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Morals and Faith

Morals and Faith


For we fear what we don't know and thus hunt down that what we don't know.

346 readers have visited Morals and Faith since Wawa created it.


A little history.

The templars, the order of the temple, poor fellow soldiers of Christ of the temple of Solomon or Knights templar.

A few names that were given to the templars. They who had sworn to protect the pelgrims on their path to the Holy city Jeruzalem, they who were thought to be ended.
The last Grand Master of the kinghts templar, Jacques de Molay was burned to death in 1314.

Under the pressure of Pope Clement V who ordered them to dissolve before the dead sentence of their last Grand Master the Templars all scattered and hide. Only to be forgotten and to dust away in the history of the dark middle ages.

That didn't mean that they had given up...

In a world were one has forgotten how to pray, were the faith of a greater force has faden away.
A world that is downgrading itself thanks to a power called 'Humanity'.

The name of the templars has faden away, but it will make it's comeback.
The question is... What form will it take?

Being born, dieng of age. Studieng and getting a job, falling in love and making enemies.
It pretty much describes how humans spend their days and lives.

The time that we relied on religion has gone away, for that in place we have technology.
Most of them has forgotten how to pray, instead of that they will look up onto the sky and make a wish when they see a falling star.

Everyone is questioning the existence of a greater force whenever they watch the news.
And everyone regrets one or two things they have done in live.

But no one realises how short our lives are.
No one seems to stand still and think that it wasn't that long ago that we all went to church because we had to.
In the modern times only childeren will be forced to go to church by their parents, the adults are allowed to decide wether they continue to pass down the morals and faith of the religion.
It has been generations since they have been forced to go, but it only has been a blink of a eye for history.

Before the disappearance of the Templars their job was to protect the pelgrims on their way to the holy city.

But only a selected few knew about their second role...

The role to protect us from a entity.
The devil himself, Satan and his minions known as the demons.

The Templars were also known as the exorcists.
And each member had a power that could be grouped into other ranks.

But as humans fear the unknown the Order of the temple were forced to disperce, thus ending their story.
Their secrets and their fame, their work and their faith were buried away.

And now that the Templars has disappeared two new groups reappear.
Both claim to be the succesors of the Order of the Temple.
Both have a different vision of moral and faith.
Both also have a different and clashing view of the world.

The groups

The flower of pride, amaryllis.
The symbol of the first group who call themselves the succesors of the Templars.
A rather young group, but strong and fierce when it must be.
Their loyality lies with their pride and they fight to protect that pride.

Protect the humans and protect your faith, protect your morals and protect your pride.

Losing is not a option, but when it happens...
Make sure you have given it your all so that you can live up your pride.


[Open] Male - Leader - Alchemist
[Open] Female - Second hand - Healer
[Taken] Female - Oracle
[Open] Male - Caster

Hollyhock the flower of ambition.
It symbolizes the oldest group who tries to prove their position as the succesor of the Order of the temple.
Feared by the opposition and with a reason. The hollyhock fights for their ambition.
Their shared dream is what drives them, their morals is what keeps them standing.
Their ambition is to make the world known that they have been fighting and protecting, their striving is to recreate a place were everyone fights.

Once you choose this path their is no way back. If you fear pain, darkness or losing you are a fool, if you attach yourself to emotion, material things and to live itself you are to weak.
But if you can't show sympathy to these who needed, you don't have the ambition to be worth anything.


[Open] Female - Leader - Caster
[Open] Male - Second hand - Oracle
[Open] Female - Alchemist
[Open] Male - Healer

Explaination of the ranks

|| Next to the characters you can see the ranks and roles they have inside their respective groups. Here a little explaination over how this works.

A little note beforehand.
All of the members are skilled in sword fencing/fighting and hand to hand combat.
The one maybe more talented than the other and the one can be stronger out of strength, but aside from that they also have a special ability that they have mastered. ||

Caster - A long training went before. Spells, creating barriers, they can. This is a skill mainly based on fights and action, your mental strength and physical strength should be on one line do you want to master this skill perfectly. A caster is useally focussed on one or two elements, a human body is to weak to carry more than one element, but there are a few caster's in history who are known to have two elements. But for that a price is to be paid that also caused their deaths.

