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Robyn Adams

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

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a character in “Modern Magic and Martinets”, originally authored by GrimBones66, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Robyn Adams's Story

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#, as written by Castle

On the morning of September the first, all students arrive at Magdalena early and eagerly, just in time for breakfast. They’d all greet those they hadn’t yet had the chance to see and from there breakfast commence. Whether or not the lot of students got any rest usually depended on their compatibility with trains, which was inevitably unlikely. All students boarded at different times and different places, but they all arrived at 8am on the dot.

ImageProfessor Hawthorne announced the arrival of the first years as the rest of the diverse school sat munching, to which they sorting ceremony began. Magdalena had it’s own special way of sorting students into their houses. Though it seemed rather average or rudimentary, there was an enchanted basin placed at the end of the long line of first years. From there, they would draw their house, and go to join their tables pridefully.

Each table was dressed neatly in it’s house color named boldly with a banner lined in gold and silver, a glowing mist emanating around all the dishes and plates that floated and rotated so that everyone could get a bite. Not only did the tablecloth glow as brightly as the plates did, but it would almost play with the children. Pleasing them with thoughtful images of animals that best described their actions or their houses, and blasting the occasional first year in the face with what looked like an abundance of glitter.

Once the frayed nerves of the newbies died down, the students would surely be reintroduced to their new home know as Magdalena Academy of Magical Education.

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Scribbling echoed thorugh out the empty dorm room. Everyone was down at the feast but Robyn had yet to get dressed or make an attempt too since she got here. Her hand was moving incredibly fast across the white sheet of paper while it produced beautiful art. Her head was slightly bobbing to the music that came from her headphones that have glued into her ear since she left home. For a brief second Robyn's eyes flickered to the clock reading the time then back at her paper, she began to lift herself from her seat but her hand didn't stop until she was standing up completely straight. " Damn, Alright Lana come on time to get our butt's to the feast." From in between her pillows on her bed emerge a white, slinky fluff that ran across the bed and onto Robyn. The witch gave a small warm smile to the little creature before putting the fluff into her pocket with it's head peeking out.

Looking at herself in the mirror for a second Robyn grabbed a bandage from her backpack and placed it over the nasty cut on her nose. She then quickly placed her jet black locks into a messy bun and slipped on her robe. The witch just finished a seven hell long train ride from france and didn't feel like changing out of her comfortable clothes at all and plus nothing ever stopped her from breaking a couple of rules, especially on her first day back at Magdalena. After a slight nod of agreement with herself, Robyn turned and grabbed her leather bound sketchbook, pencil and two green apple flavored lollipops. She unwrapped one and stuck it in her mouth as she headed out of her dorm and to the feast. Just thinking about her train ride made Robyn cringe because by the time she got off the train her butt was numb and her body ached being stuck in a sitting position for hours.

Upon entering the room Robyn saw that it was packed with students already then she realized she was late so of course it was going to be packed already. Twirling her Lollipop in her mouth the blue eyed witch made her way over to the Hart table where she settled down in and smiled at her fellow housemates as greetings were exchanged. She briefly made conversation with two other students and while she did she sneaked some pieces of meat under the table where Lana took and ate them. After the small talk Robyn proceeded to open her sketch book and begin drawing again, ignoring her hunger for the time being.

After a good five minutes of drawing the witch raised her head from her sketch book and took a deep breath. She pulled out the stick that was left from the sour treat and placed it on her napkin before reaching out and grabbing the honey and milk. She poured herself a glass of milk then a spoonful of the golden sweetness into her glass then stirred until the milk was tinted a slight golden color. While she drank from the glass her eyes wandered around the room spotting a familiar face, Vulpecula. Robyn placed her glass back on the table and wiped away the milk stash as she watched the woman curiously as she conversed with another friend of hers, Emery. Spending a good minute debating whether to get their attention or not Robyn decided to let it be and continue her drawing even though she actually wanted to talk to them but her sketch pad was whispering to her to finish.

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#, as written by Vix

{in collaboration with ibecameinsane, featuring Professor Jermaine Morton}

The young Ligeia could only watch wordlessly as Emery excused himself and headed for Stark table. This brought her a pang of guilt, knowing that after six years of being such close friends he could tell when she was holding out information. It made it all the more worse that, of all the places he could have retreated to, he retreated to Stark. There was a hint of a frown forming on her lips as she watched him launch into conversation with Hana and Stuart, two familiar faces. She wouldn't torture herself more than she already was, gathering her things and leaving as quietly as she had came, casting the sketching Robyn a glance before moseying along. It was the first time in a while that she had been speechless. She had absentmindedly come to depend on Emery being the one person within her age range who would listen to her and generally stick by her side. But now he'd rather jump to the wolves than engage in polite conversation with her?

