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Kalo Hower

"I will break you"

0 · 614 views · located in Pokke Village

a character in “Monster Hunter: Legacy”, as played by Ark Reahver


Name: Kalo Hower
Ethnicity:Native American
Height-Weight-Build: 6" - 203lbs - Strong & athletic
Image or Physical Description:Image

Lean and toned her body is a machine of power and efficiency. Since she was a little girl she began to prepare herself for when she would become a hunter. Her skin is tan and flawless yet to be scarred by a dangerous beast. She hopes that when she get's a scar it will be in an honorable battle, a trophy and a reminder of her hunt. Her hair is a silvery color one that is not entirely unusual among her people.
Her eyes are a deep blue color similar to the sky after the sun has set, but it;s light still lingers in the sky.

Personality Archetype: Berserker Guardian
Personality Overveiw: She is stubborn and strong headed. Obsessed with seeking new strength and agility she spends her time preparing her body and mind for her next hunt. She sees laziness as a sign of weakness and rarely does she spend time with people. Somewhat reclusive and antisocial because of her highly volatile anger. She has a habit of insulting other hunters when she sees them slack off or when they show signs of ignorance. She mean well by it hoping that she can pass some of the little knowledge she has onto others. That being said she acknowledges the fact that she is still very green when it comes to being a hunter and doesn't enjoy being outdone, causing her to sometimes charge into battle with reckless abandon.
Greatest Monster Encountered:Ludroth
Most Memorable Kill: Slew a pack of Velociprey by herself, it was her first hunt and she was only supposed to kill a few that had been attacking some traders that came into town. She then discovered a large family of them was responsible she charged into their cave her axe ready for it's first taste of blood. She emerged bruised and tired but nonetheless victorious.

Mastered Weapon Style: Switch Axe
Current Weapon: Yukumo Switch Axe (slightly better version of starting weapon)
Current Armor:Hunter Armor
Combat Tactics: Focuses almost solely on attacking her target as quickly and forcefully as possible. At one point she will use phials to afflict status ailments.
Usual Equipment: She's not one for tactical approaches, so her equipment consists of mostly potions and food. When looking for more difficult target's she usually makes the other hunters carry the special equipment.

Brief History: Her life has been one long and strenuous sprint for the title of monster hunter. Following such a strict training regimen isolated her from most kids and she never learned how to make friends easily. Her mother died at an early age and her father has been her main supporter in becoming a hunter. Once a skilled monster killer himself he taught his girl everything he knew. Kalo was left heartbroken after her father passed away when she first became a hunter, angry that she couldn't do anything she became reckless and violent. Her one focus became finding a way to vent all her rage and it led her to become the powerhouse she is today.

So begins...

Kalo Hower's Story