Elements of the Caster:

- Fire - 'Life' is the key word of this element. You can cause destruction with fire and you can give life with fire, but you can't protect with fire as it can't be tamed. The price you need to pay for fire is great, a sacrifice of someone that holds your heart is to be needed to gain this as a second element.

- Water - 'Calmth' is what you will need with water. Fierce as it can be sometimes you need to keep your emotions and thoughts in control before you do something you will regret. The price for water as your second element is despair as you need to drag someone down who you wanted to see to shine, so that you will carry that regret on your shoulders for the choice you have made.

- Earth - 'Strength' both mentally and physically. You need it both to hold stand to this rough element. Chains will bind you to the earth as the bonds you create can never be cut, there is no time to look back and no time to stop. Just go on and seek for the future. Today isn't yesterday and tomorrow will never come, the price you have to pay for this element is the spilled chance of ever finding a true bond, the choices you made in the past will affect your future and you will never escape that fact. So if you decide for earth choose your path wisely.

- Air - The most essential element of our live. We need it to breath and we need it to feel free. 'Freedom' is for that reason the key of the power. A soul needs to be free and specially the souls who chooses this element. Always flowing, breathing and traveling over. Watching over and observing these around you. Taking in once elegance and maybe even take it away. A cool breeze or a cutting cold wind that blows around you, everything is up to you and what you will do. The price of the wind is freedom, you will be given the freedom of the world, but once the wind calls for you, you need to leave. Bonds are a dangerous aspect for this element as it will bind you to a specific place, but air never stays at one place for long.

- Light - After travelling trough a dark passage of live a light is seen at the end, 'hope'. That is the keyword of light. The Caster's who bear this element carry hope with them, their wishes and their dreams are all united for this element. Sometimes the light is only a flickering flame that can disappear when not feeded enough hope, sometimes the light is overpowering giving others around them confidence. Whatever it may be the price is great, dreams are meant to be sacrificed in once human live and in order to gain this light of hope you need to give up that what you dream of the most.

- Shadow - Safe in a corner and hiding from all the other, shadow is the element the hardest to be noticed. One tends to overlook this element and some may even fear the darkness. 'Safety' is what the triggers this element, cause a shadow will always follow you and never betray you. The price for this element will make you feel unsure of your own life as you will be constant prey of enemies. Shadow might be plain and unnoticed, but a Caster bearing this element will be forever recongized.

- Sound - Calming people or provocing them. Music is all round us and we get confronted by it everyday, the deaf don't know what they miss but they can feel it. The blind can't see what they miss but still hear it and so we can go on. Sound is what help us in everyday life and music is what we hear everyday. But live also brings 'fear' and that is what is central inside this element. Fearing one is common between people, but for these who bear this sign must have a iron mind. Their fear will slip trough every hole of their being, their minds will be tricked to believe that their best friends are their worst enemies and their powers will get out of controll once that fear grows to strong.

Oracle - The wisest andthe most detested by humans. No one can see the future, despite the fact that everyone believes a Oracle predicts the future they don't. Based on observations and based on what the information they take in they can tell what will happen. But if it is accurate is the question to be asked. They are useally found as childeren who saw predications inside their dreams, but this skill is only found as a child as the ability will go to waste when they grow up. As a Oracle grows older they useally trigger the ability to read the thoughts of one, though this is useally disabled by the fact that the Caster's are able to cast a spell to prevend this they can still pick up a lot form their aroundings.

Healer - As the name says it they heal. They have the greatest knowlenge on the anatomy of the human and they also have been trained for a long time. Their power is similair to reiki but more effective and greater in strength. Healer's are useally long range fighters and have also the greatest speed since they need to protect themselves and make sure that no power is unecessary wasted on their wounds. No elements are bound to this class but a great amount of will and a iron stomache isn't something to be overlooked.

