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Earth, in the fictional town of Elderbrook


a part of Month Of Midnight, by Manio.

A small, quaint village. The main event happens in Elderbrook.

Manio holds sovereignty over Earth, in the fictional town of Elderbrook, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Earth, in the fictional town of Elderbrook

A small, quaint village. The main event happens in Elderbrook.


Earth, in the fictional town of Elderbrook is a part of Month Of Midnight.

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Clarke Silverthorn [3] I'm kind of a nerd, and drive a pretty sweet car.
Danielle Adelaide [3] I just wanted to get the hell out of this town
Haze Knight [2] "This could be fun."
Luke Hicks [1] I'm just trying to do the right thing here.
Thomas Langdon [1] Nobody better get in my way.
Heidi Blackwell [1] I just don't want to look back on my life and regret it.
Kat Lawless [0] Bet this is just some Orson Welles shit but it's sure gonna make my Career!
Bravery Wilton [0] Is this how the world is going to end?

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Character Portrait: Clarke Silverthorn

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#, as written by Manio
Clarke drove down the highway, with the stereo blasting inside he interior of the '67 Chevy Impala. He loved this car. An inheritance from his uncle when he passed, and really the only family member who had given Clarke the time of day. They used to go fishing, hunting, and used to do so much things together, but sadly that all stopped when he passed away earlier that year leaving Clarke utterly alone once again in Elderbrook.

He continued bustling down the highway, tapping his hands on the steering wheel. Just a few more minutes and he'd back in Elderbrook, and sitting inside his apartment. He had it all thought out for this weekend. He'd crack open a beer, sit down on the couch, and watch the game. Sure, it wasn't an eventful weekend but there weren't any clients this weekend, and he claimed it would be a "sit down, and get drunk as hell" weekend. Which was the usual when he didn't have to worry about work, or the everyday stress of life. To say he was an alcoholic would be a little far, he just enjoyed his alcohol. He could handle it too, and not be turned into a blubbery mess once he had a few beers in him.

"Oh, now what." He exclaimed as he had to stop the car at a roadblock just outside of town. Great, another inconvenience to get between him and beer time. There were numerous vehicles stopped, and people were yelling out their windows at the police officer who had traffic stalled.

Sighing, Clarke leaned his head back and closed his eyes. It would all be over soon, then he could crack open that beer. That was his highlight. He craved it.

Merely a few moments later, a weird buzzing sound erupted out of nowhere, something came zooming down from the sky and hit the officer right on top of the head, bursting it like a watermelon and spraying the contents of his skull all over the road, and the couple of cars in-front of Clarke. His eyes snapped open, and he looked outside to see the cop lying motionless on the pavement, with brain matter, and bits of skull splashed all over the road and on a few of the cars.

His mind racing with a million thoughts per minute was cut short by the radio cutting over to an emergency broadcast that seemed to be broadcasting from all channels, which he found out by surfing through the channels. Something big must have happened, something bad.

The voice on the radio seemed panicked, and his voice cracked once every few words. "Thi-this just in. Reports of damage, and death have been coming in over the last few minutes. Nothing is certain, but the cause seems to be coming from the sky." The host paused for a few moments to clear his throat.

From the sky? The initial thought that came to Clarke's mind was debris from an asteroid. Seemed like the most likely cause. That seemed to calm him a bit thinking that. Nothing military, no radiation. Just space debris. Shame that cop got hit though.

"Reports have also indicated that the objects are green pods. Nothing concrete is known about these objects just yet, other than they're green, and roughly the size of basketballs. We're assuming they're some sort of space debris. We'll keep you updated as more reports come in, and more information comes to our attention." And with that, the radio cut it's broadcast.

Just as the broadcast finished, more and more of those pod-like objects began falling from the sky all over Elderbrook. Clarke watched from the safetey, and comfort from the car as the pods crashed into buildings, and made small, impact craters in the nearby grass, and fields around him. His heart was beating, and his mind racing. He could feel sweat forming on his brow, and people were already driving off through the roadblock, and over the cops' body mangling it even more.

