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Java Rush

I can do anything-- as long as I have my coffee first.

0 · 292 views · located in Equestria

a character in “MLP: The Great Schism”, as played by Ula




Name ................... Java Rush
Nickname ..................... Java
Child of ................... The Day
Species ............... Earth Pony
Gender ...................... Female
Cutie Mark .......... Coffee mug


Depending on when somepony comes across her, they might see one of two different versions of Java Rush. Before she has her coffee, she is grumpy and short-tempered, and it is definitely best not to get on her bad side. After her coffee, though, she is bright and energetic, ready to take on the world, and (when she wants to be) sweet as cream and sugar. While she can't fly like the pegasi or use magic like the unicorns, Java is very strong and fast, even beating pegasi in races when they fly at low altitudes.


Java grew up in Manehattan, where she and her family -- her parents and brother, Storm Chaser -- owned a coffee shop. She was travelling to Ponyville to open her own shop there when the war for control of Equestria broke out. Ever loyal to Princess Celestia, Java pledged her allegiance as a Child of Day and joined Celestia's forces, changing directions to go to the Crystal Empire. After arriving there, she sent correspondence to her family to inform them of her decision. She was stunned and heartbroken when their reply informed her that her brother had chosen to be a part of Princess Luna's army, and hoped she would never have to come against him in battle.

So begins...

Java Rush's Story