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Brienne Tenebris

"Oh, to be human..."

0 · 249 views · located in Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania

a character in “Monstrum's Asylum for Developing Monsters”, as played by Lord General


Brienne Tenebris

Race: Bogeyman
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: 7'9"
Weight: 215lb

Can Use Magic: N
Racial Abilities:
  • Brienne can sustain herself in the absence of normal food by feeding off of negative emotional energy, the strongest and most energizing of which being fear.
  • Brienne is immune to conventional weapons, but is highly photosensitive. In direct sunlight, she can and will combust.
  • Due to her unique alternative diet, Brienne has extreme empathic abilities, able to sense the mood of those around her.
  • Brienne may use any bed or closet as gateways to another bed or closet. She may take passengers with her.
  • Brienne may shift between her human and monstrous form quite easily, though doing so requires a lot of energy. In this form, she is unkillable.
Brienne has lived her entire life training with her family to become the next bump in the night. She has spent countless nights hiding under beds and scaring children into therapy sessions and feeding off of their fear. One night, while she was with her brother, she found a child that was a bit preoccupied with something else, something more terrifying than her.

Once she saw the familial abuse, she vowed that she wouldn't be hunting any more children in the night. Instead, she convinced her family to send her to Monstrum's, a place where she could learn to act human instead.

So begins...

Brienne Tenebris's Story

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The sound of rolling wheels broke the ominous silence across the road which connected the town to the school as two black cars were carefully driven in the school's direction. The windows were tinted black to hide the personnel which occupied the vehicles, all of which were dressed in military uniform and equipped with automatic rifles, except for one. Dressed in his usual attire of a formal waistcoat and blue tie, sitting straight in a back seat beside a door.

As the open front gate came into view, the cars stopped, their drivers sat anxiously, gripping the wheel in pure fear as they looked around the area in anticipation, as if expecting something. A radio jumped into life as one driver contacted the other; "Fuck this, we're gonna wait back down in the town." The driver spoke before quickly making a U-turn to escape back down the mountain. "Wait-" the other replied, only to realise that they were too late.
A few moments passed which seemed like hours, everyone seemed too scared to even leave the 'comfort' of the car. Until the sound of an opening door broke the silence; Kyle exited the vehicle without hesitation, standing straight with his hands stuffed in his pockets as his uncovered eye surveyed the structure of the school.
"What a strange place to host a school..." He stated, "Although, it does make sense to hide it here. Given the students this place houses.
"Oi, don't you go off alone, we need to keep an eye on you until you get inside." The single high ranking officer ordered as he also left the vehicle from the passenger seat. His words were strong, as he showed some kind of resistance against the horrorfield. However, his expression stated otherwise, his gun was gripped tightly as his body slightly trembled in fear, his face showed irritation, as if he had never felt this level of fear before.
"Y'know, it's insulting to be grouped up with these guys. Aren't I supposed to be some kind of weapon?" Kyle continued, ignoring the general's words as a gunshot quickly sounded.

One of the low class privates had committed suicide out of pure fear, on their first mission too. This action quickly heightened the anticipation and anxiety of the rest, except for Kyle, who paid no heed to these actions. "So. We're gonna go in or not?" He questioned, already bored of standing outside,
The rest of the personnel glanced at each other, reluctant to go, but they had to. Finally, a second soldier stepped out of the vehicle, trembling greatly as he pointed his gun toward Kyle, signalling for him to start moving, escorting him into the school itself and toward registry.

Of course, the closer the two got, the more fear they felt. The general kept muttering words to himself, ranting about the current mission, hoping things would go slowly before he too falls under the madness of suicide.
After a time which really shouldn't be as long as it was, the three had finally made it to the main entrance. The two soldiers stood in great fear as they pushed Kyle closer, signalling for him to enter as they readied to leave. "Alright, alright. I'm going in, you two can run off like the pussies you are." Kyle sighed as he opened the large, onyx door, entering the building swiftly. Of course, as soon as the door closed, the two guards retreated. Running as fast as they could and jumping into their vehicle as it started up and left the scene as fast as it could.

Now inside, Kyle could see how well the school was built. It seemed a bit too fancy for his liking, after all, he was born and raised within a laboratory environment. The carpet was soft, too soft, against Kyle's feet. His footsteps made hardly any sound as he wondered through the main entrance hall, it was a nice sound. Something he had never heard before, it was still loud when taken in by his overly sensitive ears, but didn't cause any stress to his hearing like the hard ground of the lab. "I could get used to this

The area he needed to get to came into sight, registration. There already seemed to be someone at the desk, talking to the registrar about meeting some 'Monstrum Waylan'. Ah, right, that was the head master. Kyle was already informed about what he needed to do after entry; Meet the head master, talk about his course, start learning. Of course, Mr. Waylan should already be informed about his arrival from the government, which would make life much easier. And so, Kyle's walking came to a stop behind the girl, waiting patiently in line -just as he was taught- before he could also present himself to meet the head master.

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"Yeah, Kyle McLoughton." Kyle finished his words with the registrar after the woman in front had finished and proceeded to wonder around the waiting area. She said exactly the same thing as she did to the woman after all, something about a free period and the location of the headmaster's office on the map. Things would be much easier if there was even a map to begin with. However, it seemed rude to interrupt the registrar once more for an enquiry on where one could find a map, only for the bitch to point out it was under his nose. No, that'd be too embarrassing, not for a refined 'human' such as Kyle.

