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Moonsetter Circus

Moonsetter Circus Mansion


a part of Moonsetter Circus, by Fantastical-Ducks.


Fantastical-Ducks holds sovereignty over Moonsetter Circus Mansion, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Moonsetter Circus Mansion is a part of Moonsetter Circus.

12 Characters Here

Heaven [18] "I am flawless! Just like Glamor."
Angelo Orpheus [17] "There's a reason they say you shoun't play with fire."
Glamor [16] "Everything I do is flawlessly elegant. . ."
Ashlynn [15] "Oh? Did that happen? It appears to of slipped my memory..."
Brink Orpheus [12] "Welcome one and all to the Moonsetter Circus!"
Leo Polymorphus [11] "Time is like a Circus, always packing up and moving away..." {WIP}
Shae Hayze [9] I'm sorry...Did you say something?
Catherine Elthia Brishen [1] A bit of a WIP! :) "I've felt love, caught glimpses of it from contact with others, but I've never experienced it."

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Ashlynn was surprised as she felt Glamour's touch. She hated physical contact, she knew that. Sometimes the thought would slip her mind, but she knew. The blondette slowly set her cup down as she turned to Glamour with soft eyes.

By the end of her story, the blondette was on the brink of crying. She was always such a wuss over things like this. She wiped her eyes with her hand and sniffled. "W... Wow..." She choked out. "That's... that's very inspiring... and it makes me feel happy that you're able to tell me that.." Ashlynn added on, standing up and taking in a deep breath. "R... Right! I won't fail you, I promise!" She said firmly with a determined frown. Soon, she disappeared from the kitchen, leaving her drink in her spot to become cold.

That is, until she came back and picked it up. "If you'll excuse me..." She whispered, her confidence gone in her voice, but still beamed in her eyes. Then, Ashlynn left for good.

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Angelo could tell it was going to be one those days. It was barely a half hour into lunch time and already people were having small spats, getting over them, talking to excitedly and flirting. Seriously if Spade did not throw himself off of something today. Angelo would. Going back to cutting chocolate Angelo mentally went over the list of ingredients and the steps necessary to make the dessert he had planned. He'd been working on it sense yesterday and it was annoyingly complex. Some ingredients had to rest others had to be fresh.And it all had to be ready for tonight. After all what is a grand re-opening if the workers and performers did not get spoiled with a magnificent desert (dessert? god french brain moment). Angelo was so caught up in his work that he barely noticed Frae come in to steal a few pastries until he was on his way out. He gave Angelo and wink and Angelo gave him a puff of flame.

That was another reason Angelo wanted to jump off a building. More then a few people at the circus seemed to believe that if Angelo was breathing fire he was angry or flirting. And although that wasn't wrong it definitely wasn't right. Angelo could breathe fire at any time or moment it would escape his mouth however whenever one emotion got even a little over-zealous. If he was having a great day and was happy, fire would come out of his mouth. If he was joking, there would be fire. Angry? In that case it was blue flame but still. The only emotion that did not elicit flames was sadness well usually. If he was down in the dumps it would in fact have the opposite effect where his internal flame who stop and he'd cool down. So really when people rolled there eyes at Angelo's comments he wanted to roll there necks. After all he meant it quite seriously when he told people not to play with fire or they'd get burned. It had happened once, and it could happen again.

Finishing up the chocolate Angelo looked out the open window dividing the kitchen and dinning room. It all seemed calm... Enough for the circus anyway, though Ashlynn was leaving somewhat early, no doubt to go practice and prepare. But yes all was good. So Angelo felt no reason to hold onto his irritation and he let it out in a long sigh of blue flames. He felt better with just that and decided to take a short break and join Shae she was after all like a big sister and she tended to help Angelo calm down when he was tense, and he needed as much calm and balance in his life or he really might end up burning someone... Again. Shaking out any negative memories Angelo grabbed his own plate of food and made his way toward Shae. She could normally sense when Angelo was looking for a chill pill so he did not say much only gave a cheeky grin to cover his feelings and a cheekier good morning to cover his thoughts. "Morning big sis!"

