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Shae Hayze

I'm sorry...Did you say something?

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a character in “Moonsetter Circus”, as played by ChaosxChild13



Shaela Adrian Hayze

Nickname or Show-Name:
Shae, Shae does not really have a show name.



Shae is a Medium, she is able to communicate with the spiritual realm. During her performances she will pick specific members from the audience, have them come an sit and she will answer any spiritual questions they may have, or help them contact loved ones who have passed onto the spiritual realm.

On The Outside

Special Markings:
Shae has a lot of piercings on her ears, she has three on her right ear lobe, and two up on her right cartilage, then three on her left cartilage and two on her left ear lobe. She also has a tattoo of a wolf pawprint on her hip with two green wolf eyes peering out of it. She also has her nose pierced on her right side, and normally wears a silver hoop.

She stands about five foot, two inches and weighs in around 115 pounds. Shae would normally be wearing feather earrings, a white flowy [bohemian] style dress, with a few rings on her fingers, and a brown or blue shawl to wrap over her shoulders. She finds comfort in wearing sandals, or no shoes at all normally. She usually makes her own dresses and clothing out of whatever cloth she can buy or find.

Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black.

Eye Color: An extremely bright blue

Weight: 125 pounds

Height: 5'5''


About Me

Shae has a variety of pets, so she ends up tending to them a lot. [She has two cats, two females, Adalynne and Azura a and a tarantula named Priscilla]. She also enjoys making jewelry, candles, dream catchers, and other various things. Shae also really likes to read, write, sing and draw or paint. She finds comfort in the arts because she sees colors, and things, that don't exist, but with the right amount of shading and paint, she hopes to be able to capture a small sliver of her world on paper for others to see.

Her healing stones - Shae has many different meditation stones that help her enhance her abilities.
being alone
herbal teas

When people ask her things about herself
people who try to call her fake
her irrational, anxious thoughts
knowing that the thoughts probably aren't hers, but someone else's thoughts that are trying to reach out to her.
seeing violence -- her past is the reason she hates violence, if she can try to solve something without raising an inch of her temper, it's a good day.
being cold -- she doesn't like the cold one bit, she finds it debilitating.
fear - although fear does not come into her thoughts as much as it used to, Shae is afraid that fear will begin to control her entire being again.

Perceptive, Open Minded, Intelligent, Spiritual.

Due to Shae's gift, she is wise beyond her years, and she is extremely perceptive. Shae is an introvert, she always has been. She finds comfort in animals, long nature/scenic walks, being in her own bubble, reading, writing, and singing. Shae is very into studying, she enjoys studying alchemy [being able to create healing potions, or deadly poisons], astrial projecting [a practice that allows her connection to be stronger to the spiritual realm], and tending to her pets. Shae doesn't necessarily enjoy human contact, due to her history, she's learned that being alone is probably easier because she doesn't think anyone will understand the things that she sees on the daily.

Although Shae doesn't find herself talking to people, she finds people talking to her a lot. Mostly customers, who find the need to tell her their spiritual experiences as well. Her aura brings a certain calmness wherever she may go and people find her comforting to be around. Even though she doesn't enjoy the chitter chatter, she is still extremely open minded to listening to others, because she believes that everyone has something important to say. Shae is spiritual, not religious. She doesn't believe one God is creating all things on Earth, she believes that many different forces are always at work all the time, and Shae -- since she meditates often and is always trying to expand her knowledge -- can almost feel the different forces shift daily.

Shae suffers from anxiety and depression, which is why her meditation and her vices are so important to her; She finds it hard to focus on a conversation for too long because normally something else is whispering in her other ear, or poking her, or just plain bothering her. Shae's gift translates a lot about who she is, and those who understand and are patient might just get her to crack open her shell and be her true self.

Unlike most humans, she does not fear death. She even tells people that if she were to die tomorrow, she would be okay with it. Seeing death everyday has made her less stingy with the idea of leaving and passing into a spiritual realm.

Shae has many people who come into her tent and ask her for a spiritual cleansing, or if they might talk to their dead loved ones, she accepts and it weakens her spiritually because she has to spread out her energy and so what she does to avoid that is she uses her stones and other spiritual objects [as listed in her Power section] and their energies to reenergize herself. She meditates every day for three hours, which increases her abilities and her emotions control a lot of her powers, so she has to be extra careful. Shae is extremely perceptive, and open minded. Things people think are crazy, she will believe them, because she's seen some crazy things herself.

