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Celeste De'Lazio

"I don't know how you could get much ruder than blabbering on while you kill a girl the day before her bleedin' birthday."

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a character in “More Than Ever Before”, as played by Sehnsucht.


Celeste "Heaven" De'Lazio

Name: Celeste Pericola Moscavits (De'Lazio)

Nickname: "They call me Heaven, like the place I make them think they're in." Some call her "Heaven" because it's short for the English form of "Celeste:" "Heavenly;" but most people just call her Celeste.

Age: "Young enough to catch your eye." Twenty five. She died the day before her twenty sixth birthday.

Gender: "Are you blind? No man has ta-tas like these with a body like this." Female. Obviously female.

Sexuality: "Do I look like the type to discriminate against a certain sex?" Pansexual.

Race: Caucasian.

Nationality: British, though her father is Italian.

Eyes: "Whatever you like, sweet cheeks." They're a strange shade between blue and green, but she often wears colored contacts, usually orange, red, or violet, as she likes the attention they bring.

Hair: Red.

Height: "Shouldn't you be able to tell that yourself?" She's about five feet and seven inches (171 centimeters) tall.

Weight: "We hardly know each other, and you're already asking such personal questions?" Around 135 pounds (61 kilograms), though most of it can be blamed on her massive breasts.

Skin Tone: Fair, with just a small tinge of color.

Build: Hourglass

Body Markings: "Why don't you see for yourself?" She has a variety of scars adorning her body- so many, in fact, that she has lost count- and she believes they add to her beauty and her air of mystery, which (considering how she managed to get most of them), isn't a far off thought. There are also a few tattoos scattered about her flesh, each one hidden away and holding special meaning to her, which she rarely shares. Below her left breast is a small magpie, with the words "One for sorrow Two for mirth Three for a wedding Four for a birth Five for silver Six for gold Seven for a secret, never to be told Eight for a wish Nine for a kiss Ten for a bird you must not miss" written in cursive in a circle around it, with no spaces. In the center of her back, along her spine, there is a very detailed, old fashioned key; she has actually convinced multiple people to get key holes of some sort tattooed somewhere on their person to go with it, despite the fact that she told none of them why she got it in the first place. Her last tattoo is along her inner right thigh, and reads "caelestis periculo."

Voice: Deep and smooth, often described as 'enchanting'. (Of course she has that lovely English accent people seem to love so much.) She has a short sort of chuckle at time, often accompanied by half closed eyes and a lopsided smirk, that make it seem like she is in on some joke that no one else quite understands. There is a hint of this laugh in many of her words, almost in a mocking way, whenever she is speaking to someone that she doesn't particularly like and doesn't think will be of much use to her.

Description: "Obviously you are blind. Anyone can see how beautiful I am, you shouldn't need me to tell you!" Celeste carries herself with dignity and grace. Her hair falls to just a few inches below her shoulders, and is usually curly, but then some days it dries straight, and others it's something else- basically, it does whatever it wants. For the most part, she gave up trying to tame it long ago. The exception to that rule would be for formal parties, or sometimes dates. Her jaw is smooth and comes to a somewhat pointy stop at her chin, not too far below very full, plump lips. She has high cheek bones, a small nose, and big eyes that are often partially hidden by stray strands of hair. She knows she's beautiful, as she has grown up with little to no evidence otherwise; her abnormally large breasts helped with that, though they do make the rest of her body look a bit chunkier than it is. Her hips make an attempt to even it out, but hardly succeed. Her belly isn't flat, but the gut she does have is barely there, curving up and out only slightly before receding back to should off the shadow of the toned abdominal muscles hidden beneath her softness. Her legs actually aren't very long, her torso making up more than the average percentage of her height. She walks with an alluring sway in her hips, and her eyes tell of confidence, daring. Celeste has mastered the art of manipulating her appearance, though, for purposes of selective seduction and believability. When the time calls for it, she can look anywhere from innocent as a hurt puppy, big eyes wide with admiration, lips pouted out, to threatening as a mob boss, a smirk or a snarl playing at her lips as her eyes flash with something nearly demonic. She can switch between the two in an instant, depending on the situation and her level of desperation, though she prefers to let her 'personalities' slide through smoothly, as it is often more affective. The ease with which she can cause her eyes to lie tells wonders about the extent to which her lies have become her, as even her body is attuned to pretending. Image

Quirks: She has a thing for taking things apart and putting them back together as something else entirely. Also, she licks her lips when she is thinking about something very hard.