Brink could not help but blush at Spade's word. "I'm flattered really... But even if I'm the one capable of harm you really should be more careful Spade. Or your going to be the one sending me to an early grave." As much as Brink tried to make it sound lighthearted. There was allot more truth weighing on those words then he would admit out loud. Out of everyone in the circus Spade had to be the one who was sent to the medics office the most. Because healing abilities or not, there was no way Brink was letting him go un-checked. Which proved to be a good thing because Spade was always breaking his damn legs and then forgetting to re-set them.

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Shae continued to eat her apple slices in a very methodical order: starting from the top of the circle and working her way clockwise. Keeping her eyes down at her food, she simply let conversations float past her. Words and phrases seemed to pass like smoke, slowly fading away into nothing.

The crowd seemed to have died down a bit, which made the medium a bit more at ease with herself.

Psst... A voice tapped into her energy field and Shae's eyes shot up for a moment... A flicker of dark blue whizzed past her to the left and faded away.

Shaking off the strange vibrations, Shae picked up her tea, taking a deep breath of the steam, and sipping it lightly. Ignoring the entity was probably best... most spirits weren't trying to get her attention to talk about the weather, or something nice.

PSSST... I know you hear me... The voice rang again, louder this time. Shae slammed down her cup for a moment, feeling agitation bubble inside of her; her eyes locked on the peanut butter mound in the middle of her plate... At least it was something to focus on. Her knuckles began to turn white as they gripped onto the cup and she felt a poke in her side. The middle of her forehead began to pound uncontrollably, and she placed her hand over her forehead, as if it might cease the pain.

'Just ignore it.' She repeated to herself a few times, taking deep breaths in through her nose and out through her mouth. Closing her eyes for a moment, she began to mentally recite a spiritual cleansing and all her symptoms began to subside.

"Morning big sis!" Angelo's voice rang through her ears and her eyes whipped open. The brunette turned her head over to Angelo and a smile brightened her face. Shaela, after many years, had learned to let go of irritation easily because she realized it was not healthy for one to hold onto feelings of negativity; and to be honest, she was glad to see Angelo, he normally helped her keep from spinning out of control, or being silent for too long.

"Good morning, Angelo." She nodded calmly, studying him for a good moment; his aura flickered between blue and red, with a hint of gold, yet the red was more vibrant than usual. Shae's eyebrows furrowed with concern.

"Everything alright?" The girl tilted her head to the side for a moment.

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Angelo could not help the smile that crossed his face. He had not even been sitting a good minute and Shae could already tell something was up. Letting out a small puff of blue flame Angelo knew that's all it would take to get his message across. He was stressed and worried. He knew that all the performers were more then capable of doing there acts but that did not stop the stress from eating its way into his mind. Brink being the worry wart he was did not help. His constant concerns were starting to effect Angelo... Now he was beginning to chase after people and god he needed a break. But he could take one tomorrow. Today he just needed to survive without burning anyone and finish his dessert. And maybe keep Brink sane because god knows if he was having trouble today then no doubt his older brother was pulling out his hair.

(God the site is glitching really bad sorry I can't give more to work with.)

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Catherine, the newfound doctor of Moonsetter Circus, had woken to a face full of sunlight this morning. So either she'd forgotten to completely shut her curtains, or someone had inched them open. Well, either way, she felt happy enough, walking down the halls and quietly greeting those she passed. Her jeans were long enough that her heel stepped on them, and her tank top left her arms bare except for the thin, blue gloves she donned. It was odd for her to have as much skin showing but her cardigans were all being washed and she wanted to wear something light.

As she entered the dining room she knew she wasn't hungry, but she'd have to have at least something, and she settled on a coffee... with lots of cream and sugar. For a doctor she really wasn't the healthiest eater, but it wasn't as if she naturally got sick. She could get injured, poisoned, have an illness purposely given to her and she'd have to get someone else's help as she couldn't help herself, but she couldn't naturally get sick. She pondered this, as she had many times, and prepared her coffee one of the ways she liked it, sweet and creamy. She stood there as she waited for it to finish, an almost dazed look as her eyes wandered to nowhere and her thoughts went with them. The air felt abuss wth many things. Excitement. Worry. Glee. And a bit of... something else.