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More Than One Barrier

More Than One Barrier


When two strangers meet, it's more than just the language barrier they'll have to break down to survive.

823 readers have visited More Than One Barrier since Talvea created it.

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almost all of the content is my own, with the exception of that of cells. think vaults from fallout.



"This is the way the world ends; not with a bang but with a whimper" - T.S. Eliot


It didn't happen the way they told us it would. There was no one great event to wipe out the fantastic human race. No engineered virus. No catastrophic seismic event or Nuclear. The Earth simply started to die. The scientists told us that it was normal, that every few thousand years our Earth underwent a cycle. They told us that we'd be okay - we were more advanced, more evolved. The politicians all told us that they had the solution, so we blindly ignored the so-called heretics that stood on streetcorners and warned of our coming doom.

Image First, the days started becoming shorter. We didn't mind. The heat had been too much, before. Those of us in the wealthier parts of the world didn't notice for months, despite the growing prices of gas. Then came the food shortage. And the droughts. It started slowly, but it ended far quicker than we could have guessed. With days that were short, but hot, and nights that were too cold, we soon began to realise that we'd gone too far. There was no turning back now.


It was a Tuesday. Days of the week didn't really matter under the ground, but people liked to be organised. Eden slumped over an outdated study book, quietly tracing the names in the front cover. 'Lucy Jones - Greg Walters - Rosie Wilson'. It was safe to say her textbook was more than second hand. The corners were worn, and the pages were filled with doodles. She flipped through them, to the back, where the one and only drawing she'd soiled the book with resided. Her last view of the real sky had been when she was nine, and dragged into her new home beneath the ground. Though she'd seen it through teary eyes, she remembered the defiant blaze of orange and the dirty, low hanging grey of the clouds. She'd drawn it in the back of the book. Badly. It didn't make her human biology lesson any easier.

Eden lived in Cell 21, with one hundred and seventy nine other lucky inhabitants. She knew each by name, and each had known her since she was but a child. She was all but engaged to one of the few eligible men her age, and she lived a good life with her parents and younger brother. It had been eleven years since she'd entered the shelter of the dark Cell, but her time there was soon to end.

The alarm rang.


The Earth is a mess. For the most part, it is a hot, barren wasteland with unpredictable weather. Above ground, there is little food, but in some places flora and fauna have begun to take back what was there. Clean water is scarce, and there is no electricity. This RP is set in an alternative universe in which the end of the world as we know it did begin in 2012. The sun began to heat the Earth, and one by one, the necessities for life began to die out. In a desperate bid for survival, one hundred Cells were implemented across the world, each housing anywhere between two hundred, and a thousand residents.

Each Cell has different rules and regulations and is thought to be inaccessible to the others. Until they're proved wrong. One day, all of the Cells are hacked into, and on every screen a message is conveyed - there are survivors.

This RP is about two individuals from different Cells who find each other after escaping their own. They're both headed to this so-called city, but the difficulty is more than just choosing to trust a stranger. Each speaks a different language, so as they go towards what they hope is freedom, the real barrier is that of communication in a world that humanity has no real place in.


Hello guys! Talvea here. I'm new to the site, but as I hope you can guess, not to RP in general.
This RP is intended to be 1x1, and I'm here searching for a partner! If you're interested, just go ahead and post in the OOC and let me know!

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Earth by Talvea


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Character Portrait: Eden Miller
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Character Portrait: Marco Cortez
Marco Cortez

Don't look I'm naked! So much WIP!


Character Portrait: Marco Cortez
Marco Cortez

Don't look I'm naked! So much WIP!

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Character Portrait: Marco Cortez
Marco Cortez

Don't look I'm naked! So much WIP!

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Re: More Than One Barrier

Cool, cool, cool! I'll get cracking on him ASAP! And as for more peeps I'm down for whatever!

Re: More Than One Barrier

Hello! And welcome to the site! We are happy to have you. :)

I see you have yourself a partner already but I will place my interest as well, in case you two decide to allow another member for a 3-way role play. Let me know. ^^


Re: More Than One Barrier

Hey! Thanks! And sure. Definitely no one-liners! I hate them with a passion too. Feel free to join me :D

Re: More Than One Barrier

Hiya! Welcome to the site! I'd be interested in joining up with ya if you'll have me. But first, just so we're on the same page here, this isn't one of one-liner things right? I hate one-liner posts with a passion.

More Than One Barrier

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