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Eden Miller

0 · 333 views · located in Earth

a character in “More Than One Barrier”, as played by Talvea


~ My life is a literal mess ~



Full Name: Eden Louise Miller

Nickname(s): N/A

Age: Twenty one; 21

Full Name: Eden Louise Miller

Date of Birth: March 4th 2003

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Occupation: Doctor

Vault: Twenty One

Face Claim: Marie Avgeropoulos - as seen in 'The 100'



Coffee - She probably only likes it because it keeps her going through work
The sound of water - Sometimes it's good to know there's an outside, right?
The library - She's a dreamer, and the cell library houses thousands of worlds. It's also peaceful; no one can reach her here
Music - What little she can access, anyway. She's also a pretty good vocalist
High grades - What? Eden's a perfectionist, and her parents hold her to high standards
Happy patients - Happy patients, happy doctor, right?
Stressful/Rewarding work days - There's nothing quite like the knowledge that you've earned your exhaustion

Arrogance and Pride - Eden has simply no patience for those who believe they're better than others
Carelessness - Though she tries not to be, she can be highly strung. She worries about others a lot, and useless carelessness just stresses her out
Ice - Too cold. Just too cold
Her blankets - Standard issue Cell blankets are scratchy
Canned food - Sure, it's a staple, but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable
Pointless lectures - She's not stupid, and she knows it. Eden tends to overreact and assume repetition is often meant to be patronising
Failing at work - Work is her life, and her work can mean saving the lives of others. She doesn't like to see people hurt.

To see a real horse - Her favourite book as a child was 'Black Beauty'. It's pretty much stuck with her.
Having a family - Is that too cliche?
Seeing a real sunrise - Most of her dreams and wishes exist outside of the Cell. Can you blame her?

Silence - Silence in the Cell means something's broken, whether that's the air, or water systems. Silence means bad things are happening.
Drowning - Eden never learned to swim, so in her opinion, drowning is a rational fear.

Eden can best be described as a pragmatic dreamer and an endless optimist. She always hopes for the best, and she has a tendency to just shake off the worse things in life. It's a trait she inherited from her father. From her mother, she inherited her need for tidiness. Eden loves to compartmentalise, and whether or not it is because of her occupation, cleanliness is a must. In another life, she might have been diagnosed with OCD, but in Cell 21, her urge to wash her hands is simply just another outlet for the anxiety living underground can bring. Regardless, Eden always hopes for the best, and her indomitable ability to fiercely hope for a better future is what motivates her when the lights go out.

She has a small circle of friends, within which she embodies the idea of being the shy, sweet one. She likes to look after people. Knowing that they're safe makes her feel safe, but her first priority is normally the other person. Still, regardless of her usual shy nature, if you can manage to get past her outer shell you'll find an interior that's certainly quirky and more than a little playful. She's quite teasing, and a little silly - especially if you ask her younger sister. She's unwaveringly loyal, and despite her dislike for carelessness, is quite spontaneous, and even impulsive when it comes to life changing decisions.



Calm - Even in the midst of chaos, Eden is able to stay composed, allowing her to make big decisions in heart beats.
Intelligent - It's partly because of her job, but Eden is very intelligent. She's logical, and, being a bit of a bookworm, knows a lot of random facts.
Adventurous - Aside from her fears, Eden loves to take calculated risks in the hope of finding new discoveries.
Caring - Eden is very empathetic, and cares a lot about other people.
Protective - Despite her low-level anxiety, Eden is very protective. She'll do what she has to do to safeguard those closest to her.
Positive - Eden is an infallible optimist, though perhaps at times it is a little naively. She will always believe in the best option.
Playful - More than just being a bit of a dreamer, Eden also has her quirks. She's spontaneous, and loves to make dumb jokes and puns.

Naive - Growing up in a Cell with just enough memories of the outside means that, complete with a small library, her expectations and hopes for life are stamped with her own inexperience.
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So begins...

Eden Miller's Story