"Jesus chri--." His sentence was cut off as another pod landed on the hood of the car, and blew the windshield out, coating him in shards of glass.

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Character Portrait: Heidi Blackwell

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Heidi took an older couples order smile plastered on her light pink lips like always, she was everyone’s favorite waitress. She knew all the regulars and what they liked to order. She made her way back behind the counter.

“Order up” she said sliding it through the little window that lead to the kitchen. She glanced outside, the sky seemed dark and gloomy, which made her sigh. Her car was barley drivable, not to mention the heater didn’t work. She wasn’t looking forward to the drive home She glanced to the door seeing one of the other girls coming in, glancing to the clock she realized her shift was already over.

“Hey Heidi” the young girl smiled she was still in high school. “Hey Clair, you going to be okay by yourself, I can always pull a double.” She offered the girl. “No, I’ll be fine it’s going to be a slow night, have you seen the weather.” She laughed.

Heidi slide into the front seat of her rusty, old truck and after a few moments of trying to start the car, the engine finally turned over and her loud engine roared to life. She backed out of the parking lot and she was on her way home, unfortunately it would take a bit longer then she expected as she hit some kind of traffic jam. The dinner she worked at was technically truck stop that sat right on the outskirts of Elderbrook.

“Perfect she breathed as she waited for the traffic to move. After a moment there was a loud crash as something fell on top the officer at the front of the traffic, blood and chunks of brain matter flying everywhere. Heidi’s hands flew to her mouth “Oh my god.” She breathed as she started to freak out a bit, though trying to keep her composer. Moments later large pods started to fall from the sky. She glanced around her as other cars were hit, thankfully she had been spared for the moment. “What the hell is going on?” she said in complete shock, kind of wishing she had just stayed at work.

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Character Portrait: Clarke Silverthorn

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#, as written by Manio
Shaking himself back to reality, he brushed the glass from his jacket and checked the rear-view mirror to see other cars driving off back the way they came. He noticed that his forehead has some minor cuts on it, nothing severe. He figured that would of happened from the windshield pretty much exploding in his face. Relieved that he wasn't severely injured, or killed he drove off and headed back towards his apartment.

He'd rather be there, than outside where the pods kept raining down. Luckily, they seemed to have stopped but now everything was getting darker. Almost as if a storm was rolling in; which was odd because the weather network mentioned that the skies would be clear for the next few weeks. The even weirder part of the "storm clouds" was there wasn't any thunder, lightning, or even rain being produced. Everything was deathly quiet. The birds weren't even chirping.

Pulling into the parking lot for the apartment complex he noticed people were scrambling about and putting various supplies in their vehicles, and taking off. He shrugged it off, and entered his apartment and turned on the television. It was on some channel about a guy digging around in the dirt and looking for worms. This kind of stuff interested Clarke, so he decided to clean himself up and make something to eat.

A few hours had passed, and no more pods had fallen. Everything seemed back to normal. He assumed he was correct, and that something exploded into orbit and dropped to Earth causing the damage. He hadn't heard anymore broadcasts about the situation so he figured everything would be perfectly fine. Laughing to himself about being so worked up he headed towards the fridge and grabbed a bottle of beer. He cracked it open, and let out a sigh of relief as the cold liquid went down his throat.

"Much better." He sat back down on the couch, just as he heard knocking at the door. Sighing as he got up, he moved towards the door and swung it open to see his neighbor, Patrick standing there covered in dust, and what appeared to be caked blood. Swearing under his breath, he motioned for Patrick to come inside, which he did and immediately went for a bottle of water.

"Jesus, Patrick. What the hell happened to you?" Clarke was concerned. His good friend, and neighbor was standing here obviously shaken, and covered in blood. He had no idea if he was hurt, or even seriously injured.