Fears: "Sweetie, the only thing I fear is going hungry, in any sense of the word." Completely losing control of her life. Homelessness. Her father's wrath.

Likes: "You and me, preferably together; that's all that's important, isn't it?" Being obeyed, money, sex, looking good, fruit, odd little trinkets, antiques, changing things, finger foods, and people that can make her genuinely smile, or even laugh.

Dislikes: "Nasty things, false accusations, poor people's houses..." Being turned down, not being in control of everything, getting caught, dust, words she doesn't know the meaning off, being looked down upon, the general human population...

Personality: "I'm the perfect woman! I am kind, fun, and witty; I have both brains and beauty! Who could blame anyone for wanting me? I don't see how anyone could not love me." Celeste has an exceedingly short temper, though she tries to hide it on most occasions. The way she sees herself is rather distorted from reality- she's, to put it simply, a bit of a bitch. Though she says she's sweet, kind, and even thinks it true, she is only ever nice to people when she feels she can benefit from it. She is so used to being in control that when she loses authority, she goes bat shit crazy on whoever just happens to be there. The woman has always had a talent for changing the way people think- "remodeling," if you will, pretty much everything in her life so that things went her way. She's queen of ulterior motives, a conniving seductress of a woman, full of greed. She is very resourceful, though, and knows how to get herself out of tough situations, a skill that she had to learn the hard way. Celeste is not a truthful woman, and she spends most of her time seducing men and women alike, basically anyone she can get her hands on, as long as they suit her needs at the time. She has a talent for sneaking her way into their hearts, convincing them to go to great lengths in order to get mass amount of money and precious possessions, claiming it might make her happy. Then, of course, she goes on to steal their fortunes in one way or another, and runs off to some other poor soul.

Future Armor: She probably won't be getting any armor, unless neko-te count, mostly because she'll likely develop/realize her powers before she has chance to purchase any.

Casual Clothing: A loose fitting wife beater that reaches just below her bottom, and black leggings- the same thing she was wearing when she died, as she sees little reason to change that. She will, however, end up adding some arm warmers, which she will turn to metal guards during battle, so long as she has the time to, and neko-te. Also, she has a lace choker, which she was also wearing when she died, that she refuses to take off- ever.

Carried Items: A neon green lighter, two small silver daggers, an ornate blue flask, string, and a marker. Everything but the daggers go in a small pouch, tucked nicely under her top and attached to her leggings. Also, a Qilinbian ("unicorn whip"), weighing about 3 or 4 pounds (1.5 kg or so) at about five and a half feet long.

Main Weapon:

  • Name: Intima
  • Type: Kusarigama
  • Made of: Iron
  • Length: About five feet
  • Weight: Ireallydonotknowwhattoputhere...
  • Description/Info: Intima is loved by Celeste because the dear thing can be used in so many different ways. She can stab you, slice you, choke you, disarm you, even bash your brains in if she really wanted to... They make a lovely team.

  • Seduction: Sneaky and conniving, she is a master of tricking the heart, and can easily charm her way out of trouble and into just about anyone's bed with little difficulty.
  • Resourcefulness: The woman can make something useful out of pretty much anything given to her, a skill that she has had all throughout her life, that has been attuned and nearly perfected through practice both in hobby and necessity.
  • Defense: Throughout her life, it has been absolutely needed for Celeste to know how to defend herself. She has quick reflexes and is generally very graceful, and though she may not be the strongest, she knows how to use what strength she does have. She is good at spotting weaknesses and openings, and quick on her feet enough that with the slightest distraction, she is usually able to flee.

