Jokull Skadisson

A scion from an ancient clan

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Name: "I am Jokull Skadisson, you may call me Jack if you wish."

Age: "As an elemental, I am quite old, around 200 in fact."

Gender: "I am a male."

Species: "I am an ice golem from the house of Ymir."



Eyes: Ice Blue

Hair: Snow White

Height: 6'1

Weight: 196 lbs

Personality: Jacks is similar to Winter when it comes to personality, being as gentle as snow or as harsh as a blizzard.

He is usually calm and collected, being very articulate and precise in his speech. He would rather observe, make a plan, and act instead of winging it but, there are always times when making a plan just isn't an option. When angered, he flies into battle, his anger usually be centered on one person. The cause of his anger would be someone who hurt one his friends, in that case he will go after that one person and prisoners won't be on his mind.

He has no real desire to be the leader of his group of friends, as long as he is heard, he is content. That being said, if his opinion doesn't matter at all, he won't stay with that group.

His opinion on the current state of things between humans and monsters is simple. It needs to change. While he does acknowledge that not all humans are evil, he finds it equally true that most humans just don't care at all. Most monster's rebellions tend to blame humanity as a whole so he avoid becoming involved in attempted revolutions. If monsters have a rebellion that would be focused on the human's government and ignore the general populace he would consider joining.


Senseless violence
The lack of equality

Powers : Being an ice elemental, Jokull has the ability to generate and manipulate ice. He is capable of generating objects such as swords or making snow or small blizzards. This power also comes with a natural weakness to the heat.

History: Jokull was born into the house of Ymir, a clan of ice golems that was well known as powerful warriors fighting for the equality of monsters. The clan was destroyed during the first human-monster war, including his own parents. Due to his young age he wasn't involved in the war and survived. He was fortunate enough that he was left an amount of money that allowed him to survive until he could take care of himself. A downside to being from a well known clan that fought for the monsters is that other monsters expect him to follow the path of the rest of his clan, getting annoyed with his usual refusal to participate in a revolution.

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Jokull yawned as he tried got out of bed and left to take a cold shower, the TV that he had left on spouted meaningless babble about people he'd never meet or things that he would never see. Sometimes monsters became the topic on talk shows talking about how dangerous they were. On rare occasions someone will attempt to reason for equality for monsters with their reasoning, whatever it may be, falling on deaf ears. In his opinion, this unfairness was preferable to the wars of old where nobody really won.

After finishing he morning ritual of a cold shower, brushing his teeth and combing his hair, he dressed in a pair of jeans, a blue T-shirt, and black running shoes. He liked to take a morning walk through the woods near the ghetto just to clear his head. Besides, you never know who you might meet while walking around near a monster filled ghetto.