Patrick drank some of the water, and set the bottle down on the counter. His hands shaking as he went to wipe some of the liquid from his upper lip. He scratched his eyebrow, and avoided looking at Clarke. Which made Clarke even more worried. Did Patrick do something? Did he kill someone? These thoughts were racing through his mind a million miles per hour.

"I was sitting at home on the computer. You know, playing WoW like I usually do." He paused and took another sip from the water. "I heard this weird buzzing sound, and an extremely loud bang. I was knocked out of my chair, and sent sprawling into a wall." He wiped more of the liquid from his mouth and continued. He seemed even more panicked than he did before, which only made Clarke's concern rise.

"When I came to my entire east wall, and balcony was obliterated, and smoldering. I must have been unconscious for hours, because when I woke all this blood on me was dried up." He looked down and chipped away some of the dried blood that was on his shirt. "I figured somebody would of been here about the wall, and damages already but when I called 911 there wasn't any response, but even the building administrator for this building was gone too." Patrick walked over to the window and peered out through the blinds, and turned back to face Clarke who had an extremely serious expression plastered on his face.

"Everybody's leaving town, and I think we should too. There has to be something going on and I don't wanna wait around for more of those...pods to come falling down again."

Clarke sighed, and put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "It was most likely something breaking up in orbit. Coincidence would be that it impacted here in Elderbrook, and killed a handful of people. There's no reason to be concerned. If there was, the military would be here evacuating people, right?" Clarke was trying to calm his friend down, and didn't want to make any rash decisions. The best bet would be to wait it out here, and wait for developments.

"Yeah. Yeah, you're right."

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Character Portrait: Luke Hicks

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The sirens of the Everbrook county's Sheriff echoed out in the street as it raced to the countless calls of death and emergency in the aftermath of the freak meteor shower. Sheriff Luke Hitch had been placed back on active duty two weeks ago much to the towns joy. The loss of his wife had hit a lot of people really hard. The Hicks family had become a staple in Everbrook after Luke had been appointed Sheriff. Luke was fair, calm and just and for that the people liked him. Even the drunks and the dregs were on friendly terms with the county Sheriff for the most part. His wife Lori had organized countless community events like fares and fundraisers. After the accident the community rallied around him and he received countless letters and phone calls of condolences from the citizens of Everbrook. Luke was very grateful for all the support but was only able find some measure of solace by secluding himself in his home and mourning in private. It wasn't easy and it would be a lie to say he never considered taking his own life but he opted against it.

Now, two weeks back on the job he had to deal with this. Some freak storm dropping things from outer space on his county. No one was sure what these things were, some said they were pieces of a broken up satellite burning up in orbit. Others thought it was a meteor shower, and of course there were those nuts who cried aliens. Whatever it was Luke had a job to do. Protect the people in Everbrook and that's what he was going to do. Luke's police dispatch radio was going off non stop but he was forced to ignore it for the moment as he weaved around traffic and downed cars, rendered immobile from falling space projectiles.

What worried Luke was all the people rushing about in the street, some packing to leave town others rushing to find loved ones. Looting was sure to be right around the corner. Luke had to make a decision quickly if he was going to protect these people. he had already reached out to the government for support hoping FEMA could provide some relief and as of yet had gotten zero confirmation from Uncle Sam. As if in response to his concerns Deputy Melissa Cartwright called out to him on his radio.

"Sheriff we've got three more confirmed deaths and Dave just brought in a perp who broke into Mrs. Adelines house looking to loot the place."

Luke sighed with a curse under his breath as he grabbed for his radio. That added three made a total of 19 confirmed deaths.

"Only a matter of time before the break ins started."

He replied, his thick southern accent coming through the radio to the deputy on the other end. Melissa used to make fun of him for it when he joined the department. She used to tease him on how they did things here in Everbrook as opposed to down south. Luke sometimes still thought she figured he rode a horse around a six shooter like some wild west law man. The teasing stopped after the promotion to Sheriff and she had since become one of his most trusted deputies.

