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Xander Wolfe

Ive hunted everything, it seems the universe wants to try again.

0 · 158 views · located in Colonial planet c7

a character in “Monster Hunting in Barren Landscapes”, as played by Raykon23


mandatory information
Appearance black hair shaved in a Mohawk and a muscular build a scar crosses the right side of his head.
Equipment and combat capabilities: Athletic, and fast. cloaked and hooded in camo colored clothing carries a single shot hunting rifle he can use proficiently with deadly aim

optional information
Name: Xander Wolfe
Exact age: 34
height 6 feet even
Gender: male
Personality: Calm, cool. Quiet, not easily intimidated
History: Has been hunting since the age of sixteen. Xander has been taught from the best. His first lessons came from his late father, who taught him everything from holding a gun to cleaning and dressing game as large as a small bear. His shooting technique was perfected in the military where he became a talented shot, and a talented hand to hand fighter. Xander is a very experienced hunter, but even still, he is as human as any other.

So begins...

Xander Wolfe's Story

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Xander knew two things, he was thirsty and the behavioral patterns of the Phyn meant they were always close to water. Xander had also noticed that as he began to field dress what few Phyn he could find whole enough to get anything good, he began to see a vision in his head. At random intervals the image of a brain had popped into his head. Xander ignored it for the most part, must be hallucinations, he was hungry, thirsty, and very nervous to be out in the open. Xander kept just calm enough to field dress the dead Phyn. But he was looking over his shoulder, he knew that a predator never strayed far from a fresh kill. If it moves away it usually waits to see if scavengers will come, maybe kill them as a bit of bonus chow. Xander was always the predator, never the prey, or a lowly scavenger. Now he felt like both as he scrambled around, trying to be as quiet and sneaky as possible.

Xander kept himself calm by studying the phyn's body. He'd studied quite a bit about their behavioral habits, but he'd only dabbled in their anatomy. He studied their vitals, ensuring he'd always aim and hit the kill shot. This was the first time he'd really seen one, and he knew this was only one in a larger amount of shapes and sizes. As he'd observed before, these had tentacles, green, and long. The tentacles had long budded ends, as if they were to bloom into flowers. Xander contemplated this possibility, there was no plant life on this planet at all. Suddenly the image of the brain had flashed in his head again, "dammit, I need to eat soon, and find water." He took a deep breath, he felt what he'd assumed was adrenaline kicking in. He was tired at first, he'd hit his head somewhere during the fall that'd knock the energy right out of him. But now suddenly his energy was back and he no longer felt tired.

Xander finally finished his last Phyn, "I'm not even gonna attempt to look for more." He'd put the meat into his pack, and stood up. He recalled where the Phyn were headed, they'd made their way east so water had to be that way, and possibly shelter. The sandstorm had also made it's way east, so Xander contemplated this a moment, "I need water, I guess I need to risk it." Xander took a moment to think to himself, "I wonder how many more survived the attack." he looked east, "I guess they'd be searching for water to."

Xander sighed and started east, but before he could leave the image returned. This time however it flashed, and his head began to hurt. Xander tried to fight it but he knew the image was telling him something. He looked over to find a Phyn, head half torn off, revealing a small brain inside the skull. Xander wasted no time, he scooped it up and put into his pack with the meat. Xander would worry about what to do with it later, right now he needed to walk. So he walked.

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Character Portrait: Xander Wolfe
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Xander felt as though he'd injected himself with some sort of anti depressant. He just walked three miles and wasn't even feeling out of breath. Xander had spotted a couple small figures of phyn on the way, but he was not about to waste his one shot on small game. especially with a lurking predator. Xander stepped through a small trail and let out a relieved cry, water. It wasn't a large pool of water, but it was enough to support amphibious phynn, therefore was enough to drink

Xander stumbled over to the pool. He stuck is head into the pool and took a big drink. Falling back in relief Xander took a big breath. He stood up and looked around. It was a clear basin. Only one way in and out as far as Xander could see. Xander put his back to a wall and laid his head back. "Ill wait for someone to come here, then I'll figure this out."