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Amelia Morrow

[Major WIP]

0 · 344 views · located in Magdalena Academy

a character in “Modern Magic and Martinets”, originally authored by The Toxic Cereus, as played by RolePlayGateway


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ImageImage|| FULL NAME ||

Amelia Evelynn Morrow


17 || 6th Year


Half Blood

|| HOUSE ||


#667C26| #3C277D




Multilingual : Amelia has lived in Germany her whole life, it was only natural that she spoke the native language. Due to her upbringings, she also learned to speak English, and is working on her Russian. German being her first language, she does have a slight accent, that she tries very hard to cover up.

Observant : Some people seem to pass by the details of things, Amelia doesn't. She notices when someone wears their hair differently, or the stutter in their speech.

Humorous : Making people laugh is something the girl is rather good at. She loves teasing people playfully, and making sarcastic comments about things people say. She does it all in good fun.

Quick Learner : Amelia picks up concepts rather quickly. She's always been a quick learner, and even faster when it comes to mastering things.
|| FLAWS ||

|| LIKES ||

▪ Germany ▪ Learning Languages ▪ Video Games ▪ Magic ▪ Technology ▪ Reading (Sci-fi Novels) ▪ Witty Humored Folk ▪ Astronomy ▪ Seafood ▪ Coffee ▪ Hockey ▪ Cats ▪ Charms ▪ Pranks ▪ Being Responsible ▪ Aimless Walks ▪ Flirting ▪ Sleeping In ▪ Warm Pretzels ▪ Cinnamon Rolls ▪


▪ Assholes ▪ Bad Grades ▪ Gossip ▪ Insects ▪ Reptiles ▪ Bad WiFi ▪ Ironing ▪ Waking Up Early ▪ Losing ▪ Summer ▪ Being Too Hot ▪ The Uniforms ▪ Raw Sushi ▪ Being Treated Like A Kid ▪
|| FEARS ||






April 22nd





|| ORIGIN ||
Where have you come from?


|| FAMILY ||



|| WAND ||
13"Oak and Unicorn Tail Hair Core | Sturdy

Portrayed by || The Toxic Cereus

Face Claim || Amber Heard

So begins...

Amelia Morrow's Story

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#, as written by Castle

On the morning of September the first, all students arrive at Magdalena early and eagerly, just in time for breakfast. They’d all greet those they hadn’t yet had the chance to see and from there breakfast commence. Whether or not the lot of students got any rest usually depended on their compatibility with trains, which was inevitably unlikely. All students boarded at different times and different places, but they all arrived at 8am on the dot.

ImageProfessor Hawthorne announced the arrival of the first years as the rest of the diverse school sat munching, to which they sorting ceremony began. Magdalena had it’s own special way of sorting students into their houses. Though it seemed rather average or rudimentary, there was an enchanted basin placed at the end of the long line of first years. From there, they would draw their house, and go to join their tables pridefully.

Each table was dressed neatly in it’s house color named boldly with a banner lined in gold and silver, a glowing mist emanating around all the dishes and plates that floated and rotated so that everyone could get a bite. Not only did the tablecloth glow as brightly as the plates did, but it would almost play with the children. Pleasing them with thoughtful images of animals that best described their actions or their houses, and blasting the occasional first year in the face with what looked like an abundance of glitter.

Once the frayed nerves of the newbies died down, the students would surely be reintroduced to their new home know as Magdalena Academy of Magical Education.