Eric Lanford

"Well: intel says they have at least one hundred and fifty fighters, light armored support, and some gunships. It's just a handful of us, so . . . this is gonna be a long night."

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a character in “More Than Courage”, as played by Eli the Walker


Name: Eric Lanford.
Call-Sign: "Romeo"
Rank: Corporal.
Age: 27.
Gender: Male.
Former Unit: US Green Berets, 5th Special Forces Group.
Speciality: Weapons Sergeant.
- 6’0 in height.
- 164 pounds.
- Shaggy, dark brown hair.
- “Soul Patch” on his chin.
- Dragon tattoo from elbow to shoulder (Mouth of the dragon at the elbow) on left arm.
- Ace tattoo on his right bicep.
- Cross tattoo over his heart.
- http://media.cygnus.com/files/cygnus/im ... 107755.png ~ MICH Special Operations helmet.*
- Olive drab field pants.*
- US Army combat boots.*
- http://www.armygear.net/ag/store/0094b.html ~ Gen II Tactical LBV.*
- Tan-colored long-sleeve shirt, with sleeve rolled up just past the elbows.*
- Knee and elbow-pads.
- Pack holding ammo and other equipment.
- Bronze cross on a leather necklace.

* = The equipment marked by as asterisk may change based on surroundings and the general mission.

- Greg Lanford - Father - Deceased.
- Rachel Lanford - Mother - 48.
- Shelby Lanford - Sister - 27.
- Rebecca Lanford - Sister - 28.


Eric Lanford is a fun-loving adrenaline junky.

He enjoys every minute of his work, loving the camaraderie, and experiences he’s had in the Green Berets. Besides that, he seems to be the “typical” single man. He enjoys a cold beer, he likes to play football and basketball with his friends, and the other members of his squad claim that he is a master of the grill. Also, he’s totally single, and claims that he has no intention of ever getting married. Most of his “relationships” are numbered in the days or weeks, and he’s the only man amongst his friends who isn’t married. He’s very proud of that fact.

His old squad mates, however, mock him mercilessly for it.

That, coupled with his going from woman to woman, has earned him the call-sign of "Romeo".


Eric was born in Norfolk, Virginia.

Eric never knew his father, Greg Lanford, because the man died three weeks before he was born, and left his mother, Rachel Lanford, behind to raise him and his two older sisters. His sisters, Shelby and Rebecca, were the primary focus of his mother’s attention as they were growing up, and Eric always felt like he had to compete for any sort of competition. Throughout elementary school, he got better grades than both of his sisters, and yet his mother rarely ever rewarded him how she did his two sisters. It would be safe to say that he felt jealous when it came to his two sisters, but he loved them regardless of how jealous he might have felt.

Even in high school, he was mostly ignored.

He joined football and track, became a running back for his football team, and went to all sorts of competitions without any sort of praise from his mother. In fact, she barely ever went to any of his games unless his sisters went. However, it was at this point where his sister Shelby and he became friends. She felt that he wasn’t getting enough attention from their mom, and didn’t want to do the same things that her sister was doing (cheerleading and other things like that). While their older sister went on to things like cheerleading, and peppier things like that: Shelby went more for art and music, while Eric was more of a fan of sports.

However, his want for his mother’s attention didn’t change.

It was the primary reason why he got all of his tattoos.

Then he decided to enlist in the US Army. Unfortunately, his mother just didn’t care, and so it was his sister Shelby who drove him up to the bus stop and wished him well with tears in her eyes. He was going in as an infantryman and after his training he took interest in Ranger training. 9/11 occurred only three months after he got in to the US Army Rangers. He was deployed for a tour in Iraq. After that tour, he volunteered for Green Beret training. After he had qualified, he became a weapons sergeant, and has been placed in the 5th Special Forces Group.

Showing excellent service: he has been selected for this unit.

So begins...

Eric Lanford's Story