She was probably over thinking the entire situation, something that she did often - especially as of late. She pushed out the thoughts and instead focused on working out Arithmancy in her head while she walked with no particular destination in mind. Eudoxia and Leotychides padded along behind her, pouncing at her heels every few steps as they clicked against the pavement. She kept her head down as her vision went blurry from staring at the ground for so long, her blinks spaced apart far longer than usual. Luckily, it seemed everyone else was paying more attention than she was and did well to avoid her. It was sheer luck that she had begun walking again after a short pause, lest she have gotten hit by a rogue quaffle that had escaped the grip of a Chaser who seemed to be practicing, having apparently lost his touch over the summer. Regardless, she marched on.

It wasn't until after a short walk down a hill that she was pulled from her thoughts. She lifted her gaze to see a proud and large Hippogriff resting peacefully while some stray students sketched from afar. Smiling, Vix approached the Hippogriff preening its russet feathers with a gentle coo in her voice, a tone she often took with beasts but never people. “Rostbraun. I hope you've missed me.” She let her bag strap slide from her shoulder as she held out a hand, only a few feet away now. She was glared at by sharp golden eyes before the creature stood and turned around, giving a light screech. “Don't be like that! I didn't mean to abandon you. I just had very important business to take care of. I'd have taken you with me, but I'd have gotten arrested. Is that what you want? You want me in prison?”

She carried on casual conversation with him far better than she did with most people, a light pout in her voice as she was given the cold shoulder. However, there was a light smirk as she went to her bag, shooing away her felines as they pawed at it. With a merry hum, she fetched out another brown bag. The cats immediately assumed that it was more squirrel meat for them and meowed happily. However, she pulled out a dead ferret and nudged the creature's haunches. “C'mon. You know you can't stay mad at me.” She cooed some more, smiling as he slowly turned around. He snatched the dead meal from her quickly, wolfing it down. He pressed his massive head against her chest, a strange gurgling-like coo rumbling in his chest as she petted him affectionately. Out of all their creatures, he was her favorite one. She could still remember her first class with him six or so years ago. She had come down to groom him whenever she could nearly every day after and often snuck out at night to bring him treats.

From inside the hut, a curly-haired man watches as the student coddles the giant creature. Much like any day, he goes unnoticed in the company of the beasts in his care. This proves true even now, even by one of his favorite students; he ends up at the young witch's side before he's even noticed. "Here so early, Miss Ligeia?" he inquires, a voice rich with an Eygptian accent, "Don't you have an introduction brunch you should be attending?"

Vulpecula had been nuzzling Rostbraun, stroking his silky feathers, when she heard a familiar voice behind her. She turned with a smile, headbutted in the back by an attention deprived creature that whined, as she laughed for the first time in ages. She slung an arm around her feathered friend and shrugged her shoulders in her usual nonchalant way. “It's never too early to be up spending time with these magnificent beasts.” Rostbraun replied with an almost smug expression, arrogantly holding his head a little higher. “Jerm -- Professor Morton -- we both know that I don't always do what I should. I probably should be there. I probably should be in correct uniform. I probably should have not ditched last year. But, that's me. I'm a rebel. Rules schmules.”

Out of respect for one of her handful of favored professors, she refrained from using a first name basis with him. However, she couldn't help the almost sarcastic tone with him. She didn't mind hiding things from her friends but when it came to her professors, who were pretty much her first friends at Magdalena until Emery came along, it was a bit more difficult. She literally bit her tongue and gave a quirky smile before switching subjects. “How was your summer? Good, I hope.” She forced a more enthusiastic tone as she lowered to sitting on the ground with Rostbraun, leaning against him while he playfully snapped at the cats pawing at his feathers.

Jermaine Morton cocks a brow, sparing a glance with his Hippogriff. He and Rostbraun look at each other the way old friends do and when the beast gives a shake to its mighty head, it elicits a hearty chuckle out of the professor. "Well I'll pretend I never saw you-...again..."

