Heidi Blackwell

I just don't want to look back on my life and regret it.

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Heidi Ann Blackwell



Waitress at local dinner

Heidi was born in raised in the small town of Elderbrook. Her father passed away when she was a young girl and her mother was left to raise her and her older brother. Her mother did everything she could to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. Heidi’s brother wasn’t exactly helpful and he became a rebellious teenager, though he kept a close watch on his sister. Heidi graduated high school and had dreams of going to college to become a writer. But, due to her mother becoming ill Heidi had to give up her dream and start work at the small dinner in town. All her money goes to her mother’s doctor bills as well as regular household bills.


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Heidi Blackwell's Story

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Heidi took an older couples order smile plastered on her light pink lips like always, she was everyone’s favorite waitress. She knew all the regulars and what they liked to order. She made her way back behind the counter.

“Order up” she said sliding it through the little window that lead to the kitchen. She glanced outside, the sky seemed dark and gloomy, which made her sigh. Her car was barley drivable, not to mention the heater didn’t work. She wasn’t looking forward to the drive home She glanced to the door seeing one of the other girls coming in, glancing to the clock she realized her shift was already over.

“Hey Heidi” the young girl smiled she was still in high school. “Hey Clair, you going to be okay by yourself, I can always pull a double.” She offered the girl. “No, I’ll be fine it’s going to be a slow night, have you seen the weather.” She laughed.

Heidi slide into the front seat of her rusty, old truck and after a few moments of trying to start the car, the engine finally turned over and her loud engine roared to life. She backed out of the parking lot and she was on her way home, unfortunately it would take a bit longer then she expected as she hit some kind of traffic jam. The dinner she worked at was technically truck stop that sat right on the outskirts of Elderbrook.

“Perfect she breathed as she waited for the traffic to move. After a moment there was a loud crash as something fell on top the officer at the front of the traffic, blood and chunks of brain matter flying everywhere. Heidi’s hands flew to her mouth “Oh my god.” She breathed as she started to freak out a bit, though trying to keep her composer. Moments later large pods started to fall from the sky. She glanced around her as other cars were hit, thankfully she had been spared for the moment. “What the hell is going on?” she said in complete shock, kind of wishing she had just stayed at work.