  • Fury: Quick to anger, it is sometimes hard for her to keep a cool head, especially when she feels she is losing control of a situation. This can cloud her judgement easily, causing her to make bad decisions and not able to defend herself as well as normal as it distracts her and slows down her reflexes.
  • Cockiness: Celeste often gets a little too overconfident in herself, and lets her guard down when she really shouldn't. She's full of herself and often times can't seem to really handle seeing how powerless she is, so she downplays the situation and ends up putting herself even more at risk than before.
  • Epic Boobage: Yes, they are nice to look at. Yes, they help her in getting her way sometimes. Every once in a while they provide for her some padding; but, really, let's face it: when trying to fight, they do little more than get in the way.

Powers: Turning: Celeste can change things. As long as she can see, hear, taste, smell, or feel it, she can turn it; but it is very difficult and takes a lot of concentration if she cannot see or feel it, at least. If more than one of her senses are being used on her target, it is much, much easier for her to utilize her power.
At the starting stage of her powers, she can turn one inanimate object into another inanimate object, as long as they are about the same size. As her powers grow, the size difference will begin to matter less and less, and eventually she will be able to turn even living beings. However, the bigger the difference between the original and the outcome, the more energy it takes from her. Changing living creatures almost always renders her unconscious.

Martial Status: Divorced, many times over.

  • Father: Vincenzo De'Lazio, age 54
  • Mother: Celeste Caine, age 49
  • Brother: Alberto De'Lazio, would be 29 (died at 18, but the family doesn't actually know that yet, except for their father)
  • Sister: Maria Akers, age 21
  • Sister: Jasmine De'Lazio, age 19
  • Sister: Anna De'Lazio, deceased (died at birth, would be 15)
  • Brother: Michaelangelo De'Lazio, age 12, twin
  • Sister: Isabella De'Lazio, age 12, twin

History: "I was born Celeste Pericola De'Lazio on August 10th, 1985. I often wondered why my parents picked such a disgusting middle name for me, 'It sounds like the name of a nasty cough medicine,' I would say- they always told me it meant 'Heavenly Danger.' I, for one, never saw this as a good enough reason, and therefore don't usually tell people my middle name. You're lucky I've decided to be truthful this time around. I'm dead, now, though, so in all honesty, what have I got to lose? Anyway, my parents had one child before me: a son, named Alberto. He was three at the time, and actually, a lot of people who knew us in our elder years don't realize, but the two of us didn't get along until I was five, almost six. He hated me, that boy did. I hated him, too, because what else could I do? That was all I'd ever known! That was when my younger sister, Maria, was born, though, and when I suddenly realized that siblings didn't have to hate each other. Alberto, I guess, noticed that I was being nice to my younger sibling, not acting like she had stolen my spot light, and in a way followed suit. We ended up being closer than any of my other siblings, which I guess makes sense seeing as we spent most of our lives together before any of our other siblings were even born. My parents kept racking them out, one after the other for years, until finally they stopped with the twins when I was 14. My mother was 33 by then. She had been 20 when Alberto was born. Now, don't ask me why they kept popping out little babies like they were about to go out of style, because I really could not tell you if my life depended on it. Sure, I could make up some excuse or another, but my parents weren't exactly the kind that should have been bringing large families into the world. They were both criminals, after all. Good ones, who didn't get caught by the authorities for anything serious, but still criminals. We lived off dirty money- we were swimming in it, actually. Problem was, we were also swimming in blood.