Shae's weakness is that she feels alone. And this makes her detach herself from other people and rarely speak to anyone. For years she had no idea how to even control her gift and it took over a lot when she was younger. Seeing death everyday for a young child was terrifying. She would allow spiritual entities into her world that turned out to be dark forces that sent her into a spiraling depression. She's found comfort in her stones however, and it would be awfully devastating if someone were to steal them. She .

Shae holds seances, spiritual cleansing, and helps others communicate with loved ones who have passed.

Shea's abilities are:
  • She can view ghosts/spirits of deceased and communicate with them, even if they have possessed inanimate objects/subjects/people.
  • Shae's abilities also flow into being able to do spiritual cleansing on people, and places that might be trapped by a demonic force. She does this clearing with proclamations.
  • Shea uses stones, sphere stones [crystal balls], pendulums, proclamations, and her own spiritual energies for anything she does.
    Shae is extremely perceptive to the point where she herself can become open and allow the spirit of a loved one take over her body for a brief moment of communication between the dead and the customer [ie: the loved one].

Shae grew up in a family of five, two parents, and three older sisters. Being the youngest, Shae became very secluded and introverted right off the bat. Shae's first encounter with Spirit was when she was three; she was found talking to herself in her room. She would speak to Spirit, wait, and respond with giggles, or advice. Her parents began to grow concerned. Shae's gift only strengthened from there, she would often be found talking to nothing, and replying back in full conversation. She was tested by doctors and given a lot of different medications to try to fix her "insanity".

But after that, her gifts got stronger so at fourteen she was sent into a mental hospital and she stayed there for three years, getting shock therapy and other kinds of "treatment". She ended up faking her recovery in the mental hospital. On the day of her release, her parents picked her up and took her back to her house. Her sisters had all gone off to study at college, and she was the only child left. Her parents seemed to be afraid of her, for she had become quiet, mundane, almost dull and uninterested.

That's when she decided to leave. She ran away in the dead of night, not stopping... Until she had come over a hill, seeing tents set up, and lights strung from trees... The Cirque called her name... As she drew near, she was greeted by circus freaks, and the ring leader allowed her to stay. Shae soon became the Cirque's Medium.

Face Claim: Michiko Malandro


Brink - "I like Brink... He seems nervous around me though... Which is understandable I suppose... We do tend to get along on good days though."

Angelo - "Angelo is like the younger brother I never had. He tends to get on my nerve sometimes with his sarcasm, but I learned that's how he deals with things."

So begins...

Shae Hayze's Story

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It had been a year sense the circus was in such a state of buzz but it was a welcome feeling by most. After a long break of practice's and construction they were finally back in action. Of course thing's were different now, some old friends were gone and the circus no longer traveled, there was a new ringmaster, but for the most part everyone seemed fine with the changes. The anxiety however was another thing that no one seemed fine with. Like there name-sake and there history The Moonsetter Circus would perform at night, and starting at 9pm people were allowed to arrive but the show did not begin until 10pm at which point it ran until 1am a somewhat skewed schedule by most peoples standing but this was the norm for the circus. In fact because of this odd schedule most performers would not wake up until 12 in the afternoon. But because this was /the/ grand re-opening day everything was allot more hectic. People were waking up at weird times for extra practice, costumes were getting pulled out of trunks, routines perfected, the stage cleaned and then cleaned again. Yes it had been quite some time sense the circus was found in such a state but it was welcome indeed...

Angelo Orpheus was definitely the younger brother but at times he did not feel like it... And this was one of those times. It was currently 11:35am, a time that was usually calm with the staff and performers slowly trickling into the kitchen for there breakfast? lunch? brunch? However because today was the grand re-opening Angelo was moving his way around people who came into the kitchen/dining room before promptly leaving again without explanation, no one it seemed care to just sit down for 5 minutes and eat something. And of course Brink was not even up yet. Letting out a sigh of exasperation Angelo practically barked at the next worker coming in, flames actually left his mouth this time as he told the worker to either sit down and eat or go somewhere else. Luckily the flames seemed to make his point clear and the worker was quickly sitting down at one of the many tables. Letting out a long sigh that looked more like a puff of flame Angelo got back to work finishing up the last few pancakes. After all because of the strange eating schedule Angelo often found himself making breakfast and lunch together to keep everyone happy.