"We've got to get these people off the streets. I don't want anyone else getting hurt if anything else drops out of the sky. If everyone is indoors it'll make our job all the easier picking up looters."

"You got it boss, I'll get it out on the news."

Luke continued to race onward to the scene of the massive traffic snafu just outside of town where Deputy Daniel Probst was just killed by a piece of falling debris. Hicks had ordered three other units to converge on the site to attempt to restore order. Luke had to get a handle on this before anyone else got hurt. Melissa apparently worked quick because over the radio came the emergency broadcast Luke had ordered.

This special announcement in response to the rising death toll brought on by the recent meteor shower. The Everbrook County Sheriff's Department has released this message to all citizens of Everbrook. Everyone is to remain indoors until this crisis can be dealt with. Everyone is to lock your doors and stay away from the windows. Shelter should be sought out if possible. The lower the better so seek out basements and lower levels of the house. Sheriff Luke Hicks will make an announcement as soon as he is able.

"Atta Girl Melissa."

Luke said proudly as he brought his squad car to a halt at the scene of the impromptu road block. The deputies were already on scene with emergency medical personnel. Deputy Probst's body had apparently been run over by several fleeing vehicles in the panic. The sight disgusted Luke, the fact that people could turn into terrified, stampeding animals at the first sign of trouble was disheartening. The Sheriff walked up to the circle created by his deputies and addressed the situation.

"Let's get Dan off the road, and have EMS see to any injured civilians. I want everyone in these cars looked at before they are sent home. Put St. Thomas on notice, they're gunna get real busy real soon if they aren't already."

"Yes sir, Sheriff."

One of his deputies said before they all rushed off to carry out their orders.

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Character Portrait: Haze Knight

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Haze's multicolored eyes scanned the many assortments of music that were stacked neatly on the shelves of Monty's Music. He placed his hand on his chin as he contemplated the particular music that would please the customer that he was currently servicing.

"I believe this would suit you," he stated with that the customer-is-always-right smile as he handed the customer an old record. After dealing with various customers and restocking shelves, Haze felt the need for a well deserved break. He walked up to the front of the store, dropping the happy employee act and glancing at his co-worker and friend, Wilson Pope. He preferred calling the poor bastard Pope, since Wilson just wouldn't cut it.

"I'm going out back," Haze announced, knowing that Pope would want to join. Pope nodded, looking at the new recruit that was taking inventory in the 'pop' aisle.

"Hold down the fort," Pope called to the kid. "We'll be back in a bit." The kid just waved him off with a quick nod. The two men made their way to the back of the establishment then exited through the double doors. They leaned against the brick wall of the alleyway as the pungent odor of trash, mildew, and ozone surrounded them. Haze looked up at the clouded sky, taking in it's peculiar dreary aura that seemed to engulf the world.

"Any plans this evening, Haze?" Pope asked as he pulled a box of Malboros from his leather jacket pocket. Haze simply shrugged, holding his hand out for a smoke. "No partying? No bar fighting? No sexy waitress begging you to-"

"Pope," Haze interrupted his friend's idiotic questions. "You make me sound like a complete douche."

"You kind of are," Pope chuckled, handing Haze the cancer stick.

Haze sent a bright-eyed glare his friend's way as he placed the cigarette between his lips and lit the end with his silver lighter. He inhaled the toxins then blew them out through his nose, Pope followed suit. "No, I'm not."

Pope looked at Haze in disbelief, "You smashed your ex-best friend's car with a bat, Haze."

"He had it coming. Asshole, lied to me about sleeping with Casey. Screwing your friend's sister is NOT okay."

"What about the time you called Val a 'burden to society and God's mistake'?" Pope raised an eyebrow.

"Didn't she cheat on you?"


"Then I regret nothing," Haze shrugged as he took another puff.

"Dude, you even broke my brother's nose!"

"Your brother is a heartless bastard that deserved more than a broken nose and you know it."

