"It's not very often you get a second chance at life, I'm gonna do it right this time around."

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Name: Bennett Thomas Lawler
Nickname: "Ah hell, I'll respond to almost anything but usually people just stick with Ben, or Benny. Doesn't matter to me."
Age: "Old enough" - Twenty-Six
Gender:"I piss standing up."
Sexuality:"Hehe, I like those red lips and flattering hips, yeah? Erm. Women, just to be clear."
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Australian

Eyes: "Only for you, sweetheart." - An rather striking mix of amber gold and a pale green.
Hair:"Teal. I thought that was pretty obvious." Beneath his teal hair, Benny has a head of naturally charcoal colored locks. He likes to call his hair stylishly shaggy.
Height:"Eh, pretty fucking tall? - 6'4" to be exact.
Weight:"The hell if I know." - Roughly around 190 lbs.
Skin Tone: Pale, that's about all there is to it.
Build: "To rock your world, of course." - Benny's got a swimmer's build, long and strong, yeah?
Body Markings: A few loops through the cartilage of his ears, gauges, a barbell through his tongue, and as a result of one to many drunken nights the work sex is tattooed just above his left nipple and three x's are above his left eyebrow. His hands are littered with tiny, discolored scars as a result of crashing his bike into a barbed wire fence as a kid and there is a fine line that cuts through the right of his bottom lip.
Voice: Obviously accented, rather deep and smooth often paired with a breathy chuckle or two.
Description: Benny's height is probably the first thing you notice. More often then not you have to tilt your head to look up at him. Once you've done that, his anything but natural hair color does wonders to keep your attention while your eyes continue to wander down to his facial features in as subtly as you can. You don't even notice the strong, well defined jaw line or straight nose, nope your gaze is drawn to his yellow colored eyes, the dark circles beneath them and perhaps the tattoo not far above one of them. If you've gotten this far, you must be in pretty close proximity and there is a very good chance that you're breathing in cancerous air that Benny is blowing out in your direction. With a cigarette between him lips and a crooked smirk giving a mischievous glint to his features, he laughs to himself perhaps uttering a 'What'cha looking at?' in a teasing manner. You're surprised as the casual and easy flow of his words in comparison to his intimidating stature but you also can't help but noticed the slouch to his shoulders and the fatigued, and sick flush to his pale cheeks. But before you have the time to think about it, his long legs are taking lazy, almost lethargic strides away from you as if you he had better things to tend to. - "Hah, damn, you make me sound like one creepy motherfucker. I'm not that bad, yeah?

Quirks:"Shit, I'm also sorts of quirky sweetheart." - Nicknames, Pet names, you name it; Benny's got quite the habit of calling people by everything but what's on their birth certificate. Women he often calls a variety of things ranging from sweetheart and darlin' to love muffin or sugar tits. Men, he usually sticks to calling them 'mate' or some strange variation of their name if he can get away with it. It all depends on his mood really. Ben's also gotten into the habit of playfully ruffling people's hair, and napping at random times in random places. Oh, and he likes to sing.
Fears: "Clowns..- shudder- those fuckers give me the creeps. Yep, Ben's not the biggest fan of perpetually happy people with caked on smiles, not to mention the fact that in seconds dozens of them could climb our of one tiny car and surround you is a little unnerving. For many reasons, he also despises hospitals. The smell of disinfectant mixed with vomit and death, the stark white color of everything, the food, and the sheer amount of time he's spent in one for himself or visiting someone else makes him want to avoid them for the rest of his life if it were possible. Finally, he hates being vulnerable which at its core explains a good amount of his recreational behaviors.
Likes: Food - and lots of it. Spicy food, savory food, all kinds of food; not to mention dessert; Ben likes it all. Thankfully, he also enjoys being active, swimming, running, and all sorts of active, outdoorsy shit. On a similar note, he's rather competitive and cannot turn down a bet - he loves to gamble. He enjoys cat naps and when his hair is played with. Cigarettes are always a plus in his book, as is booze. Have I mentioned women? Yeah, them too.
Dislikes: Bitches and assholes - people with overall shitty attitudes. Whining; coffee; birds; bad food, and bad hygiene.
Personality: Ben's shall we say a pretty playful kind of guy. Always with a mischievous twinkle in his eye or a lopsided grin he'll have you wondering what prank or joke he's up to now. He enjoys teasing people simply for amusement or to get them to lighten up. He's full of wacky antics and convoluted schemes but always with good intentions. He's also a bit of a contradiction, and a little two-natured. For instance, he may seem relaxed and lazy, but it would also be obvious to a perceptive person that he’s alert and ready to act. Unless you're naturally a perceptive person, you also might not notice the predatory undercurrent of his stance and expression, even though he appears to be completely relaxed. Much like a lion will appear at ease right before it pounces and sinks its teeth into your throat. He likes to pretend that he’s obnoxious and snarky at times, but then he’ll readily do things for you if you ask. He moves like he has all day to do something, seeming lazy and unmotivated but when it really counts, he’s frighteningly fast. No warning, no hesitation, when action needs to be taken, he goes for it. His humor is in your face and often sarcastic and more often than not involves violating someone's personal space. He's a decent team player but secretly has some trust issues that result in him second guessing others motivations and the like. He’s confident, even arrogant sometimes, but doesn’t have much pride, though he likes to pretend he does.