Angelo was just setting down the last few plates of food when the clock chimed 12, officially it was 'lunchtime' and more of the actual performers would come in from training or sleep to sit down for awhile. Lunchtime also meant that Brink would finally stagger in, no doubt dressed but his hair still a mess. Angelo questioned why he kept it long if he had no idea how to brush or style the damn purple mop. But if he was honest with himself he was somewhat flattered that he was trusted with the task of caring for his brothers long hair. Opening the drawer he kept especially for hair supplies Angelo plucked a bobby pin, a brush, and a hair tye, he was thinking of just going with Brink's signature high ponytail for today. As if on cue Brink walked in and stumbled to his spot before lazily picking out food for his meal. Snickering Angelo did not hesitate to walk up behind his brother and begin brushing out his long hair.

"I take it this morning was rough on you?"

Angelo glanced down at Brink before letting out another fiery sigh. Brink only nodded in understanding before going back to his food. There communication was often like this is the morning. Brink would ask questions and Angelo would respond with a quiet sign of either frustration or amusement, and today was definitely the latter. Angelo finished brushing through the knots in Brink's hair before he began the styling process. It was nice that even on the most crazy of days they would still do this, it was also nice that Brink's hair seemed to captivate and quiet the more easily hypnotized members of staff into starring like love struck fish. Not that Brink was aware of any of it. Letting out a sigh of content as for the moment all was quiet but Angelo was more then aware that this would not last forever, hell he'd be surprised if it lasted 10 more minutes. Sensing his tensity Brink turned back and gave him a comforting smile. After all the two brothers had survived this far together, surely they could survive one day chaos...

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Nervous... aching... anxious... petrified...

Merely a few words to describe the young blondette's feelings this morning. Despite having a decent sleep, and a wonderful dream, she felt sick to her stomach. There were knots and the sensation of constant churning. Normal symptoms of extreme anxiety. Ashlynn flickered her eyes open and rested her hand on her stomach, only to see her room now lit up with the sunbeams that peaked through her window. She took in a sharp breath as she rolled onto her back, trying her best to wake up so she can prepare for the day. As they always say, easier said than done.

Ashlynn slowly sat up and brushed her hair back with her fingers. She had been practicing her dance for almost a month by now. It was a story that was told through complete body language, about a girl who had tried so hard to please others, she ended up destroying herself in the process. In the end, when it seems like all hope is lost for the young child, she finds away to make everyone, including herself, satisfied and slowly builds herself up once more. A true masterpiece, really. The blondette's stories would always have to be somewhat saddening. I mean, c'mon, who ever heard of a completely happy story where your limbs go limp and distorted? It didn't seem to bother the audience though, not even Ashlynn herself.

The girl slowly trotted to her wardrobe, throwing the doors open and pulling out her costume. There, Ashlynn gently laid it out across her bed and smoothed out the wrinkles. It was a layered, frilly salmon dress. It signaled traits of purity (The white trim) and love (pink base), however, the layers told that she was able to do anything to gain more of it. After admiring her costume for a few moments, the blondette pulled off her nightgown, and returned to her wardrobe.

Ashlynn dressed in a simple, blue teacup dress. She slipped on her hair accessories, and then looked herself over in the mirror. After nodding in approval, she opened her door and made her way down towards the kitchen, only to see she was not the only one up this early.

The girl grunted slightly, taking a step back in almost a shocked state. Then again, she really should not be surprised. It was a important day, people were up early, it's only natural. Ashlynn rolled her jaw as she processed this, and decided she'd prepare a cup of tea this morning instead of her regular coffee. The blondette opened the cabinets and pulled out her personal tea bags, already filling the tea kettle with water. She glanced around timidly at everyone else in the room, then cleared her throat. "... Go... Good morning." Ashlynn's voice cracked as she spoke up.

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"Wait..." Shae tried to speak out, but her voice got lost in the dusty sandstorm. Winds whipped around her, the grey color spectrum seemed to mess with her eyes. Shadows flickered this way and that as she tried to make out the figure standing out in the distance.