Vix snorted softly as she spoke bravely. “Hawthorne can't force me to eat. And I've already went through this. Last year. My presence there is superfluous and my time is better spent here. Helping poor, Vix-deprived creatures like Rostbraun here, reconnect. With me. It's for the greater good, really.” She placed her head against Rost's and gave a feigned look of wide-eyed innocence before grinning. “Seriously - What happened while I was gone? First Emery, now you, with avoiding any attempt at full conversation. Does Hawthorne have a hit out on me? Are you guys trying to avoid Dementors he's sent out to hunt me down and drag me away for interrogation?” She continued using her joking tone but wondered why it did seem like people were avoiding her more than usual. Perhaps, again, she was being paranoid for no reason. Though, she did give a worried look like the Headmaster or Deputy Headmistress might have actually sent something or someone after her.

"I do not know what happened between you and this Emery boy but I was making jest. Yes? I am delighted to see you as always, Vulpecula, as is Rostbraun." Reaching out to pet the beast between the eyes with hearts in his own. His captivation for the creatures he cares for is something to be admired. Some say the kinship he feels with them is what got him the job, considering his blood status, not that he didn't get along with the students. Sparing a look at the young witch, he cocks a curious brow, "What troubles you, little one? You seem more-...antsy that usual.""

Great. She was being paranoid. She pinched the bridge of her nose, now saddened that she hadn't grabbed her muffin and apple in her most depressingly undramatic exit. She was unlike her family in that she could actually be upset without being a diva. Her family's way of mourning and tantrums were quite over the top. She was a little less subtle, but it seemed she wasn't subtle enough. “I don't want to talk about it... And I am not usually antsy.” She mentioned the last bit in the tone that a child might use when being called adorable for the millionth time that day. However, she could feel his gaze. That gaze she hated in him, in all of her professors. That kind and patient gaze, like their eyes could see that their students were in pain. Except Professor Hardwick. He was an asshole. It was this gaze that had her bawling as a child to her professors that the other kids were being mean to her.

She recalled being teased during her first class with Professor Morton by a few kids in Stark who called her a Blood Traitor for defending him. Squib or not, nobody could deny the connection she had with his wards and she admired that. It was what captivated her in class besides the animals. She admired that despite his lack of magical ability, he still seemed to have some form of unseen magic that so many Magizoologists possessed. It was always a wonder to her. She remembered many times carrying her meals and marching down to his shack, her arms full with food and books and two cats and a bag while the socially inept eleven year old attempted to make her first friend at school.

He was her first friend from Magdalena and she wasn't going to outright lie to him. She tore her gaze from his and looked down, mumbling incoherently under her breath. Not even Rostbraun understood her, nudging her, encouraging her to speak up. “My mother is dead.” And it felt so weird to say it to someone else. As if it made the truth all the more true, making the pain so much worse. She pulled her knees to her chest and refused to cry, hiding her face as her cats rubbed against her. Rostbraun rubbed his head against her too, though it caused her body to rock because he was so large. It didn't do much to make the pain any less but she appreciated the attempted comfort.

His smile falls at the mention of her grief and for a moment his heart aches for her. Watching the effervescent child he's come to know look so downtrodden elicits a kind of empathy he only usually holds for his creatures. He watches patiently as the animals do their own comforting before squatting down in front of the young witch. Placing a heavy hand on her shoulder, he keeps his voice low and says, "You have my condolensces, child." Jermaine turns to sit beside her, shooing the cats out of the way before he begins rubbing circles between her shoulder blades, "I know nothing I say could possibly make the pain go away and I won't try to understand what you're going through. We all grieve in different ways." he offers a smile, dragging her gaze up to meet his own, "Just know we're here if you ever need to get away for a while."

Eudoxia and Leotychides give haughty glares before clambering atop Rostbraun, curling up against his feathers. Vix sniffles a bit as she's gently brought to look her instructor in the eyes. She knows his words are true, as he and Magdalena's creatures have always been there for her. Still, she doesn't know how to handle death. Her great grandparents, both her grandmothers, and her father's father were all dead before she was even born. Even her maternal grandfather still lived. She had never been to a funeral before in her life and nobody had told her what procedure there was to handle such an occasion. She tried to distract herself and it didn't work. She tried to be happy but she didn't see how she could, not truly, knowing that her mother was gone forever. She certainly didn't want to talk about it.