"I...can't really argue with that," Pope laughed. Haze puffed on his cig again and just as he was about to blow out the poisonous smoke from his mouth, there was a loud crash. The two men jumped, looking at one another with curiosity in both their gazes.

"What the hell was that?" Pope furrowed his brow.

"Don't know, but let's check it out..." Haze stomped out his cigarette then headed towards the noise with Pope reluctantly following behind him.

"I say, we go back into the shop and act like we heard nothing, Haze."

"Where's the fun in that. It might be something pretty damn amazing and you'll miss it because you're being a little bitch," Haze said as he walked.

"Remember that thing I said about you being a douche?"

"Shut up," Haze rolled his bright eyes. A loud buzzing sound reached Haze's ears as he got closer to the mysterious object. A large pod rested in the cement, cracked rubble surrounded it. "What is that?"

"I don't know, but I think I saw this in a movie once. An alien is going to jump out and spew acid all over us then eat our brains because we didn't take it to our leader."

Haze quirked a bronze eyebrow, "What kind of syfy crap have you been watching?"

"The kind where the sexy beast: me and the douche: you, don't survive."

Haze rolled his eyes just as the pod opened slowly, causing him to stop his stride. Pope continued walking, not seeing the pod's strange movement. "Pope, stop..." but it was too late. The smoke sprayed Pope dead in the face, causing a startled scream to echo throughout the alley. "POPE!"

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Character Portrait: Danielle Adelaide

0.00 INK

"I can't wait to see their faces!" Danni squealed under her breath with a slight cha cha cha step of excitement, her heels clunked on the cheap wood floor of the school gym. Bright blue eyes scanned the corner of the gym where she was set up, her works of art displayed neatly on home made square white columns.

Bittersweet Symphony rang through the speakers of the small radio she had set up by the hors d'oueuvres table. She didn't skimp on the food either, even splurged on a bottle of champagne. Of course, she would be the only one celebrating at her art show. Danni poured herself a glass and ceremoniously dropped a small strawberry in, laughing slightly as the bubbles fizzed and oozed over the rim.

The only thing that could make this more perfect would be an actual art gallery, but this low budget town would never spend the cash to put one in. Doesn't matter though, today's the day, today is when she gets her last laugh and high tails it on out of here.

The art works displayed were of the citizens of this town, more specifically, her tormentors. They were an pencil and paper renditions of those assholes and their gross flaws; drug use, bulimia, alcohol use. Danni was going to show this town just how ugly they really were. She invited the whole town for her going away party.

"Any minute no-" A loud and deafening boom disrupted Danni's reverie. She was thrown forward and heard crashing and breaking glass around her before everything went black.

The uplifting tunes of The Verve echoed into her darkness, slowly bringing her to. A groan escaped her lips, followed by a cough as the dust particles of debris assaulted her throat. "Figures." She mumbled as she slowly and painfully rose to her feet, pushing wood and plywood from her body. She could already feel the welt forming on her shin as she hobbled towards the source of the violent intrusion.

"What the hell?" Beneath the giant hole in the ceiling was a pod, seemingly unharmed despite having crashed through the cieling of the building. That was NOT a meteor, it was too polished. Danni raised a hand towards as she limped closer, only to feel immense pain shoot up her arm. "Gah!" Blue eyes widened as they lay witness to the large splinter of wood impeded in her forearm. "Shit!" She'd have to take care of this.

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Character Portrait: Clarke Silverthorn Character Portrait: Thomas Langdon

0.00 INK

#, as written by Manio
(Made a character who will be broadcasting the news from the local news station. He's a dick, and nobody likes him. Keep that in mind when the characters meet. Everybody will know of him because he's one of the news hosts.)

Thomas Langdon was an asshole. Nobody liked him, and he kind of got off on that. His only concern was to get to work, give one hell of a show with the news, leave, and go home and do some of his "recreational activities" which mostly consisted of him snorting cocaine.

He dropped into his seat behind the desk, nodded in approval to his co-host, Gabriel Winters. God he hated her. Tried too hard, and was too friendly for her own good. Giving a fake smile, he faced the camera and began to recite the news.