"Another time, Shaela." The figure's voice rumbled through her head, breaking all mental barriers Shaela had ever put up. The entity seemed to float further and further. Shaela picked up her feet, but felt as if she were moving through jello...

"Please..." A whisper caught in her throat as she choked on her own words. Beads of sweat ran down her face, her hand reaching out, as if it would help her get closer.

"Another time."

A great tornado of sand whipped in front of her face and she cringed, blinded by the sands pelting force. The whole world went black...

Gasping for air and flying up in bed, Shaela's eyes adjusted to her familiar room. Sunlight spilled through the white, wispy curtains as she took in deep breaths in through her nose and out through her mouth.

"What a nightmare..." She muttered, flopping back onto her pillows, a whooshing sound following her as she sunk into the comfort of her bed.

Shae dared not close her eyes again, so she laid there, staring at her ceiling; the anxiety of the dream still chilled her bones.

A disgruntled meow comes from the side of the bed as her cat, Azura, stretched from her slumber. Shae reached over, her hand gently resting on Azura's head and she gives her ear a good scratching. Azura's eyes flickered over to Shae as she playfully pawed at Shae's hand, attempting to nibble at it.

"How'd you sleep?" She asked, their eyes meeting for a moment. Azura's eyes rolled, with a large sigh, as she flopped onto her side.

Sighing, the medium rubs the cat's belly, "Yeah... Me too...."

Turning over to her side, Shae ran her hand through her dark hair and grabbed the journal that sat upon her bedside table. Opening it up to a fresh page, she grabbed a pen and began to write down the synopsis of her dream. The medium thought it was interesting to look at patterns in her dreams, and often put a lot of effort into interpreting them so she would have a better understanding of herself.

As Shae jotted down main points in her dream, her other cat came and flopped over her journal.

"Addy..." Shae gently scolded, attempting to push the cat off with struggle.

"My god, you're getting fat..." She grunted towards the cat and Adalynne's eyes widened, as if offended.

"Well if you didn't eat so much this wouldn't be a problem!" Shae exclaimed, and Adalynne gave her a blank stare.

Picking Adalynne up, Shae plopped her on the bed and pulled off the covers. Her feet were greeted by the cool wood floor and she shuffled over to her dresser.

After throwing on a pair of pants and a knitted sweater she had made, Shaela made her way downstairs.

It was time for a cup of tea.

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When Ashlynn and Shae came in, it was only Brink who acknowledged them giving a small shy 'good-morning.' Angelo on the other hand was too busy carefully brushing out a knot in his brothers hair to say much instead he only nodded and for now that was good enough. By the time Leo came in however Angelo was just tightening the high pony tail which was just in time because when the noise of over eager chatter hit Brink's ears the purple haired sibling allowed his head to fall quite gracelessly down onto the table with a rather loud thud. Angelo snickered and set the brush down.

"Careful Leo, that ones got fangs." Angelo beamed cheekily. "He's also been here longer then you and that means he's got me and Brink's favor. So if he bites I saw nothing." Angelo gave Fraener a playful wink. Something he had started doing recently sense they were good friends. True Leo was also his friend but he was bordering on big brother territory and that would just make things weird. Slipping back into the kitchen Angelo quickly pored a cup of coffee before walking back and placing it in front of Brink like a peace offering. It seemed to work as the older Orpheus finally lifted his head and took the cup downing it quickly.

Finally Brink seemed to have the courage to actually do something. Sitting up slowly Brink sighed. "Frae please don't listen to Angelo biting someone would not end well... Not today at least." Quickly rubbing his temples the older Orpheus side. "So... Is everything good for today? No problems?" Angelo knew the question was directed at him and he snorted.

"Brink there's always problems."

"But nothing severe? No one in need of a medic."

"That depends has Spade jumped off the roof lately?"

"Oh god the roof... Oh god Spade!"

And with that Brink was off to try and track down the man. Angelo could not help but chuckle as this was all fairly normal protocol at the circus, in fact you could usually tell if something was wrong if Brink wasn't chasing after someone. Picking up Brinks empty cup and plate Angelo walked back to the kitchen to set them down as well as put away the brush.

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As she came downstairs, Brink acknowledged her with a soft 'good morning'; a genuine smile perked up the corners of her mouth and she nodded back to him. Not wanting to seem too enthusiastic, her eyes float back down to the floor as she made her way into the kitchen.

