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Since the dawn of mankind, humans have feared and hunted monsters. Chasing them down, protecting the weak and innocent from their wrath, and generally, killing them.

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Character Portrait: Gaia Trulove

"Oh, come on, love. There's no fun if you don't play."

Character Portrait: Jayde Avedon

Don't believe everything you're told.

Character Portrait: Calum Tsukimura

"If you tell me I'm being 'cold', I'm obligated to hit you."

Character Portrait: Nathaniel Holter

"I've tried putting myself in the shoes of the monsters I hunt, but I just can't picture how to be so blood-hungry and cold-blooded.

Character Portrait: Kyle Langley

"Perspective changes everything, but reality changes nothing."

Character Portrait: Ashling Jacynth

"I rarely cause nightmares, I usually eat them. It's just... everyone only remembers the few bad dreams and deaths we cause, not the many we prevent."

Character Portrait: Victor

"I Am No One's Adam..."

Character Portrait: Jared Harrows

Character Portrait: Artemis Carey

"Sorry, but the hatred I feel for your kind can't be expressed in a second language."

Character Portrait: Nicole Harrington

Character Portrait: Anthony / Antoinette Lev'ian

Incubus/ succubus