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Jack Abrams

"I can't cry. I can't laugh. I can't speak, so that's why I do it."

0 · 334 views · located in Mountain Brook

a character in “More Sinned Against”, as played by SadHatter



age: 19
sexuality: demisexual
birthday: november the seventeenth
occupation: his family's company's heir
hexcode: #131F44xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsave myselfxx||xx do you feel it?xx ||xx hometown

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jack and his father aren't related by blood, and both his parents always pressure him. as a result, he has developed several anxieties and suffers heavily from depression. none of his friends or other close ones know about his secrets, though he is trying to tell his friends.
most types of music
buying things for others
passive aggressively disrespecting parents and their company
cold weather
people that understand what he's going through
film noir
action movies
books with long, sprawling paragraphs about the existence
romance movies
romance novels
not knowing when to shut up

has a closet full of tuxedos and almost never wears tuxedos
90 percent of the time carries a bottle of water with him
never sleeps
acts completely different around friends
what people think of him
anxiety attacks
alcohol overdose

I drown it with a drink and out-of-date prescription pills

jack towers over most with his height being around 6'3''. he's athletic, though not the sportiest. at first glance, he looks like a sleep-deprived addict rather than a businessman. his dark hair is slicked to the side, though it is naturally very messy. the light green eyes almost look like colored contacts, though they're inherited from his mother and wholly natural. at the expense of having captivating eyes, deep rings from around his eyes, most of the time from sleep deprivation. ignoring the signs of tiredness, jack is described as having the chiseled, pretty-boy look with the defined jaw, though his overly pale complexity makes it seem like he never goes outside. several expensive suits can be found in his closets, though he automatically stays away from them and tries to wear more casual wear.
jack is a broken bottle. an emotionally drained individual that finds himself in the most boring small town's biggest company. the abrams family was and still remains a family full of greed, though jack was an exception. as the only child of the abrams family's current owners, his parents both repeatedly pressure him. his public image is a nice, quiet kid with a habit of giving his friends money, though what no one knows is that he suffers heavily from depression and anxiety. never having supportive parents, he cares deeply for his friends. every day for jack is staring down the barrel of a gun, contemplating whether he has a purpose, having regular anxiety attacks, writing melancholic plays and chugging booze.

even though he has several problems, he seeks to talk to his friends and inquire help from them, though he is scared that no one will understand, which is why he drastically tones down his 'edgy' behavior and acts like a whole other person. as a result of his conditions, jack became an isolationist, though after meeting generous people he called his friends, he went outside more.

putting aside his mental issues, jack is a silent, likable boy with enough money in his pockets to buy that one broke friend something. his views about the town are indifferent unlike some others, though he describes the small town as 'flavorless with a bland aftertaste', and was surprised when the murder happened. he would have never expected such a crime to occur in Mountain Brook, though most importantly, he personally knew who the victim was.

jack's silent, serious demeanor and strong sentences built by big words are a way of recognizing his voice, yet his serious demeanor is sometimes broken by a cynical joke or two.

To take my soul and make it undone

born from the cheating wife of a rich business ceo, jack abrams was often pressured by his parents. his father ignored the fact that the child wasn't his, and his mother was only in it for the cash. eventually, jack was old enough. matthew abrams officially declared his 'son' jack abrams to be the heir of the abrams corporation, starting the years of torment and abuse he had to endure. his parents along with other family members had constantly pressured him. at the age of 17, he had already run away from home 5 times, though every time he was asked by a counselor or police officer, he replied that he was drunk or drugged.

despite this and all the advice to send him off to a mental clinic, his parents locked him at home, resumed forcing him to regularly attend a gray and utterly depressing private school.

jack developed habits of skipping school, going out on one fateful day to find some teens around his age and make friends, something he had never done before. this was how he discovered his friends, though they would know nothing about his status. this escalated to frequent fights with his peers and once even threatening to leave home and never return in front of his parents, though they didn't care. they knew he would eventually have to come back after they sent officers to seize him, and each and every time the officers asked him why he ran away, he automatically claimed that he was intoxicated.

of course, after a teenager jack knew had been killed in the party, the police forces turned their eyes towards the main suspect who had also been catched intoxicated and disoriented outside numerous times. jack publicly denied all claims of this, however, and his parents bribed the police to avert their gaze.

jack maintains an anonymity publically that only his friends know about, and soon journalists would find out and also accuse him of the murder.

recently, jack had been allowed to meet his friends more often and discuss the recent happenings under one condition that his parents had put up; he was not allowed to tell anyone what he knew about the murder.

So begins...

Jack Abrams's Story


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location: riley's housexxxxxxxxxxxxoutfit: here

xxx"this is how it ends,
xxxi feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream
xxxfading out again
xxxso tell me when it kicks in."


Lyn smirked at Riley's greeting. "One of these days, babe." She followed her in, knowing Riley's house as well as her own. She half considered stopping for food, the post workout craving already kicking in. But it had been too long since she'd hung out with Riley with just the two of them. So instead, she just followed her upstairs, replying to a few texts as she went.

To: Jack
Soz hun, busy rn.

To: Blu
Ooh, enjoy ;)

She only hesitated when it came to Karin's text. The events of the party just made Lyn so guilty, so guilty that she couldn't tell Karin what had happened. But it wasn't fair to ignore her either. So she fired off a quick text.

To: Rin
Hey babes xx doing okay, just been super duper busy! how're you??

Once she got up to Riley's room, she sat down beside Riley on the bed. Their relationship wasn't the most normal one. They'd messed around a little, back before Lyn had really accepted her sexuality. And how she'd felt about Riley had scared her, had made her push away. Now she'd come to terms with it, and had almost grown out of her feelings for Riley. She felt bad for what had happened, but there wasn't exactly anything she could do about it.

"Yeah. I get it," she replied. She'd been torn with guilt over what had happened, which meant she'd nearly been glad that Riley hadn't want her to come over. But now she was here, she was glad she'd come over. "It was good. Some usual gymbros trying to show off to me, so naturally enough I had to show them who the boss was. Nearly threw up once I got off the treadmill, but totally worth it."