"The Elderbrook Mustangs took another win today in the quarterfinals. With Marcus Fletcher scoring the winning goal. The team will be traveling to Chicago to compete in the semi-finals. I believe I can speak on everyone's behalf, and wish them luck with that endeavor. Great job team."

Sports. Who gave a shit? He sure didn't. He needed to broadcast something real. Something that would make him more famous, and it sure wasn't sitting here talking about some high-school brats winning a game of basketball. He was about to continue on to the next story when the lights began flickering violently, and people screamed. A little hiccup in the power and people were panicking? Give me a fu*king break, he thought. Someone handed him a piece of paper, and he glanced down on it and first thing he noticed was "15 dead". Smiling to himself, he looked up at the camera and begun reciting the glorious, sweet, amazing piece of news he was just handed.

March 4th, 1:45pm
"This just in. 15 people have been confirmed dead after a mass of debris has fallen from the atmosphere. Not much is known about the incident but the reports suggest that the objects are green, pod-like objects and are most likely some form of debris which has broken up from a meteor. The local police force is urging the community to stay in there homes, avoid the pods, and away from windows & doors just in-case more debris falls. This is Thomas Langford, ELN News."
Clarke sat in his apartment with Patrick watching that dick-head Thomas Langford report about the incident. That man seemed way too happy about the current incident. Way too happy. People were dying and this guy seemed to be getting his rocks off on that. Sick.

"Can you believe this asshole? He's smiling over this shit?" Clarke sighed and walked into the kitchen to make a sandwich. A prime example of humanity right there. Spreading some butter over the bread he looked up at Patrick who was remaining silent, and was sweating.

"You alright man? Want something to eat?" Patrick shook his head, and continued to stare blankly at the television.

"Not really hungry."

Clarke was worried. His friend was getting more weird by the minute.

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Character Portrait: Danielle Adelaide

0.00 INK

Against the odds, the CD player was still playing, skipping the same phrase of "Bittersweet symphon-" over and over. Had Danni not been so focused on getting her arm looked at she would have kicked the damn thing. She held her arm close to her chest, blood staining the gold dress she was wearing. The dress she had been saving for this grand occasion of angry farewells.

The chilly air seemed colder than usual as it kissed her skin, the air's caress sending chills up her spine. There was something very wrong with this town, more than the obvious. Suddenly, it hit her, it was utterly silent. There were no crickets, no owls, nothing to mask the ominous feeling of impending doom. The bright green streaks reflected in her eyes as she lay witness to the pods break through the atmosphere.

"Oh, boy." Okay, not her wittiest moments, but who had wit to spare at a time like this? It was her natural reaction. Her thoughts were competing with the loud thud of her heartbeat drumming in her ears. Danni made a dash for her '96 Honda and switched on the radio hastily.

...rising death toll brought on by the recent meteor shower. The Everbrook County Sheriff's Department has released this message to all citizens of Everbrook. Everyone is to remain indoors until this crisis can be dealt with. Everyone is to lock your doors and stay away from the windows. Shelter should be sought out if possible. The lower the better so seek out basements and lower levels of the house. Sheriff Luke Hicks will make an announcement as soon as he is able.

"That's it?!" She smacked radio with the palm of her good arm violently. She wasn't sure what she was expecting, something useful maybe? "This isn't meteor debris!" She yelled again at the radio, forcing herself to take a deep breath. "Any half wit can see that. Okay, think, Danni."

The hospitals will be overloaded with injured, she won't be seen for hours upon hours. There's only one other place she could go, the Baryle's farm. The owner is the only large animal vet in town.

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Character Portrait: Haze Knight

0.00 INK

"POPE!" Haze's voice carried throughout the alleyway. His eyes were bulging in fear and utter concern. "Oh my god!" Pope screamed in surprise as he was blasted with the gloomy mist. He fell to the ground, rolling around, screaming and holding onto his face.

