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Montreal by Nyght

World of Darkness


a part of Montreal by Nyght, by Mizore.Simza.

What if vampires, mages and werewolves are real? What if they have always been here, hidden among us? What if you are one of them?

Mizore.Simza holds sovereignty over World of Darkness, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

256 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Tonight, the original saga of monsters among us continues. . .
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World of Darkness

What if vampires, mages and werewolves are real? What if they have always been here, hidden among us? What if you are one of them?


World of Darkness is a part of Montreal by Nyght.

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Character Portrait: Brynjolf Keeger
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He ran. Never one to turn away from a fight yet he needed to run.


He bared his teeth but continued to run. He had to. It was all he could do to stay upright. He clutched the wound that had penetrated into his side. Even in homid form, it still burned.


The attack on New York City began in the best way that it could. But no one could have predicted the actual Banes showing with more than just Banelings.

"...Brynjolf... Brynjolf..."

"Go fuck yourselves," Bryn breathed.

Black Spirals... they had come from the Umbra. And now they were chasing him. While the Get of Fenris relished in battle, Bryn knew that, once he had been separated from Blackjack, his silver wound would prevent him from finishing them off. He had to run, to draw them away.

"...We're coming... Brynjolf..."

He saw the shimmering veil before him. And just as he saw it, he felt the shadows pass over him. The claws reached out.

Bryn jumped forward, penetrating the veil of light.

Here, the Gauntlet was strong but he simply brushed it aside. Channeling the powers of Gaia, he finally burst out of the Umbra and into...

A door. He slammed into it, sending new pain through his body.

"Fuck..." he gasped. He grabbed the handle and opened it.

He saw an old factory before him. Cigarette butts lay all over the floor and some windows were shattered. The air was a bit nippy.

He quickly found a door that led out, holding his left side. From the feel of it, a bit of silver was still in there.

"Uh, yo! Who the fuck are you?"

Bryn turned around to see three teenagers, two boys and one girl. Night time had set in a long time ago and judging from the accents, he was in Canada somewhere. Not knowing how long he had, Bryn popped his gift to Sense Wyrm around him.

Brynjolf froze. The two men read incurable taint. A growl rose in his chest then into his throat.

The two smiled and bared their fangs as they realized what he was. "Oi, we got ourselves a keener mutt. Let's say you and me drain him right -"

He never finished. A softball - sized hole sprouted from this one's chest, promptly making his body begin to mummify. Since he didn't ash, that meant he was still relatively young for a vamp. Which meant...

Bryn reached into his jacket faster than humanly possible, his rage and anger adding to his reflexes and speed. The Colt .45 revolver came free and spat once, shattering the brain cavity of the second with a twitch of his arm. As the gunsmoke cleared, he grimaced. Blood began to flow freely from his left side through his fingers, the wound disturbed by sudden action.

"Fuck," he gasped. He then looked towards the girl and looked at her hard. She was cowering but in the way he would expect. Instead of staring at the obviously previously dead - now made permanently dead corpses, she was staring at him.

She was not freaking out at the vamps, which meant experience. And experience meant...

"What do leeches want with you?" He grunted.

"I... I don't..."

"Don't try to bullshit me kid," he stopped her. "You are a supernatural, now what do the leeches want with you. Better question, who and what are you?"

He had holstered his revolver then. She decided to make her move. The punch landed squarely on his cheek but he felt nothing. He grabbed her leg as it came up to kick his genitals, wincing at his wound. Flexing his muscles, he flipped her head over heels. As she landed in a grunt, he tried again.

"Nice try, kid. You definitely got fire in your belly, I will give you that. Now what -"

It was Bryn's turn to not finish as his Gift flared in response to three very powerful Wyrm taints coming close. Since he did not see them, he guessed they were on the Penumbra, the closest mirror of the real world to the spirit world.

He grabbed her. "Start running," he growled, shoving her forward. Side by side they ran, weaving through alleys and streets and buildings. Somewhere along the line, he heard the footfalls of someone following.

Winded, wounded, and realizing that a Spiral would probably kill the supernatural, he decided this would be his stand. He turned and drew his revolver as a voice rang out.

"Friend, or enemy?" Stated the person flatly, an Asian looking woman, beautiful but now an enemy from the twin guns sliding from holsters to level them at Bryn.

He cocked his hammer.

A second passed. Then another. The woman raised her guns, taking a less threatening stance. "You're wounded," she said in the same tone.

"What do we have for her, Johnny?" He growled.

"What is your interest in Samantha?" She asked bluntly.

"Niece of mine, was getting jumped by a gang," he replied.

"Bullshit," the black Korean girl said.

"Shut up," he replied, eliciting an actual feral growl from Samantha. "Easy, cub. The grown ups are talking. What is your interest in her?"

She opened her mouth to reply when he saw it. The smiling face of a Spiral. Brynjolf pulled the trigger.

The scream that emitted from a silver bullet digging into a Crinos Spiral's skull shredded their ears as the other two came through a window behind the Asian woman. Bryn did not think, he reacted.

The Get of Fenris pushed Samantha back against a wall as he felt his rage swell. The pain in his side grew as well, causing him to roar as he assumed his battle form.

The woman did not waste time, emptying the pistols completely as she whipped around with cold, machine precision. As the mags clicked empty in the guns, she leaped into the air and struck with a kick. The Spiral easily caught her and flung her some feet away. She rolled to absorb the force of hitting the ground

That one was the first to feel the silvered claws of Breaks - The - Line, ripping ribbons of ichor and blood outwards in a spray. His silver wound burned beyond the point of agony as he sank his teeth into the Spiral's neck.

He ripped the life out of the cursed White Howler. Time was not had to relish in the feel of battle; the last one charged him, caving part of the wall in with his attack.

Bryn roared in pain as the silver in him both was disturbed and continued to burn. "Poor little Get, don't worry... we will have your little tart soon," cackled the Spiral in a series of growls and grunts. "And who would have thought you would be brought low by a simple blade?"

He felt the control snap. With a howl of death, fury, and pain, he dug his claws into the Crinos before him, pushing him off and allowing Bryn to follow up with several swiping claw attacks. A claw bounced off the beserking Get as he sliced into the Spiral's right knee, bringing it down.

Breaks - The - Line stood over the Spiral. He was not finished... no, not yet. He would have the final kill.

His left claw grabbed the lower jaw, his right grabbing the top muzzle. He then pulled with all his might. He let his pain fuel his rage, having it grow and grow and grow... He felt as if his blood was going to boil out of his skin and his wound was the sun itself.

Finally, with the most sickening, gory - sounding crack, Bryn ripped the head in half and partially down the neck and torso. His howl split the air even as the Spiral was split in the same way.

It was finally over. The beserker rage finally subsided and he shift back, collapsing against the ruined wall.

"Ah... hah..." he gasped in pain. "Hah.... ugh, I told you to go fuck yourself... hah... ah... should have... listened..."