Eclipse didn't know how to thank Luna for all she had done so, she hugged her. She hugged her and thanked her for all the help she had given. Eclipse grew up in the orphanage and led a happy and healthy life until the war started. She believes that she owes her life to Princess Luna and she would gladly give her life in the name of duty.

So begins...

General Eclipse's Story


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General Eclipse strode through the streets of Ponyville. Her subordinates saluted as she passed by but she had no time for formalities. She smiled at a few familiar faces but once she left Ponyville her friendly smile was replaced by a smirk. Today was Judgement Day, also known as the first day of training for all the new recruits. Today she would get her first look at the next squad of Luna's elite guards. The training grounds were in a field near Princess Luna's castle and although it would be easier for her to fly there she wanted to walk through the forest and make sure non of the recruits got lost or had a change of heart. As she grew closer and closer to the training grounds she could hear all the recruits chattering about this and that. Under the cover of darkness she could see parfectly. That would make it even more difficult for the mares to stand out. Females had only been allowed in the guard for a short while now, in fact she herself was the first mare to be allowed into the Royal Air Force, but the out of the few that did come even less made it past basic training. She respected all the mares in her army for their determination but that didn't mean she was going to go any easier on them than on the stallions. When she finally reached the grounds she decided to have a little fun with her newest foals. She spread her wings and flew up in front of the moon, casting a gargantuan shadow over the whole field. "Recruits! Welcome to Hell."