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Arthur William Graymund

"I don't know about this...."

0 · 194 views · located in Magdalena Academy

a character in “Modern Magic and Martinets”, originally authored by Royalburden, as played by RolePlayGateway


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[img]LARGE%20GIF[/img]|| FULL NAME ||
Arthur William Greymund

Age: 16 Year 5

Muggle born

|| HOUSE ||

#27275D| #8686A4


Arthur isn't what one might call a guy who is uniquely advantaged. His strengths are precious but counted on a single hand. He's a good friend, very loyal, and though he doesn't seem it, he can be very brave. His magical forte lies in charms and hexes. Little nuisance spells that nonetheless last a particularly long and stubborn time when he casts them.

|| FLAWS ||
He can come off as cowardly at first but when it comes down to it he has a knack for finding his courage when it's needed the most. He tends to fail miserably when attempting potions and most of his defense against the dark arts techniques develop a fatal flaw to them. He's a rather pessimistic and sarcastic guy with a bounty of dry humor. In the end he can come off grumpy if he's not careful. He has no particular physical strengths and comes off as pretty average in most challenges, but you can't say it's for lack of trying if he puts his heart into it.

|| LIKES ||
-Muggle things
-wizard things(magical gagets and items)
-studying the history of magic

-Being referred to as a mudblood
-cocky stuck up jerks
-those who seem significantly better at him(or act that way)
-most magical creatures (he finds them to be extremely dangerous and difficult to handle. Prefers a cat or rat. Something normal.)

|| FEARS ||
-snakes, lizards, other reptilian things

-to be a good wizard, basically. He hopes to somehow envelope himself in the wizarding world and learn more of the culture of it all.





Arthur comes off as awkward at first




|| ORIGIN ||

Arthur comes from a very modest background. His father is an architect and an avid book worm. A good and kind hearted man, his mother a fussy and concerned woman, always after to protect him. He became a momma's boy because of it....perhaps against his will. He'd been completely oblivious of the wizarding from the start and honestly thought the letter was some form of joke. It was his father that convinced him to go on with showing completely unexpected enthusiasm. His father had met a wizard once before completely by accident and while he hadn't heard from the man in a long long time he kept the knowledge of that world quiet and close to himself. He got his hands on a few obscure books on the subject and read up on it sort of as a pet hobby. Learning his son was a wizard was the best moment of his life and he's made it his personal duty to be there for him every step of the way.

|| FAMILY ||


Mr. Gregor, his stubborn cat.

|| WAND ||
12.5" Yew, Dragon Heartstring

Portrayed by || Royalburden

Face Claim || Arthur Darville

So begins...

Arthur William Graymund's Story

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#, as written by Castle

On the morning of September the first, all students arrive at Magdalena early and eagerly, just in time for breakfast. They’d all greet those they hadn’t yet had the chance to see and from there breakfast commence. Whether or not the lot of students got any rest usually depended on their compatibility with trains, which was inevitably unlikely. All students boarded at different times and different places, but they all arrived at 8am on the dot.

ImageProfessor Hawthorne announced the arrival of the first years as the rest of the diverse school sat munching, to which they sorting ceremony began. Magdalena had it’s own special way of sorting students into their houses. Though it seemed rather average or rudimentary, there was an enchanted basin placed at the end of the long line of first years. From there, they would draw their house, and go to join their tables pridefully.

Each table was dressed neatly in it’s house color named boldly with a banner lined in gold and silver, a glowing mist emanating around all the dishes and plates that floated and rotated so that everyone could get a bite. Not only did the tablecloth glow as brightly as the plates did, but it would almost play with the children. Pleasing them with thoughtful images of animals that best described their actions or their houses, and blasting the occasional first year in the face with what looked like an abundance of glitter.

Once the frayed nerves of the newbies died down, the students would surely be reintroduced to their new home know as Magdalena Academy of Magical Education.