I was seven the first time I was kidnapped. They took both my brother and me, held us for ransom in a basement that smells like rotting tree trunks and old cheese. They treated us like rats, and the rats treated us like food, nibbling at our toes like the dank air confused them into thinking it was that nasty cheese I was sure they had stashed away in a cabinet in some far off corner I never reached. I was smart, even back then. I rubbed the ropes they used to tie us up against every rough surface I could find, in that sneaky way I've always had, and it only took me a couple days I think to get them completely undone so I could untie Alberto. He wasn't as smart as I was, but he was stronger. About the time he was body slamming the door so we could break out was when we heard the yelling, then the screaming, and the gunshots. Our father killed them all, you see. He wasn't going to give up his money for his children, oh no! Not when he could just track the bloody wankers down and blast their brains onto their grandma's floral wallpaper. That, of course, was the much more sane, fun option, now wasn't it? In our family it was considered such, anyway.

I know our family isn't normal. I've known that since the first day another child ran away from me crying because he had heard about my family, and thought I was going to kill him. He lived just down the street from us, actually the closest neighbor we had at that point, and his mum was quite the gossip, so it didn't surprise me that he knew my family was known to be criminals, and murderers. What surprised me was that those stories scared him, made him run away like the little pansy he was. Thing is, I don't much care. They prepared me for what's out there in their own ways, and did a much better job of it than a lot of fools out there who call themselves parents, role models. They taught me what I needed to survive, and for that I am grateful. Besides, I've never really known anything else, so who am I to say the grass would be greener on the other side? If those two can push out and raise a girl like me, then they must be damn fine parents, if I do say so myself.


Now, what's next? Let's see.... I guess you might want to know about my high school life, yeah? Well, my breasts started growing when I was in Year 6, which drew the eyes of many, for obvious reasons. They are fabulous, aren't they? They didn't stop growing until Lower Sixth Form, which shouldn't be a surprise if you're not blind. You can touch them, if you want, if you really need proof they're not fake. Anyway, that's when I started having more control over people my own age, especially the guys. Most of them loved it, and made that fairly obvious with the way they stared, and the way they followed me around doing everything I wanted. Oh, it was lovely. I hardly had a care in the world while I was at college. Outside of school, on the other hand, my family gave me plenty of trouble. Not directly, of course. It was more along the lines of kidnappings and lots of guns being pointed at my face and various other parts of my body. There were other weapons used in these adventures, of course, but it was mostly guns. One guy even used a sword! That was quite an experience. Lucky for me, my father had the gun that time. He was never one for showy displays, he is a man far more interested in getting the job done. Maybe that's why he's so notorious.

It didn't really matter how much of a bad ass my father was, though. Da couldn't always be there. For obvious reasons, I had to be able to defend myself with more than just sexual allure. No one in my family wanted me resorting to that, anyway, so they all pitched in to teach me, train me. For a while there I had little room for anything remotely resembling down time. It was necessary, a pretty girl like myself drawing such dangerous eyes so easily, so often, but it was tedious. Still, to this day I'm glad it happened. I spent all my time doing either school work or physical training. If I wasn't smart, strong, and beautiful all packed into one wonderful being before, I was after that, and have been ever since. They really helped me get through life happy, not just survive. I will forever be thankful to them for that. Well, except for the part where it didn't keep me from dying. That wasn't really their fault, though, now was it? No, no, Griff just had to come gallivanting into my practically perfect life and ruin it all with his bloody demon powers and shit, that little twit....

Back to the topic at hand: me. Let's see now. Ah! I got married for the first time when I was nineteen, to a lovely little dear named Marcus. He was three years older than me, not much in comparison with some of my other suitors. His family was rich, too, but in that clean way that provides just a tad bit more comfort than the dirty money you get with mine. His parents were business people, legal ones. They lived in a huge house, and we lived with them, to my dismay, but at least we had our own wing. It wasn't like they could hear us.
Oh, I got away from that one with so much cash! It really was splendid, I tell you. Absolutely wonderful job I did, if I do say so myself. Though, sometimes I do regret leaving him. Ah, well, it was all for the best. I hear it ran in his family to take an interest in women between the ages of eighteen and twenty one, no matter how decrepit those dirty old men may have gotten. I wouldn't want that, now, would I? Besides, if I had stayed with him he probably would have gotten all depressed on me for not really feeling for him. I also wouldn't have built up such a fortune over the years, or had some of the more -shall we say- exotic, experiences I've had.