And that was when the woman had spoke out in general; "Er... a-is anyone gonna eat this...?", of course her followed actions made it obvious that she didn't need an answer as she proceeded to drag the man's body away. That's a bit disrespectful, that guy was a good man, joined the special forces because of his family tradition and all. This bitch can't just disappear and eat the guy, no matter what race she is.

"Excuse me, Miss." Kyle called out to the woman before giving a small pause, thinking about what he was planning on doing. Would it be considered ungentlemanly to disturb someone when collecting 'food' in some cultures of monster? He can't just point out that eating that guy is disrespectful, that would be hypocritical. Instead, Kyle proceeded to pull one of his hands out of his pocket, allowing him to cough into his fist before righting his blue tie and the strap of the large case he carried on his back [continuity error dammit, forgot to mention this in my previous post]. "I don't suppose you know how one can reach the headmaster's office?"

After several attempts of fixing the disturbed footprint, Imdius decided that his artwork of 'dickbutt' was a good enough replacement before returning back to his workplace. He still had a large amount of time before his teaching begins, and Waylen seemed to show some signs of 'I wanna talk to you'. Or perhaps it was the convenient sneeze one has when others are talking of them, and who else to talk smack about Imdius than Waylen Monstrum himself. After all, he's the only guy who has the balls to talk smack about Imdius in the first place.

And so, Imdius made another teleportation trip towards Monstrum's academy, after paying a visit to McDonalds to pick up a couple meals. It was just in time too, the student council had just been dismissed by the headmaster, leaving him alone in his office once again. And just like before, Imdius suddenly appeared in one of the chairs in the blink of an eye. Smiling casually as he placed the two McDonald's bags on Waylen's desk. "Yo, I got some time to kill, thought I'd come chill." He spoke out as he lit yet another cigarette with his finger fire, allowing his body to slump back in the chair, his leg held across the other knee with one arm hanging over the back of the chair. He was even kind enough to point the cigarette back towards Waylen, one poked out further than the others to allow him to easily pull it out. "What'd you think of the little shits I chose?"

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Imdius listened to the headmaster's words, chuckling to himself as he described the student council members, only for his smile to fall as the head master sighed. His face fell even further as orders were thrown towards the carefree demon, his eyebrows furrowed as his mouth fell to an eccentric saddened state. "What the fuck? I ain't doing shit like that you little-" Imdius' words were quickly silenced as Walyan placed the contract on the desk, signed and all. Shit. Now Imdius has to be the bitch of the school in exchange for a ton of souls stored throughout the campus. At least it's an easy way to get souls...

Without a word, Imdius quickly stood from his chair. A fake smile plastered across his face as he spoke his words through spiteful teeth; "Whatever you say."
With that, he disappeared, reappearing within 50 seconds with everything Waylan had ordered, placing them kindly on the table before picking up his McDonald's and taking a bite into the happy meal.

The strange girl stopped in her tracks, pretending to wipe her brow as she turned to face Kyle. At least he managed to stop her, but how in hell would he manage to save the body? Of course, she was coming up with some annoying excuses of skipping breakfast, but at least she was also going to the headmaster. Kyle now has to turn this situation into killing two birds with one stone...

"That's great to hear, madam." Kyle stated, his face emotionless as his words were spoken in monotone. Perhaps this was a time to smile?
"I don't think it's healthy to eat that man. Especially for breakfast." Finally, it makes sense and doesn't suggest that Kyle's hurt by the scene. Perhaps it also shows off his gentlemanly nature, seeing as he attempted to sound like he cared.

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Character Portrait: Aiko "The Doll" Nozaki Character Portrait: Imdius Character Portrait: Headmaster Waylan Monstrum Character Portrait: Brienne Tenebris Character Portrait: Kyle McLoughton
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Imdius clicked his tongue at Waylen's orders, he seemed to have grown a sudden dislike towards the headmaster. Although, he never expected him to sign the contract so freely. The man always seemed to be someone which was high on pride, refusing to sell his soul to a demon, even if it's just to order him around. This contract basically threw every kind of messing around with the headmaster out of the window, effectively making Imdius' life much more boring. Now he could only mess with the students and other teachers. Oh yeah, Sen, he's a good start for venting his anger...
With a smile, Imdius complied, nodding without a word as he left the room with a smirk.

Before leaving, Imdius noticed the doll standing at the doorway, waiting for the two's talk to finish so she could talk with the headmaster. Cute, she's such a kind and caring person for waiting patiently... Kinda.
"Looks like she's already here!" Imdius stated as he patted Aiko on the shoulder, giving a stance of 'Fucking save me please' as he walked by. Heading into the hallways to mess with the first student he comes into contact with.

Kyle nodded with approval at the girl's actions, finally, she understood. Well, not really understood, but she was convinced not to mutilate this man's body. It's still something. However, her words quickly stabbed Kyle in the chest, she had beaten the gentleman to offering to grab some tea. That was his job, he can't just let the woman do the deciding, that's just not gentlemanly.
Showing a face of disappointment and objecting is even worse though, so instead, he smiled a nice warm fake smile. Turning around on his heels as he moved his arms behind his back. "Certainly, I would be honoured to go grab some tea with such a gorgeous woman like you." He replied, silently celebrating that he managed to repeat the words of a spy movie he had seen in the lab. This line was certainly the words of a gentleman, there's no way it could fail.