"Pope!" Haze panicked. "Pope, dude! Someone get help! Someone just-" He was cut off by the sight of Pope stopping his dramatic rolling. Pope stared, wide eyed and breathing heavily as he touched his face, chest and crotch.

"I'm alive," he breathed in relief. "I'm okay..."

"What the hell was that?" Haze sighed in equal relief. "I thought your face was melting or something." Haze waited for his heart to beat at a respectable pace. He focused on his breathing before finally speaking, "Are you okay?"

"I think so..." Pope said with a goofy grin. "I'll be fine, but did it suddenly get really hot or is it just me?"

"Get up, you idiot," Haze muttered. "It's just you." He helped Pope to his feet then looked at his watch. "Our break is over, Pope. Whatever that thing was, it wasn't dangerous, so let's forget about it and get back to work." Pope nodded, following behind Haze while a drop of sweat slid down his forehead.


The clock's minute hand seemed to move too slowly for Haze's liking. He sat at the check out counter with his palm supporting his head as he tried in vain to stop himself from falling asleep. He groaned under his breath. Today was a slow day, so he had nothing to do, but just play with the loose string on his gray V-neck shirt. As he plucked at the string, the familiar sound of whimpering reached his eardrums. He turned around, seeing Pope slumped against the far wall. His skin was slick with musty sweat and he was groaning as if he were in pain.

"Dude," Haze furrowed his brows. "You look like shit."

"You're doing it again," Pope smirked with a tired edge to it.

"Doing what?"

"Being a douche," Pope winced again and his breathing became a tad labored. "God, it's so hot in here..."

Haze felt fine, it was a reasonable temperature in the shop with the air conditioner up and running. He walked over to the thermostat, seeing that it was fifty-three degrees in the store. He was back at Pope's side within a minute. "I think you should go to the hospital, man. You look like you'll keel over any minute now." Pope simply nodded. "Do you think you can walk to the car or should I call an ambulance?"

"C-car," Pope stuttered as small tremors racked his body. "I hate ambulances." Haze slung Pope's arm over his broad shoulders and escorted him out of the store. He dug into his friend's pocket, retrieving the set of car keys that would allow them to travel.

"Easy does it," Haze said calmly as he aided Pope into the beat up old Chevy that they named Scar, in honor of the various scratches and scrapes on the paint. After assuring that Pope was semi-comfortable in the front seat, Haze made his way to the driver's side, putting the key in the ignition and driving off. "We'll be there in no time, man. Hang in there." Haze sped through the streets; going 72 in a 55 zone. He prayed that he wouldn't get pulled over. He looked over at his shivering friend, who was now sweat more profusely.

"C-cold..." Pope stuttered. "Suddenly, so cold..." His sweat soaked his red sleeveless shirt and matted his blond hair to his paling face. Haze increased his speed, going 76 now. He could hear Pope's teeth chattering.

"Come on, Pope," he said urgently as he ran a stop sign. "Just a little farther." He turned a corner, just missing an oncoming SUV. The hospital was only less than a mile away. Haze was determined to get there before Pope could get any worse...but that mission failed as Pope's sweat was tinged with red, turning the beads of liquid into a light pink and then a dark crimson. "A-are you fucking bleeding???" Haze's eyes were saucers as he witnessed his best friend bleed through his pores. "Pope! Pope, listen to me. We are going to go in that hospital and those doctors are going to fix this, okay?"

Pope was floating in and out of consciousness, but he managed a small nod as blood stained his shirt and colored his flesh. Haze sped into the hospital parking lot, parking the car in a handicap spot and turning it off. He rushed out of the car, opened Pope's door and helped him out. Pope limped weakly beside Haze.

"Maybe...I was...wrong," Pope smiled hoarsely, despite the fact that he was bleeding through his skin. "Maybe you're not a complete douche."

"Really? Now of all times?" Haze rolled his eyes as they reached the automatic doors. Pope hung limply around Haze, but managed to move his feet. "Come on, buddy."