All was good and well after that. I got a woman called, uhm, what was it? Margarette? Mary? Marjorie? I'm sure it started with an M.... Anyway, I got quite a large amount from her. Most of it came in the form of gifts rather than money, but it still tickled my fancy until she started hinting at wanting to move in with me. I had my second husband when I was twenty one, and he lasted a little over a year. That ended, mostly because a few of my little side projects ended up trying to get a ransom out of him while they had be handcuffed between two beds. Needless to say, those photos didn't exactly please him in the way they might have under alternate circumstances.

A few months after our divorce was finalized, I met my third husband, a man by the name of Jameson Moscavits. We got hitched pretty quick, as he had an inheritance coming from his great uncle who passed away shortly before we met, but he wouldn't get it if he wasn't married by the time he was 35. Yes, my dear Jameson was quite a bit older than me- a good twelve years older, but boy was he worth it. He actually broke that one off. Not that I can really blame him. I mean, what else was he to do when he noticed the maid's son, who was ten years younger than him, making googly eyes at his beloved wife? His mother won't allow him to throw the maid or her son out of the house, but he had to get the boy away from me before something happened, naturally! So, in lieu of losing me to a younger man, he simply tossed him out. Lucky for me, his mum also would not permit him to toss me aside so easily, having gotten such a large chunk of wealth by marrying me, so, being the mummy's boy he is, he gave me half of the whole thing! Oh! It really was a grand end to our marriage, I must say. And that maid's son was a fantastic shag.

Our divorce was finalized a few months ago. We lasted nearly three years, can you believe that? Okay, it was closer to two and a half or so, but still! I think it was a rather impressive endeavor on my part. That was why my party was going to be so big, by the way. Not only were we celebrating my birthday, we were also celebrating my lack of a wedding band. I was going to go officially get my last name changed back the day after the party, too. Again, Griff just had to come in and ruin everything, bleeding arse....

Where/How Griff Approached You: "He caught me in my fucking night clothes, he did! I was taking out the garbage, about to head over to a friend's for some party planning when he showed up, in the alley by my house. I was wondering who he was, what he was doing so close to my home, you know? Always ready for a fight, as I was taught to be, I knew immediately he wasn't good news, but I figured he was just one of my father's obnoxious foes, or maybe an ex boyfriend come back 'cause he fancied a drink or something. Of course, I was wrong. I knew that when I heard his voice- I don't even remember what he said. Struck out as soon as I heard him, I did. Griff being Griff, though, with his stupid fucking demonic powers and shit wasn't even phased by it. Next thing I knew, the little twit had me pressed up against the brick wall, with his fingers all tangled up in my hair like we were about to go at it or something. Obviously that wasn't the case, but seriously, what the fuck was he doing, holding me like that? The bloody twat wouldn't shut up, either. He just kept going on and on with his idiotically calm introduction, acting like we were best pals already. And then he fucking killed me! The arsehole stab his bloody disgusting claw right up into my skull, and I was gone. The last thing I saw before I woke up in line was those fucking eyes. Honestly, how much ruder could he have been?"

Opinions on the Mission: "That little arsehole. I get it, 'save the world' and all, but really?! Why did he have to take me of all people? I was perfectly fine seducing my brother's best man and beating on my stupid ex. I was happy with my walk in closet and hush money. Things were going great, thank you very much. The next day would have been my birthday, for fuck's sake! But, no, he just had to come and kill me. Stupid bastard..." ....Yeah, she's not exactly happy with him. She'll cooperate anyway, for the most part, though. After all, what else is there for her to do?

Relations: None. She may have had quite the list of exes and past flings, but thankfully, all the faces in Griff's little group are entirely new to her.

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So begins...

Celeste De'Lazio's Story