Future Armor: "Leather in all of its bad ass, tight fitting glory..not to tight though, the boys needa' breath." Confident in his ability to develop his power, Ben figures if whoever they're gonna be fighting's attacks can simply go right through him, who needs armor right? However he's decided that in case his powers fail him, he wouldn't mind wearing some form of what might appear to be motorcycle-ish gear. Leather, to be concise.
Casual Clothing:"Keep it simple. Jeans and t-shirts, thank you very much."
Carried Items: Just a pack of cigarettes, a lighter - but by the looks of it, he can just bum one off the someone in the group. His hospital bracelet, a lucky poker chip, and his glasses.
Main Weapon:

  • Name: Sally - Yes, they're both named Sally.
  • Type: Two Serrated Combat Knives
  • Made of: Metal
  • Length: Six inches.
  • Weight: Who cares?
  • Description/Info: One in his right boot, the other in his left hand. Heavy duty, easy grip black handles and serrated edges for added fun.

  • Unpredictability: Being just a bit of a hyper-active nutcase at times has it's advantages, Ben never does what you expect him to. This makes him rather dangerous in a fight as you can quite predict what his next move will be, hell he probably doesn't know himself until he's in the middle of it.
  • Calm, Cool, & Collected:Ben doesn't sweat the small stuff, and it takes a hell of a lot to get under his skin, upset or stress him out. Because of this he works really well under pressure and can maintain a level head in even dangerous situations.

  • Stubborn: As headstrong and obstinate as a jack ass at times; Once his mind is made up about something, you have the same chances of seeing hell freeze over as you do of changing his mind.
  • Think before you act:Something Ben doesn't often do, which has it's obvious pit falls in battle. While going with his gut and relying on reflex and instinct usually serve him well, there are times when sitting back and thinking out a strategy would be a good idea.

Powers: Phasing - or in short, Ghost-like abilities, which if you think about it is rather ironic. Anyway, Ben will soon realize that with enough thought and focus, or perhaps accidentally; he can manipulate parts of his body, namely smaller limbs, into becoming entirely intangible. Whatever part of him is intangible, he can pass it through any solid object without harm to himself. This will progress into eventually his entire body lacking tangible matter and thus allowing him to pass though doors, people, floors, ceilings, ect. Beings or projectiles also pass through them harmlessly, but it is possible when passing through objects or vice versa that if unfocused, Ben can get stuck in the middle of whatever he's passing through which has the potential to be quite dangerous. This can work both ways, in the sense that if he hand gets stuck in another person's chest, it could be dangerous for them. Because each of his molecules becomes independent of each other, he in a sense has a neutral gravitational pull and thus can float. Further in his power progression Ben will be able to more than just pass through object, he'll be able to become part of them - a sort of possession, so to speak. Again starting with smaller object he can manipulate items as he wishes with the appearance of them moving completely on their own. Lastly he'll hopefully learn to possess other people entirely and manipulate their movements for a limited period of time.

Martial Status: Single
Family: Older sister - Juliet.
His father a police officer, and his mother a literature professor turned author. There were no financial struggles, no hidden family issues of abuse, or drugs. His older sibling however was always the over achiever and it was at a young age that Ben realized he would never grow out of her shadow or live up to his parents high expectations. Aside from that budding bitter resentment in Bennett, Dad worked his cases like normal; Mom was home all the time save for when a deadline rolled around and she'd lock herself away in her study and type away until she had to ice her hands, and Juliet was working her way towards valedictorian. All things considered, his childhood for the most part was easy and uneventful. It was in high school when things got sticky. Dad was killed on the job, mom suffered a mental breakdown and her writing got a lot darker after that. Juliet continued to bury her grief in awards and accolades while Ben found his comfort in girls, nicotine, and alcohol. That life style only progressed until on his twenty-fifth birthday, after being sick, fatigued, and the like for almost three weeks, he was diagnosed with the relatively early stages of leukemia and has been dealing with it up until he met Griff.
Where/How Griff Approached You: [i]Shit, there's really not much to this story. Guess what you really need to know is that I've been sick. Okay, more than just sick. It's not the flu, or meningitis, or whatever disease that someone always has on House? Lupus? Nope, God must've had a sense of humor because he gave me Cancer. Hah, you'd think I'd have lung cancer what with how much I smoke but nope, I got stuck with Leukemia. Anyway, I was in for another blood transfusion, and just after the Doctor left, having told me I'd have to start chemo next month I was contemplating how retarded I'd look bald when this sketchy looking guy walked in. He immediately started babbling about this and that but I was still swimming in my own pity pool to really pay attention to what he saying.
Opinions on the Mission: Feeling as if Griff rescued him from what was left of his shitty life, Ben is grateful to the guy and is more than willing to help the notorious Boogeyman.
Relations: Nada.


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