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You know the world has hideous, horrible things hiding in the shadows. You know because you’re one of them. There’s wickedness that dwells within your chest, darkness that courses through your veins.

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Most teenagers get to grow up without encountering anything scarier than gang violence, drug overdoses and chlamydia. They think that’s the worst that the world has to offer them, and they have the luxury of laughing.

You don’t have the luxury of laughing. You know the world has hideous, horrible things hiding in the shadows. You know because you’re one of them. There’s wickedness that dwells within your chest, darkness that courses through your veins.

Most teenagers will never know that things like you exist, the secret monsterhearts.

it’s a story game about supernatural romance and teenage desperation. Vampires, werewolves, witches: they dream and suffer among us. It’s unclear whether they can live among normal people, and whether their wicked hearts can be redeemed. When you play Monsterhearts, you become one of these teenage monsters. You explore their secrets and fears. You bring them to life.

You play because the characters are sexy and broken. You play because teen sexuality is awkward and magnetic, which means it makes for brilliant stories. You play because despite themselves, despite the world they live in, despite their fangs and their bartered souls and their boiling cauldrons, these aren’t just monsters. They’re burgeoning adults, trying to meet their needs. They’re who we used to be - who we still are sometimes. You play to get lost, and to remember.

1. First, this game involve dice rolling which means when you will choose a character ('skin' as called in this game) we will organize a time and date to meet on the chat here or google hangout. I prefer doing like this which makes more chance the RP won't die. Warning: I am from Europe so times will fit more European people than USA, but USA people is invited to join as well!

2. When you choose a Skin, reserve it in the OOC section with an FC (real people pictures only!), name, look and origin picked from the selection. [password: your favorite supernatural tv-show].

3. Disclaimer: This RP is rated R. It will have violence, sex and graphic descriptions. You have been warned!

4. When reserving a character show its FC, the name, look and origin and password. Missing information will be ignored.


1. The Chosen:
The world needs you. It needs someone brave enough to walk blindly into the darkness, and to shine a light for all the lost souls out there. They need a champion. They can’t do it alone. There’s just that one nagging worry, the one that rears its head at the worst possible moments: what if you’re not good enough?
Names: Ajani, Ariel, Caleb, Dominic, Gabriel, Jackson, Morgan, Raidah, Susie, Victoria [choose one]
Look: strong, stubborn, average, bitter, outcast, anxious [choose one]
unwavering eyes, disquieting eyes, radiant eyes, wounded eyes, blue eyes [choose one]
Origin: destined, marked by trauma, marked by the supernatural, soul survivor, doing what’s necessary [choose one]

2. The Fae:
At the edges of this world, just beyond the veil, there are colours that few mortals even dream of. Beauty enough to shatter any heart. The Fae live and breathe at the edges of this world. They keep a dusting of that magic tucked behind their ears, just in case. And the Fae are willing to share. They’re nothing if not generous, asking for only one thing in return. A promise. Keep it, and the true beauty of the world will be revealed. Break it, and feel the wrath of faery vengeance.
Names: Anders, Aurora, Crow, Gail, Harmony, Iris, Lilith, Ping, Selene, Sienna, Walthus [choose one]
Look: dainty, girlish, gaunt, mysterious, disheveled [choose one]
quick eyes, lyrical eyes, mesmerizing eyes, laughing eyes, piercing eyes [choose one]
Origin: fae born, fae blooded, adopted, touched with the gift, stole the gift [choose one]

3. The ghost:
Ghosty ghost. You're dead.
Names: Alastor, Avira, Catherine, Daniel, Kara, Lenora, Orville, Rufus, Spencer, Tien [choose one]
Look: Forlorn, meek, distant, stuffy, out of place, brooding [choose one]
Hollow eyes, dull eyes, unnerving eyes, piercing eyes, pained eyes [choose one]
Origin: Murdered in cold blood, murdered in hot passion, left to die, tragic accident, a confused death

4. The Ghoul:
Death changed you. It took away your contemplative joy, it dulled your senses, and it left you impossibly hungry. That hunger is always with you, like a hum in your ears that swells and crescendos until you can’t hear anything else. Unattended, it will come to dominate you - but feeding it may be just as bad. There is a certain beauty to what you’ve become. Your gaunt body, its unnatural form - it draws people in. Your stark disinterest seems exotic. But underneath that disaffected presentation - the hunger, the hunger.
Names: Akuji, Cage, Cole, Georgia, Horace, Iggy, Mara, Morrigan, Silas, Sharona, Victor, Zed [choose one]
Look: gaunt, striking, thin, stiff, disfigured [choose one]
hollow eyes, quiet eyes, calculating eyes, harsh eyes, hungry eyes [choose one]
Origin: resurrected, constructed, disturbed, rejected, sent [choose one]

5. The infernal:
At first, it seemed innocent. It gave you things, made you feel good about yourself. You came to it with your problems, and it fixed them. When you asked how you could return the favor, it told you to be patient - that all debts would be settled in due time. That was the first time you heard it mention debts. You’ve got Satan as your corner-man, or a demon in your brain. Or maybe the stars glow just for you. Regardless, you owe a debt to something much bigger and scarier than you’ll ever be.
Name: Baron, Cain, Chloe, Damien, Logan, Mark, Mika, Omar, Ophelia, Poe, Yoanna [choose one]
Look: distant, quiet, anxious, tense, frantic, vicious [choose one]
empty eyes, calculating eyes, burning eyes, flickering eyes, piercing eyes [choose one]
Origin: bartered soul, last-chancer, returned, emissary, legion, lackey, chosen