Shae was still a bit disoriented as the conversation erupted as more people came downstairs. Quietly, Shae grabbed a tea mug from the kitchen cabinet and poured herself a cup of hot water. Rummaging through her teas she picked a white ginger peach tea and placed the tea bag into the water.

With a sigh, her eyes flickered this way and that as she tried to decide what to eat for breakfast...

She could have a bagel? Maybe some fruit...

Restless, the brunette picked out an apple and began to slice it into thin pieces, setting them in a circle on a plate. She then grabbed the peanut butter from the fridge and scooped it out with a spoon, placing the peanut butter in the middle of the apple slices.

Picking up her plate and her tea cup, she turned to the breakfast table, which was already being crowded by people. Her bright blue eyes scanned the group as she located a place to sit. Their auras swiveled and swirled about, all the colors clashing and vibrating against each other. Blinking rapidly for a moment, Shae shook her head, as if the over-stimulation might subside.

But, as usual, it never did.

Shuffling over to the table, Shae kept her head down, her dark hair falling over her face. She took a seat at the edge of the table and placed her tea cup to her right and the plate down in front of her.

She stopped for a moment, staring at the steam coming off of her tea as it steeped, the colors swirling downward towards the bottom of the mug. After a moment of silence, she took a deep breath and grabbed one of her apple slices, dipping it in the perfect peanut butter mound.

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Glamor's head began to ache as Leo prattled on and on. She groaned like she was in pain, maintaining her air of nobility the entire time. Then a rehearsed smile painted her delicate features as Ashlynn came and sat next to her and by Heaven. It was a shame, if only Heaven were interested in women, she would actually tolerate him dating Ashlynn.

"Ashlynn dear, you look absolutely adorable this morning, now don't lie. How long did it take to get ready? Three hours? Ha-ha!" Glamor laughed in her high pitched sweet voice as she winded down she patted the young lady's hand with a reassuring smile. However true to form for Glamor underneath the smile was a vicious tigress ready to pounce.

Hearing Leo's buffoonish remarks on being "ready" for performance. Glamor snorted and then practically cackled, her refinement fraying slightly. Her eyes intensely judging the newbie.

"Listen here pussy-cat! Heaven and I are always ready for a show, no matter what. You are an amateur so, I'll let it slide this time. Next time you won't be so lucky." Glamor's face had been twisted into a scowl of disapproval, then with a slight twitch her practiced smile returned, stronger than ever.


Heaven smirked at Frae's remark and clicked his tongue softly, Frae was in rare form today. Then Ashlynn came and sat with him and Glamor, looking over at her Heaven smiled his most friendly smile and unlike Glamor his smile was real.

"Why good morning Ashlynn, that costume you chose today is beautiful!" Heaven said tilting his head slightly and clapping his hands together with his signature grin. Heaven heard Glamor bashing Leo and sighed.

"Yes Leo dear, we're ready. Are you? Is this your fist performance at this circus? I honestly don't think I've ever seen your show. If I see yours. . . Will you come see mine? I'm pretty good at what I do you know Kitty." With that Heaven's grin turned mischievous before he went back to laughing softly over his food.

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Angelo could tell it was going to be one those days. It was barely a half hour into lunch time and already people were having small spats, getting over them, talking to excitedly and flirting. Seriously if Spade did not throw himself off of something today. Angelo would. Going back to cutting chocolate Angelo mentally went over the list of ingredients and the steps necessary to make the dessert he had planned. He'd been working on it sense yesterday and it was annoyingly complex. Some ingredients had to rest others had to be fresh.And it all had to be ready for tonight. After all what is a grand re-opening if the workers and performers did not get spoiled with a magnificent desert (dessert? god french brain moment). Angelo was so caught up in his work that he barely noticed Frae come in to steal a few pastries until he was on his way out. He gave Angelo and wink and Angelo gave him a puff of flame.