"Haze?" Pope croaked, weaker than before as they entered the building. The smell of sanitizer and sick people assaulted Haze's nostrils. He glanced at Pope with concern evident in his multicolored eyes. "You're a good guy..." It was then that Pope coughed up more blood, his body jerking as he did.

"I NEED A DOCTOR!" He yelled. "SOMEONE HELP!" He held onto Pope with all of his strength as the man's body became more like dead weight. Pope collapsed to a heap on the bleached floor. "HELP ME!" A disgusting gurgle came from Pope's throat as he jerked and twitched on the floor. A team of doctors and nurses began to surround them, but they were far too late. Pope's eyes became empty voids then suddenly, as if in a syfy horror movie, he exploded, coating Haze and the doctors in blood and guts.

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Character Portrait: Danielle Adelaide

0.00 INK

The black Honda pulled in through the already open gates to the farm, dirt kicking up in its wake. Immediately, Danni could tell there was something gravely wrong. The fence round the horses had been taken down by a large tree branch, allowing the majestic beasts to jump and escape to freedom. One horse, was not so lucky, her dead eyes reflecting the Honda like empty glass.

"Oh Jesse, old girl." Danni stepped out of the car, her heart sinking as she saw the bloody and mangled body of the horse she helped to name so many years ago. She didn't dare get closer, she didn't care how the horse met its end, it was gone and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Dr. B?!" Danni had to fight against her heels from sinking into the muddy dirt as she ran to the front door. "Mrs. B?!" The door was wide open, the only thing stopping her entrance was screen door. The emergency broadcast could be heard through the doorway, with the subtle hiss of static between words.

"Dr. B?" The lights were on, but beside the radio and the annoying ring on the television, it was deathly silent. Danni was suddenly aware of her heart thumping in her ears. Something told her not to go in, but where else would she go?
She entered the farm house, the screen door slamming behind her, making her jump. "Mrs. B?" Her voice was meek and wavering. She wanted so bad to hear the kind voices of Baryles. Danni continued to meekly call out there names, pleading now with the silence.

She turned the corner into the dining room, horror meeting her eyes. Every muscle in her body froze, nothing existed but the gory sight before her eyes and her mind trying to process it. The Baryles were seated at the dining room table, Mrs. Baryle's hand was still on the dial of the radio, though her body was slumped over the table. Mr Baryle sat across from her, his body leaning back in its chair lazily. It was impossible to differentiate the blood and head matter splattered around the room from each others. The walls, the ceiling, nearly everything in the room was decorated with the blood, brains and skull fragments of the lovely couple.
Danni felt the sudden rise of the snacks she devoured earlier, she vomited all over the floor. The sight of vomit and blood causing her to hurl even more. Damn-it, why couldn't the world go to hell after she got out of this fuckin' city?! The future model stilled her mind, and gathered the courage to grab the shotgun from the cold grasp of the dead doctor. A quick snatch and the weapon was hers, though the body slumped to the ground with the momentum of the pull. Danni let out a sharp gasp as she jumped back and out of the dining room, she's had enough of this scene.

The only thing left was the medical supplies, and she prayed the good Doc didn't change any of his habits in the past few years. The door to his office was locked, obviously things hadn't changed. Using the butt of her gun she destroyed the door handle and practically kicked the door open.

An abrupt heavy force knocked her to the ground, the jolt causing a round to escape from the shotgun. The blast was deafening, but the weight of the beast was unrelenting. If Danni screamed, she was unaware of it. Her eyes met that of her attackers, and she allowed her head to fall onto the wooden floor, breathing a sigh of relief. "Tiny! You asshole!" The English mastiff lapped up her face happily as Danni tried to convince herself she wasn't dead.

The 180 pound dog followed closely at her heels as she raided the Veterinarian's office for all his medical supplies, ammo and a medical book or two. Once fully stocked she returned to her vehicle, Tiny riding shotgun.

"Now what, Tiny?"