Alchemist - Their knowlenge lies in plants and herbs. They can just like the caster do spells, but their strength is below that of a Caster's standard. They can mix drinks, venoms and antidotes to create a greater power, they can together with these mixtures heal like the Healer's does, but less effective and with more downsides. The power that makes them different from everyone else and maybe also the most difficultest to grasp is maybe for the fact that they can create something in exchange for a price. Spending days between the books and maybe seclusion out of the rest of the world to make them as objective as possible is maybe the reason why the class of Alchemist is one of the smaller groups. They can't be trained by others, everything is up to yourself once you decide to follow this path.


Make it look as nice as possible !!! I should add in that I take quality over quantity and that I will choose a banner over a picture any time. Do whatever you think that it takes to impress me, by stay creative and do not steal the ideas of others.



Age: [Keep it realistic]

Class:[See above]
Team + rank: [See above]
Element: [Only for the class of Caster. Maximum of two elements.]

Weapons: [Optional maximum of three]
Abilities: [See above]

Biography: [Details are a must]
Personality: [Details are a must]

Why are you the succesor of the Templars?: [Don't be lazy and say 'see biography' i want you to work on it.]
How did you discover your powers?: [Don't be lazy and say 'see biography' work it out...]
Price you had to pay: [Is only relevant for the class of Caster, but the other classes are also allowed to fill it in. See the elements for more information.]

What are your morals?:
Were does your faith lay?:
What is you pride/ambition?: [Depends on wich group you are siding with... See above for more information.]


Fears: [At least one]
Strength: [Maximum of three]

Talents: [Maximum of three]
Flaws: [At least two]

Social class: [Middle, worker, noble etc..?]
Occupation: [Your job asside from the story?]

Others:[Anything we need to know?]
Banner: [Anime picture and if you just refer to your character's avatar it is alright as well..]

[Delete everything between the brackets.. Or use it as a reference to your character.. I want all of this information to be seen...

Toggle Rules

- No powerplaying or godmodding.

- If you want to be treated with respect, show respect for the others.

- Keep the romance and violence down, if you want to go farther than kissing then continue one on one in PM... We want this to stay a comfortable place for others right?

- Do not kill characters without the permission of the others.

- By inactivity your character will be killed after the votings of the still active players.

- Keep yourself to the forum rules.

- Please no one liners, I'm trying to create a semi literate role play here.

- If you are gone for a while PM me and these you role play with.

- Skeleton competition are allowed, but know when you need to stop.

- Have fun, enjoy yourself and i will see you in the opening of the RP...

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Alright then, I'll take the male caster. As to send a PM, you need to have 10 Forum posts in order to even send one. It's a anti spam measure.

Re: Morals and Faith

cheater0611 wrote:I am interested in this roleplay. I was wondering if a Caster could have opposing elements, Example would be Fire and Water, Earth and Air, and Shadow and Light.

Yes, you are, as long as you keep in mind that there is a price to pay for the usage of each element so that means that you need to have your character paid the two prices as well in order to obtain them.

And @ Roku Mushabuki : Yes, you are allowed to have a healer who uses a crossbow. Just make and create a character you like and I will take a look at it... Sorry for the inconvience of answering here, but I've no idea how to reply in the private messages. Though I have no idea as off yet.

Re: Morals and Faith

I am interested in this roleplay. I was wondering if a Caster could have opposing elements, Example would be Fire and Water, Earth and Air, and Shadow and Light.

Morals and Faith

If there are any questions you may post them here and I will try to answer the best as I can.

Again I will try to repeat to respect the others and that this is merely for the Out of character questions. Note that this one is related to the role play and thus anything that isn't related to the role play will not be posted here but discussed over in the PM. With who ever that may be you are allowed to choose for yourself, but I doubt that any of you will violate these rules.

Now a lot of ranting from a newcomer like me on this site but I've to say, my stay at Otakuzone has caused me to expect highly from these around me and thus I will go for that standard.

Wondering what I'm talking about then do not hesistate to visit and go to the forums and the Roleplay land were you can see what we all do...