Robert Deshazo

"I'm not going to lie. We're going in to hell, but then again: that's why we get paid, isn't it?"

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a character in “More Than Courage”, as played by Eli the Walker


Name: Robert Deshazo.
Call-Sign: Mother.
Rank: Captain.
Age: 34.
Gender: Male.
Former Unit: Delta Force.
Speciality: Intelligence.
- 5’11.
- 155 pounds.
- Neatly trimmed raven-black hair.
- Naturally pale.
- Trimmed beard.
- Hazel eyes.
- Almost always has a serious expression.
- http://media.cygnus.com/files/cygnus/im ... 107755.png ~ MICH Special Operations helmet.
- http://www.armygear.net/ag/store/0094b.html ~ Gen II Tactical LBV.
- Knee and elbow pads.
- US Army combat boots.
- Digital camouflage pants.
- Digital camouflage tunic.
- Clear ballistic glasses.

It should be noted that, like any skilled operator: his equipment will change as needed.

- Alicia Deshazo - Wife - 33.
- Emma Deshazo - Daughter - 12.


The "'ol Captain" didn't get his call-sign of "Mother" for nothing.

Despite his outwardly serious appearance, he seems to be a bit of a soft soul on the inside when it comes down to the men and women who get placed under his command. He is always making battle plans and strategies with the least risk to his men as possible: preferring to employ unmanned technology when it can be deployed in place of actual soldiers. However, he seems to be an "old fashioned" soldier in that regard, somewhat. As much as he loves having his men supported by drones and other things, he is a firm believer that nothing can ever replace the skill and talent of the men who are placed under his command. When it comes to his family . . . he doesn't like to think about them much. With the secrecy of his job, he's always concerned that he might be killed in the field leading his men, and that it would leave his daughter without a dad to look up to (not that he's home all that often). He won't leave the military, though. He's a patriotic man and he believes that he can best serve the country by fighting in the 1st JSRD, or "The Trust".


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