That was another reason Angelo wanted to jump off a building. More then a few people at the circus seemed to believe that if Angelo was breathing fire he was angry or flirting. And although that wasn't wrong it definitely wasn't right. Angelo could breathe fire at any time or moment it would escape his mouth however whenever one emotion got even a little over-zealous. If he was having a great day and was happy, fire would come out of his mouth. If he was joking, there would be fire. Angry? In that case it was blue flame but still. The only emotion that did not elicit flames was sadness well usually. If he was down in the dumps it would in fact have the opposite effect where his internal flame who stop and he'd cool down. So really when people rolled there eyes at Angelo's comments he wanted to roll there necks. After all he meant it quite seriously when he told people not to play with fire or they'd get burned. It had happened once, and it could happen again.

Finishing up the chocolate Angelo looked out the open window dividing the kitchen and dinning room. It all seemed calm... Enough for the circus anyway, though Ashlynn was leaving somewhat early, no doubt to go practice and prepare. But yes all was good. So Angelo felt no reason to hold onto his irritation and he let it out in a long sigh of blue flames. He felt better with just that and decided to take a short break and join Shae she was after all like a big sister and she tended to help Angelo calm down when he was tense, and he needed as much calm and balance in his life or he really might end up burning someone... Again. Shaking out any negative memories Angelo grabbed his own plate of food and made his way toward Shae. She could normally sense when Angelo was looking for a chill pill so he did not say much only gave a cheeky grin to cover his feelings and a cheekier good morning to cover his thoughts. "Morning big sis!"

Brink could not help but blush at Spade's word. "I'm flattered really... But even if I'm the one capable of harm you really should be more careful Spade. Or your going to be the one sending me to an early grave." As much as Brink tried to make it sound lighthearted. There was allot more truth weighing on those words then he would admit out loud. Out of everyone in the circus Spade had to be the one who was sent to the medics office the most. Because healing abilities or not, there was no way Brink was letting him go un-checked. Which proved to be a good thing because Spade was always breaking his damn legs and then forgetting to re-set them.

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Shae continued to eat her apple slices in a very methodical order: starting from the top of the circle and working her way clockwise. Keeping her eyes down at her food, she simply let conversations float past her. Words and phrases seemed to pass like smoke, slowly fading away into nothing.

The crowd seemed to have died down a bit, which made the medium a bit more at ease with herself.

Psst... A voice tapped into her energy field and Shae's eyes shot up for a moment... A flicker of dark blue whizzed past her to the left and faded away.

Shaking off the strange vibrations, Shae picked up her tea, taking a deep breath of the steam, and sipping it lightly. Ignoring the entity was probably best... most spirits weren't trying to get her attention to talk about the weather, or something nice.

PSSST... I know you hear me... The voice rang again, louder this time. Shae slammed down her cup for a moment, feeling agitation bubble inside of her; her eyes locked on the peanut butter mound in the middle of her plate... At least it was something to focus on. Her knuckles began to turn white as they gripped onto the cup and she felt a poke in her side. The middle of her forehead began to pound uncontrollably, and she placed her hand over her forehead, as if it might cease the pain.

'Just ignore it.' She repeated to herself a few times, taking deep breaths in through her nose and out through her mouth. Closing her eyes for a moment, she began to mentally recite a spiritual cleansing and all her symptoms began to subside.

"Morning big sis!" Angelo's voice rang through her ears and her eyes whipped open. The brunette turned her head over to Angelo and a smile brightened her face. Shaela, after many years, had learned to let go of irritation easily because she realized it was not healthy for one to hold onto feelings of negativity; and to be honest, she was glad to see Angelo, he normally helped her keep from spinning out of control, or being silent for too long.

"Good morning, Angelo." She nodded calmly, studying him for a good moment; his aura flickered between blue and red, with a hint of gold, yet the red was more vibrant than usual. Shae's eyebrows furrowed with concern.

"Everything alright?" The girl tilted her head to the side for a moment.

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Angelo could not help the smile that crossed his face. He had not even been sitting a good minute and Shae could already tell something was up. Letting out a small puff of blue flame Angelo knew that's all it would take to get his message across. He was stressed and worried. He knew that all the performers were more then capable of doing there acts but that did not stop the stress from eating its way into his mind. Brink being the worry wart he was did not help. His constant concerns were starting to effect Angelo... Now he was beginning to chase after people and god he needed a break. But he could take one tomorrow. Today he just needed to survive without burning anyone and finish his dessert. And maybe keep Brink sane because god knows if he was having trouble today then no doubt his older brother was pulling out his hair.

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