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Gideon Blackwood

"I may be crazy, but it keeps me from going insane."

0 · 540 views · located in Magdalena Academy

a character in “Modern Magic and Martinets”, as played by Stark Contrast


|| Tessellate || Tenis Court (Flume Remix) || Taste My Sad || tw-ache ||

Image|| FULL NAME ||
Gideon Phoenix Blackwood

18|Seventh Year

Muggle Blood

|| HOUSE ||

#FFBF00| #FF8000

ββ€œI'm unpredictable, I never know where I'm going until I get there, I'm so random, I'm always growing, learning, changing, I'm never the same person twice. But one thing you can be sure of about me; is I will always do exactly what I want to do.” ❞ - C. JoyBell C.

β–²Adaptable β–²Clever β–²Witty β–²Intelligentβ–²Inquisitive
β–²Mediator β–²Thick Skinned β–²Confident β–²Strong Willedβ–²Generous

|| FLAWS ||
β–ΌSlow Learner β–ΌObnoxious at times β–ΌHyperactive
β–ΌToo Idealistic β–ΌBad Temper β–ΌScared of Commitment
β–ΌStubborn β–ΌTrouble with authority in past β–ΌClumsy

|| LIKES ||
βœ”Coffee||βœ”Cheeseburgers||βœ”Seafood||βœ”Chill Music
βœ”Denim Jeans||βœ”The smell of rain||βœ”Alcohol||βœ”Scones
βœ”Foxes||βœ”Pizza||βœ”Old Movies||βœ”Poker||βœ”Philosophy||βœ”Soccer ||βœ”Men||βœ”Women

✘Cheaters||✘Laziness||✘Formal Clothing

|| FEARS ||
☠ Dementors| ☠ Snakes| ☠ Heights| ☠ Death

Gideon cares most about having a family of his own, so that would be something he hopes to achieve whether it be that of having kids, or life-long friends. He's ambitious in the sense that he wants to become a better wizard maybe even be known among the common magician.

Gideon knows that one of his parents of perhaps both were wizards of a kind, and with a little investigation on his side of things, he was able to discern that it was possible that he wasn't orphaned willingly.

❝Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.❞ - Charles Bukowski


December, 17th
His smile should be evidence enough to what type of person he is there is one thing that most people never get tired, and it's hearing his booming laugh around the hallways of Magdalena, and his prominent Scottish accent to go along with it. He is a heartwarming guy, someone people have a hard time not being comfortable around, and he has felt that people have a greater purpose than to let others drift wayward. He's helpful and kind, and he is most apt to help others in need, believing that a helping hand is better than nothing at all. From the instructors perspective, Gideon is quite the little annoyance, and a bit of a trickster, but applies himself in class even if he may not understand the content, and proves himself to be quite capable of higher caliber studies. Other students see him as either obnoxious, or a stand up guy, he is known as the person who wants to be everyone's friend, someone's whose moral compass is pointing in the right direction. He seems to have a penchant for being a bit of prankster, or even playfully toying with other people like an older brother would.

In another sense, Gideon is a mediator, known for breaking up disputes despite his own short fuse, and is someone that listens to other people problems. He hates those who obfuscate the truth, and those who waste their potential, as their is no point to such things in his view. He tends to be stubborn, and can be short sighted when he tries to apply his own views to others. He is known for being strong willed and able to see things through to the end if need be, but that also means that he may have a hard time letting things go as he should, and so his temper can last a bit longer than most. He can let his emotions get in the way of his decision making abilities and suffers from not seeing the whole picture sometimes. All in all though, most people have good things to say about the little ruffian.

❝Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.❞ -Mark Twain



|| ORIGIN ||
From Perth, Scotland raised there for 12 years before getting to the States.

The first memory that Gideon has is that of rain pattering on a window, a window that he had known for those twelve long years in an orphanage. For reasons he himself has yet to completely unravel, Gideon was abandoned in infancy, by whom he's never known, or rather he's never wanted to know. It doesn't matter to him now, and he doubts that it ever will or so he makes it seem. For him early childhood was full of people ignoring him, very little affection passed off between the people he called his guardians during his time in foster care. He was lonely in the sense of not having any immediate family, but he kept himself happy by protecting others, by making sure they would never feel as depressed as he did on his worst days. He was the way he is now, even before making his way to Magdelena, and hasn't changed much at all, save for the stubble on his face, and his height. How he came across his abilities was another matter entirely. Luckily for him, the small little orphanage he had known as home was next to a sanctuary of nature. His days was spent wandering and making his own little adventures in the small forest beside his home. It was only when the other foster siblings caught on to what he was doing and unknowingly followed him into the forest that he was able to share the little joy beyond not feeling wanted by adoptive parents.

One venture ended in one of them being trapped under a weak tree that had fallen in the surroundings, and when Gideon, known for being suborn, and wanting to do things himself even in the futility of the worse possible scenario. The others went to get the guardians while he tried to lift the tree, it was only when he tapped into his need to save his fellow orphan. Shutting his eyes, and feeling the forest shift to his will, slowly the bulk of the tree bent and slowly corroded away, his friend relatively unharmed save for a little swelling. As this was happening his guardians came upon the scene, frozen still as they witnessed the magic, and the young Gideon fell to the ground, weakened by his efforts. The guardians couldn't think of what to do as Gideon rested, and the rest the orphans clamored around him at the discovery of his powers. Before he could even wake, a letter from Magdalena had been sent to the small orphanage, and naturally followed a recruiter who; without getting into the specifics of the wizarding world, convinced his guardians that the Academy was best for someone like him, his age deterred potential adoption, and his magical abilities would further deter them. With that in mind he was sent away with his most favored guardian to the States, and from then on, he never seemed to look back.

|| FAMILY ||
Amelie Buchanan| 54| His Foster Mother


A female fox named Vixen, you'll often see Vixen outside the ground, and attempts may have been made to ward it off since it roams freely, but calls to Gideon when he needs it, even if it's pretty much against the rules for him to have it. His other familiar is that of a Snowy Owl named Ashe, it's temperamental, not all too friendly with others, but rather playful when it gets to know, notorious for it's mean bite.

|| WAND ||
Maple Wood||Sturdy||12 inches||Billywig Stinger

Portrayed by || Stark Contrast

Face Claim || Sam Claflin

So begins...

Gideon Blackwood's Story

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#, as written by Castle

On the morning of September the first, all students arrive at Magdalena early and eagerly, just in time for breakfast. They’d all greet those they hadn’t yet had the chance to see and from there breakfast commence. Whether or not the lot of students got any rest usually depended on their compatibility with trains, which was inevitably unlikely. All students boarded at different times and different places, but they all arrived at 8am on the dot.

ImageProfessor Hawthorne announced the arrival of the first years as the rest of the diverse school sat munching, to which they sorting ceremony began. Magdalena had it’s own special way of sorting students into their houses. Though it seemed rather average or rudimentary, there was an enchanted basin placed at the end of the long line of first years. From there, they would draw their house, and go to join their tables pridefully.

Each table was dressed neatly in it’s house color named boldly with a banner lined in gold and silver, a glowing mist emanating around all the dishes and plates that floated and rotated so that everyone could get a bite. Not only did the tablecloth glow as brightly as the plates did, but it would almost play with the children. Pleasing them with thoughtful images of animals that best described their actions or their houses, and blasting the occasional first year in the face with what looked like an abundance of glitter.

Once the frayed nerves of the newbies died down, the students would surely be reintroduced to their new home know as Magdalena Academy of Magical Education.