6. The mortal:
None of them would understand. What you have here, in this dark and secret place, it’s beautiful. They’d warn you that this sort of beauty is dangerous, like a raging fire. Well some things are worth getting burned for. Love has eclipsed all hope. And the dark has left you feeling beautiful.
Name: Anne, Carla, Deirdre, James, Jonathan, Leena, Patrick, Robin, Shen, Timothy, Wendy [choose one]
Look: quiet, desperate, awkward, beautiful, displaced [choose one]
doe eyes, sad eyes, darting eyes, nervous eyes, human eyes [choose one]
Origin: new kid in town, kid next door, your barista, someone’s girlfriend, someone’s boyfriend, nobody [choose one]

7. The Queen:
You’re one of the special ones. A sovereign beauty. You deserve more than the rest of this wretched world does. You deserve the will and worship of those around you. And it’s not only because you’re better than them. It’s because you make them better. Strong, beautiful, complete. They’d be nothing without you.
Name: Burton, Brittany, Cordelia, Drake, Jacqueline, Kimball, Raymond, Reyes, Varun, Veronica [choose one]
Look: stunning, domineering, icy, stuck up [choose one]
calculating eyes, captivating eyes, brooding eyes, murky eyes, vacant eyes [choose one]
Origin: most popular kid in school, most dangerous person around, occult leader, firstborn of the hive mind, source of the infection [choose one]

8. The vampire:
You are beauty eternal. You are the darkness that everyone wants to taste, but no one wants to understand. It’s there in your eyes, your carefully-chosen words, and your every gesture: you no longer have a soul. Some vampire revel in that fact, their afterlife a tapestry of exsanguination and hedonism. Others hate the evil in their skin, solemnly vowing to a chaste and lonely existence. Either way, someone suffers. The choice is yours.
Name: Amanda, Cassius, Clayton, Helene, Isaiah, Jessamine, Jong, Lucian, Marcell, Morana, Serina [choose one]
Look: intense, aloof, pale, predatory, smoldering, old-fashioned [choose one]
dead eyes, hungry eyes, thirsty eyes, lusty eyes, pained eyes [choose one]
Origin: newly reborn, old by human terms, taken this century, many ages old, maker, lord [choose one]

9. The werewolf:
Everyone around you seems so willing to play the roles they are handed, to quietly colour within the lines. They’ve been tamed, domesticated. You’re of a different stock. You’ve broken down the fence built to contain you. You’ve howled at the moon, and heard it howl back. The transformation is complete. This is what you were always meant to be. Wild. Unwavering. Alive.
Name: Cassidy, Candika, Flinch, Levi, Margot, Lorrie, Luna, Peter, Tucker, Zachary
Look: Primal, unkempt, lunatic, wiry, rugged, feisty [choose one]
Fierce eyes, savage eyes, cunning eyes, predatory eyes, wolf eyes [choose one]
Origin: Born a wolf, raised by wolves, ancestral power, awoken, bitten, favored by the moon [choose one]

10. The witch: [RESERVED]
In every lock of hair, every furtive glance, every secret note that transfers hands during history class – there is an invitation. An invitation to be fucked with. Not that witchcraft is about fucking with others, exactly, but it’s hard not to notice how utterly malleable the world is, once you know a thing or two about magick. Of course, a good witch like you knows restraint. A good witch turns a blind eye to all those invitations, and doesn’t think about how sweet vengeance and control might be. A good witch is above that sort of thing. At least, most of the time.
Name: Abrielle, Annalee, Cordelia, Darius, Evelyn, Gerard, Lucca, Merrill, Sabrina, Vanessa [choose one]
Look: lithe, guarded, coy, edgy, brooding [choose one]
calculating eyes, sinister eyes, playful eyes, smirking eyes, deep eyes [choose one]
Origin: voodoun, wiccan, shamanic, dabbler, gifted, awoken [choose one]

Note: If none of the names you like you can have other names, but make it fit the role. Think of it as we making our own supernatural tv show.

Second note: For moves and stats we will be doing when we meet online.

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Re: MonsterHearts

I just remembered I haven't send in the password! I'm very sorry about that. ^^" I did really read the rules, I just forgot to send it. Sorry! But thanks for the name change. :D The password: My favorite supernatural show is probably the Vampire Diaries. Actually, I don't really like it that much but it's the only supernatural show I watch. I would say Doctor Who if it wasn't a Sci-Fi show, they have a scientific explanation for almost everything! XD

Re: MonsterHearts

That is very good! The witch is reserved for you.
1. Name can be change, Cipher is a good name.
2. You can fill in her hobbies, personality, etc. The character creation with stats and moves (witch's power ) will be when we meet online.

Re: MonsterHearts

Great, and thank you!
Name: Evelyn Cipher
Look: Guarded; deep eyes.
Origin: Gifted
FC (FaceClaim): Elle Fanning

I actually have a whole Application ready to fill in if you want me too. With (dis)likes, hobbies, personality, that kind of stuff. Also, I was wondering if I could change the name 'Evelyn' to 'Cipher'. I put it as surname now because in my eyes it can make up for both but if I can the full name will most likely be 'Cipher Yates'. That's kind of my go-to name for the characters I make when I RP on other sites. ^^

Re: MonsterHearts

Hi and welcome! First you will reserpive a character from the list, pick a picture that represent him and show it here. Than pick a name, look and origin as told on the main page. After we get a few people making characters, we need at least three, than we can meet on chat or google hangout.
I hope it helps, ask away if you need more info. I am also a bit new in forming a game but I am good in 'Monsterhearts'.

Re: MonsterHearts

Hello! I was wondering if I could join this RP, I would have just dived into making a character but you said you wanted to talk on the chat or on Google Hangout first. I'm very sorry if you didn't actually meant that but I'm quite new to this, this being the site itself, and I don't really know how everything goes around and happens here.


For reservations, questions and planning.