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Ya know, you're kind of annoying.

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a character in “Moon Phase”, as played by rikura


Name: Luna Paize


Nickname?: (none at the moment. whatever the boys call her)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Before she lost her family, she was high-spirited, sarcastic, and sort of a daydreamer, which caused her to be really random at times. She was very easily annoyed by people who didn't take her seriously or by people who underestimated her, so her sister played the peacemaker a lot. She wasn't very up on defending herself, because she frankly didn't care what you said, but would get fired up if anyone attacked her twin. She liked to see how people would react to certain things and she and her twin would make bets about it (i guess you could say they played with and pranked people).

After losing her family, Luna has become sort of distant and non-caring. She doesn't want to interact with people (she feels kind of awkward around them) and just wants to be left alone... She doesn't need anyone else anymore. That's what she tells herself, at least. Before she lost her family, was never alone, and she always depended on her twin. It's her first time being alone, so she is really lost and doesn't know how to handle it yet. Luna is somewhat sarcastic and blunt. Despite the cold attitude and "whatever" airs she's putting on, she is very stubborn, protective, fearful, uncertain, kind, confused, and lonely. She wants things to go back to how they were (will be added to as her personality progresses and evolves) .

History: From the time she was born, Luna has always been with her older twin sister. They looked out for and depended on each other, especially since their parents were gone on business a lot of the time. She had a somewhat normal life, nothing horrible or super amazing, but she and her twin were always doing something, all the way from pinning photos onto their wall to switching places for a day to see how many people noticed to doing stupid things that could get them killed. Everything was looking great for Luna in every way possible (grades, friends, boyfriend, etc.), until the night she lost her family. Her sister and she had stayed up talking about any and everything, and in the middle of it, they went downstairs for a drink. Everything went downhill from there. The floor creaked, her sister screamed, her parents rushed out to see what was the matter, and there was a man with a knife. Without going into detain at the moment, they were all stabbed to death, there was lots of blood, and Luna was hospitalized as the only survivor. When she woke up, at first she was panicking, but then when she realized what had happened, closed up on herself. A therapist who had been stationed in the hospital explained everything. As mentioned in the chapter y'all read, after their funeral, she was taken to the home of a an old family friend she'd never heard of before. The family of three lives in a cabin big enough to be a mansion, and they also have four tenants living with them. Luna doesn't know what to expect, and is doubting whether or not coming here was for the best.

Quirks or Habits:
  • Enjoys things that can be dangerous
  • Loves to eat things that are spicy or sweet, but can't handle anything sour
  • She tends to tilt her head a fraction when she is surprised or confused
  • She shakes her head when trying to clear it
  • She almost always has her iPod on her
  • Her hand twitches when she's annoyed, angry, or nervous because she's used o having something to fidget with, whether it be a pencil or her iPod or a hair band, etc.
Talent(s): Writing, Sketching, Music (Voice)

Extra: Moon Phase

So begins...

Luna's Story


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#, as written by rikura
(OOC: Adapting from the last 2 paragraphs in the story. Oh! And at the moment, non of the guys know about Luna's situation and only think she's another tenant.)

Luna stood on the front porch of this ridiculously huge, but beautiful, cabin-like mansion, fist up and ready to knock. Suddenly, though, the door swung open and she just had enough time to stop before hitting the woman who'd appeared in the face... exactly where she'd been about to knock. "Oh... um," Luna brought her hand down and clasped both behind her back, looking the woman over. Shorter than her by at least 3 inches and with a good figure for her age, the woman looked to be about 45 or so. Long blond hair cascaded down her back in natural curls, and crystal clear blue eyes looked back into Luna's blue-gray with such warmth and compassion that she was reminded of her mom, but shook the thought away immediately. She sighed. I really needed to get my head out of daydream mode. "...Hi?"

As soon as the words "Oh" "um" and "Hi" escaped her mouth the woman had wrapped her into a tight hug. "Welcome home, Luna." The woman pulled back to give her a once over and a smile lit her face as her eyes met Luna's again. "I'm Rita Thompson. I was your mothers best friend growing up, but you probably don't remember meeting me, do you?"

Luna shook her head. Nope. No memory of you whatsoever.

"Well I do remember you and, my, how you've grown!" Rita turned her attention to what lay behind Luna, frowned, then turned back to the house and yelled, "Boys! Luna's here, so come get her bags. They're in the driveway!"

Then Rita smiled back at her, her voice just as pleasant as before, "Would you like to see your room?" Which Luna replied to with a silent shrug. It wouldn't really be HER room, but still. All she really wanted to do right now was lay down and listen to her music, as boring as that may sound, but she wasn't in a very "up" mood at the moment either.

"Not much of a talker, huh?"
With another shrug from Luna, Mrs. Thompson gave a light laugh, "Well, come on, Hun, you don't want to be caught in the stampede when the boys get out here." With that, Luna was led into the cabin where footsteps seemed to come from every angle . A slight sinking feeling hit her stomach. What have I gotten myself into?


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Michail Thompson

When he heard his mother shouting, he ran from the upstairs down to door. He looked at Luna with curiosity. ”Hi! I'm Michail.” he said with smile. ”Nice to meet you. Are you our new family member? I'm fourteen and Rita's my mother and I like surfing and football.” He turned towards Rita next. ”Oh right. Mom? Can I go out with my friends? They need more people for a football match.” He said everything after each others.


Ryder was going to fix his motorcycle and wasn't wearing anything else expect black jeans. He didn't want to ruin his clothes after all. He had his toolbox in one hand and a towel in another. He heard Rita's shout: "Boys! Luna's here, so come get her bags.” He walked down to door. At the same time Michail rushed down the stairs towards the door. ”Hey! Watch where you're going Kid!” Ryder shouted him playfully.

Ryder went to the door and waited until Michail had introduced himself. He leaned against a wall and nodded to Luna with charming smile. ”Hello there, beauty. I'm Ryder. Or you can call me R.B. if you want. It's nice to have a girl around for a change. Hope you enjoy your time here.”

He went to the yard, placed his toolbox next to the his motorcycle and walked over to the Luna's bags. He grabbed half of them with no problems. ”Which room is hers, Rita?” he asked when walking back to inside with the bags.


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Mikey had been sitting in the same spot for the last five hours, desperately trying to finish the project that was due by the end of the week. He was sitting on a small stool, staring at the dress he'd started and yet to make any progress on. So far all he had was a basic blue base. It was too boring, he needed something else, but he couldn't decide what it was. He was snapped out of his trance when he heard Rita calling for all the boys. Mike stood, deciding that a break might be in his best interest. He took only a second to look in the mirror and straightening his glasses and patting down his long sleeve shirt and jeans.

As he walked down the stairs he already saw R.D. carrying some bags, unable to help but groaning slightly at the thought of heavy lifting. Rather than picking up the rest of the bags like he knew he should do, he walked over to the new tenant. "Hey, new girl right?" Mike smiled glancing down to her clothes, analyzing for a moment, "What size are you? I have some nice clothes that might fit you after a few alterations, Rita could always wear them but honestly they might suit you a bit better. I mean you don't have to, but I do need the practice so If you ever want to I'd be happy to make you something." Mike blabbered on, practically all in the same breath, flushing slightly.