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James 'Jaimie' King

"You'd be cuter if you had the politeness to shut up."

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a character in “Moon Phase”, originally authored by Monokumada, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: James King

Nickname?: Jaimie

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Jaimie can best be summed up as a 'class clown' sort. He has a tendency to go onto spiels that no one cares about (or understands) except for himself, and if questioned on them, simply grins and tells whoever he's talking to forget about it, he already did. His temper is a bit touchy, and he tends to run his mouth a bit too much, but he is quite caring and protective over his friends. He has a tendency to sadistically tease people he first meets, which often gives them the wrong impression of him - he doesn't mind - people who stick around you, even if you are a bit of an ass are the people worth making bonds with.

In matters of romance, Jaimie tends to stray away from that due to incidents mentioned in his history. However, he's not above teasing others in that way, making them often angry with him, to his amusement. He also tends to flirt with...well, pretty much anyone around his age, guys or girls, just for the hell of it. He tends to make assumptions about relationships between people quickly, and if he's wrong, he claims that he won't be for long.

The side that Jaimie tries to repress is an angry one, and if his temper flares up, it flares up badly. He has a personal grudge against those who make light of tragedies, and if confronted with something he's done wrong, he tries to laugh it off, and then if that's not successful, he snaps, yelling at the person who confronted him...but this is more a matter of low self esteem than anything else.

History: Jaimie had lived in the nearby neighborhood since childhood, often being one of the most troublemaking boys in town, notable for being a true delinquent, through and through. His father was a doctor, and his mother was a nurse, so Jaimie was often assisting them in their practice, learning quite a bit about first-aid in the process. He had a strained relationship with both parents due to their work taking over their lives, and so he fell into mostly hanging out with boys from his class, forming a small posse unofficially labeled 'the Lost Boys', after, well, Peter Pan's lost boys, of course. They were all kids with parents who had jobs too straining to really have time for them alone, and he acted as the leader. It was in that group that he met Gwen.

Gwen was a nice girl, perhaps a bit sarcastic, but nice. She had a good head on her shoulders, and managed to keep Jaimie in line when he needed it. They spent a lot of time together, and they soon started dating. He fell deeply in love with her, and took every moment he had to spend with her, which was justified. The fact of the matter was, their time together would be short.

Gwen contacted an illness that made her frail and bedridden after about a year. Jaimie was 8 at the time. He stayed by her side and tried to make her laugh, which inspired his dedication to stand-up comedy, to perhaps do that for others. Jaimie begged his mother and father to cure her, but both had diagnosed her, and come up with the same result: it was incurable, and it would only be a matter of luck if she survived or not. She wasn't lucky, and died within three months. Jaimie didn't go to her funeral - it hurt too much.

Jaimie started living in the building to get away from his parents, and perhaps for a bit of peace and silence. Of course, he only got to live there at first as his parents were friends with the owner - but as he got a job, he began living as an official tenant.

Quirks or Habits: goes on spiels about things even he doesn't understand at times; occasional smoker when stressed; usually has a stick of gum in his mouth (a special brand he ordered a large stock of online that contained soda inside every piece, he loves it); his right foot twitches when nervous

Talent(s): stand-up comedy; scriptwriting; first-aid; motorcycle riding

Extra: Moon Phase. Otherwise, I think we're good here. It's up to you if you'd like to accept him or not.

So begins...

James 'Jaimie' King's Story


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#, as written by rikura
(OOC: Adapting from the last 2 paragraphs in the story. Oh! And at the moment, non of the guys know about Luna's situation and only think she's another tenant.)

Luna stood on the front porch of this ridiculously huge, but beautiful, cabin-like mansion, fist up and ready to knock. Suddenly, though, the door swung open and she just had enough time to stop before hitting the woman who'd appeared in the face... exactly where she'd been about to knock. "Oh... um," Luna brought her hand down and clasped both behind her back, looking the woman over. Shorter than her by at least 3 inches and with a good figure for her age, the woman looked to be about 45 or so. Long blond hair cascaded down her back in natural curls, and crystal clear blue eyes looked back into Luna's blue-gray with such warmth and compassion that she was reminded of her mom, but shook the thought away immediately. She sighed. I really needed to get my head out of daydream mode. "...Hi?"

As soon as the words "Oh" "um" and "Hi" escaped her mouth the woman had wrapped her into a tight hug. "Welcome home, Luna." The woman pulled back to give her a once over and a smile lit her face as her eyes met Luna's again. "I'm Rita Thompson. I was your mothers best friend growing up, but you probably don't remember meeting me, do you?"

Luna shook her head. Nope. No memory of you whatsoever.

"Well I do remember you and, my, how you've grown!" Rita turned her attention to what lay behind Luna, frowned, then turned back to the house and yelled, "Boys! Luna's here, so come get her bags. They're in the driveway!"

Then Rita smiled back at her, her voice just as pleasant as before, "Would you like to see your room?" Which Luna replied to with a silent shrug. It wouldn't really be HER room, but still. All she really wanted to do right now was lay down and listen to her music, as boring as that may sound, but she wasn't in a very "up" mood at the moment either.

"Not much of a talker, huh?"
With another shrug from Luna, Mrs. Thompson gave a light laugh, "Well, come on, Hun, you don't want to be caught in the stampede when the boys get out here." With that, Luna was led into the cabin where footsteps seemed to come from every angle . A slight sinking feeling hit her stomach. What have I gotten myself into?