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Montreal by Nyght

Purgatory Nightclub


a part of Montreal by Nyght, by Mizore.Simza.

One of the 'Top 4O' night spots, with multiple bars and dance floors, attract underage youths and those wanting to lose themselves in alcohol or sex.

Mizore.Simza holds sovereignty over Purgatory Nightclub, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Purgatory Nightclub, located on Crescent Street, is one of the most famous locations of Montreal's nightlife. It houses the Hard Rock Cafe, The Snuff Princess Pub, and Wednesdays. Sainte Aleistasiya is also home to a number of seedy strip clubs, such as the Insolent Minx, which features for select patrons only child dancers of both sexes.
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Purgatory Nightclub

One of the 'Top 4O' night spots, with multiple bars and dance floors, attract underage youths and those wanting to lose themselves in alcohol or sex.


Purgatory Nightclub is a part of Montreal.

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Setting: Purgatory Nightclub, Montreal Canada
Date + Time: 4.16.2kSeventeen 6:58 P

"Its almost time." she said hushedly speaking to no one in particular, idly tapping at the keys of the hackbook. She could feel the hungry eyed stares of the 'suckfaces' on her, after all, this was a vampire city. The last traces of light were fading as the sky grew darker, becoming twilight. "The Witching Hour." she thought to herself. Finishing what was left of the barely warm, weak coffee before she moved, rising to stand from her seat, packing the technocratic device in the messenger pack on her back. Crossing the street, the fanatical gaze of the vampire's as they crept from their dark hollows that seemed to follow, stalking her every move.

Stepping toward the entrance to Purgatory, a man, tall with a crooked stance, stopped her in her tracks. "We're not taking in strays." The man reached toward her shoulder, when she flashed a death stare that could put a man on his knees from a hundred paces. "I look like a stray to you." In a flickering blur of motion, she had the barrel of a modified nine inconspicuously pressed squarely against his chest. "I assume my identification is sufficiently adequate." A single step forward, placing her face close enough the warmth of her exhaled breath could be felt on the bouncer's face as he backed down, oddly cowed by such a small woman's sheer force of will. "I figured as much." She almost laughed, holstering the firearm back to its position on her left thigh. 'Pathetic.' She commented mentally to herself, that the city of Montreal had been siezed by walking leeches, eventually making her way inside.

Cutting through the crowded mass where all manner of things that creep and crawl in the night gathered, coming up to the bar, the transcendant ambience of the music that echoed. "One, Bloody Nightmare." She shouted to the bar back, dropping a ten CAD note on the counter where she stood, waiting for her contact to show up.

'7:11 P' The time read, having accessed the ADEI in her mind. A shadowy, unremarkable form of a man appeared aside her, the type of person you would forget just five minutes after having met them. A sideways glance was all the attention she offered the fella. "Atleast you aren't in the habit of keeping me waiting, like the others." She shot quickly from her lips. "So what little piece of business do you have for me?" The spook, placing a hand inside their coat, causing her to instinctively react with a tightening grip on one of the wakizashi on her back, when he produced a simple black envelope.

"This is high priority, most of the intel is classified and compartmentalized." The man's rough, rasping tone, along with an obvious superiority complex, to the disrespectful manner in which he spoke to her, only served to mildly irritate her. "Inside you will find only relevant details, the rest is need to know, and you, little one, do not need to know." Narrowing her eyes toward him. "I will do your dirty little deed, however, if I see you, or you ever speak to me like that again." She closed the gap between them, leaning slowly in to his ear, lacing the fingers of her left hand across the back of his neck. "You, you son of a bitch, I would definetely take care of personally, on principle." She whispered softly, taking the file.

The thoughts of a complete year of torture at her hands, both filled and flooded his mind, as he nearly tripped, shuffling and scrambling as he tried to make it toward the exit.

Quietly leaving through the rear staff door of the nightclub, as if she had never been there at all, emptied the envelope revealing a specialized flash stick as well as a metallic qr code card as they fell in to her palm. Concentrating as she went about executing commands to the device in her head, securely linking access to several localized wifi connections, she uploaded the card data in torrents, transferring the specified finances to her expense accounts. Simultaneously, scanning the flash stick to make sure it was clean before downloading the dossier on a one:

'Krosswait, Samantha E.', born Seongnam, South Korea, 1954, listed physical address in Foxcroft, ME. Last known location: Bay City, MI en route to US CN border.