She feared that the more she talked about it, the more people who knew, the more she would be forced to face it. Those faces of pity, the people walking on eggshells as if anything they said or did would be a trigger to upset her, the constant condolences. The funeral had been unbearable and she informed her father that she was returning to school immediately, even before Agatha was buried. She would not watch them put her mother in the ground. And she did go back. For a day or so before sneaking out. She visited her brothers and attempted to immerse herself into their lives, studying them and spending time. After a while they started bugging her too much. They understood that she didn't accept what happened.

“I don't know what to do. Ever since I was little... I was going to work with her when I graduated. Now she's.... She's not here. I don't... I don't have a purpose.” Her accent had become thicker as her voice betrayed the tears threatening to fall from her clouded eyes.

"Now I'll here none of that," he scolds, his words veiled with adoration, "Your mother wouldn't want you talking like that.[b]" Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, Jermaine brings her in, embracing her however unfamiliar he is with the gesture, "[b]You want my opinion? Work for your mother now that she's gone. Be the force that helps her memory live on."

He was right, of course he was. She closed her eyes and sighed as she leaned against him and sniffled some more. She wanted to scream and cry and break things. She wanted to hit the next person that pissed her off. She wanted to throw a tantrum. But Agatha would not be happy with such behavior. An intellectual, yes. But, Agatha raised her daughter to be a lady when called for. But wasn't this one of those times when Vix could cut up and just let everything out? Still, she still didn't want to react.

Just like talking about it, reacting just made it more real. She would bottle it all up as much as she could. Perhaps in that way she could spend her days clinging to some belief that her mother wasn't dead. But then she might end up like poor Mrs. Gralund, talking to her dead husband. Well, talking to an empty chair. She was always talking to herself and kissing the air, asking for someone to stop and take their picture. Vix didn't want to be crazy.

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#, as written by Castle

September 8th


The school year had officially begun.

After the breakfast feast, orientation started for all students. First years; or as referred to by the headmaster, ersten Jahren, made things especially hectic, but they always did. Compassion was something the staff often enforced. Students of every grade had been there before, therefore it was nobody’s job to hassle them.

A week forward, students should now have had their schedules in order, and even maybe have gotten a little more sleep in the comfort of their dorms, which were located on the upper floors, comprised of balconies and bridges stringing over the view of the entrance hall. All fashioned and lit by enchanted lanterns that glowed with orange autumn light.

It had been a rainy week, some couldn’t even recall seeing the sun once during the first days of school. Nonetheless, the alumni kept the homecoming festivities rolling, but it wasn’t long until a gloom began to settle. It wasn’t any early-winter gloom that most experienced around this time. It was hardly winter yet in Germany. Something was clearly depressing the atmosphere.

Rumors of dragon sightings began to travel. Spreading like a wildfire, every student had to have heard something by the wake of the second week. Muggles had even apparently caught sight of the supposed ”UFOs”, but unfortunately the students were left in the dark.

Eventually, the ministry had sent word to Magdalena of the recent encounters, and Professor Hawthorne publicly and personally explained to staff and students what was occurring Monday morning.

“'Professor Decimus Wendell Hawthorne,'” chuckles rose among the students as the Headmaster read aloud the statement from the Minister himself. With a grunt and a half smile of his own, the Professor continued extravagantly. “'And to all whom it may concern at Magdalena Academy of Magical Education.

“‘It is to my dismay that I inform the wizarding communities of Germany and nearby settlements about the recent sightings of Chinese dragons. I’m afraid I have no personal knowledge as to why they’ve left their country to journey as far as Europe, but we know for certain that they have become a danger to central Germany. Chinese dragons aren’t known to act up as we’ve seen this past week, attacking farms, and increasingly populated places.’” Hawthorne trailed off, dropping the letter down on the podium and tightening his jaw.

“As you all know, and it goes without saying, the school will be carrying out lockdown procedures. I understand that this isn’t how any of you would like to start your Monday, but it looks as though we haven’t got any choice.” Hawthorne leaned heavily down upon the neatly engraved podium. It was true, he never liked laying down bad news, but it was not in his nature to sugarcoat subjects like this. “This means herbology, and other outdoor classes, will be heavily supervised, and dungeons will be utilized if those dragons come too close for comfort.”

The Headmaster, gazed down at the letter that sat before him, but he only nodded as if just agreeing with his decisions. “So, all that is left to say is enjoy your breakfast.” His tone defaulted to that of more positivity, and he turned to take his seat, leaving the students to their own thoughts.

With that, the second week had begun, and it wasn’t shaping out to be a good one.