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Amarette Parrish

"Chin up!'

0 · 765 views · located in Koriko

a character in “More Than One Witch”, as played by ShyFox


Essáy & Stumbleine - Rhiannon
Full name:
Amarette Yvonne Parrish

Years at Bakery:


Most would not see anything extra ordinary in Amarette's appearance. She's average height for a girl her age, shoulder length brown hair that is typically pinned in the corner of her left ear to keep her bangs from flopping into her face. Warm cheerful brown eyes, despite her plainness in appearance she is noticed for her welcome happy expressions when someone comes into the bakery. A person who is eager to please and cheerful no matter what. This is what draws people to Amarette, not her plain way of dressing, but the welcoming, 'make the best of things' attitude she exudes to everyone around her.

As described in her appearance it is obvious that Amarette is a happy person with a love for life even in the hard times. She is very optimistic and tries to see the bright side to every situations, especially the sad or the difficult. She does her best to always put on a happy face for her friends, customers, and especially Kiki. But Amarette isn't always this vision of optimism and happiness, like in everyone life there are times when things get to you. And for Amarette, it comes in a pop of a slow to burn temper. She can go on dealing with the same negative thing from someone for so long and keep things positive, but eventually after someone doing the same thing so many times and still not heading her advice she can snap at someone. Granted she feels horrible for it later and usually apologizes profusely for her emotional behavior, and then returning to her happy optimistic self once again.

Another aspect of Amarette's personality, is she is easily embarrassed especially in front of boys she might find attractive which often becomes any boy close to her age. She fawns over boys allot and sometimes gets on the other's nerves talking about them, often times she doesn't realize that she is going on about someone she likes. When the person listening to her becomes aggravated and tells her what she's doing this is usually followed with a wave of embarrassment that she had gone on about it so long. Brightly flushed cheeks, and stumbling of words spew from her mouth along with apologies to whom ever might have had to suffer through her prattling on.

Amarette loves frogs, and has a massive collection of stuffed toys, stickers, clothing, just about anything that she has in her room as a frog on it somewhere. Her friends have even gone as far as to call her obsessed, which she agrees with completely. She just doesn't understand why she has such a fixation on the lovable, green bug eyed animals. It all started with a gift she received as a child and it just went from there, after sixteen years of collecting her collection has overtaken her room and just about anywhere she has personal space. Most have just grown to accept this about Amarette, like a person might expect a crazy cat lady to collect cats. They just assume one day when Amarette gets a place of her own they will find her one day buried in a pile of frogs.

Likes and Dislikes

▼ Being embarrassed
▼ Kindness being taken advantage of.
▼ Dogs
▼ Burning something.
▼ Running out of ingredients.
▼ Frogs
▼ Sunny days at the beach.
▼ Having a good time with friends and family.
▼ The color green. (For obvious reasons.)
▼ Cute boys


Amarette's obvious talent is baking, she started at a young age in her grandmother's kitchen under the old woman's tutelage and absorbed everything like a sponge cake. For her baking is a art, with cookies and sweets as her canvas, it was no surprise when she begged to start working at the bakery. For Amarette it's a dream come true, with the bonuses of making friends as extraordinary as witches, she's really oblivious to the rules of their only supposed to be one witch per town. In her opinion the more the merrier, they all can do so many things that Amarette can only dream of doing.


Ah.. flaws, as stated before no one is perfect even if they put on a face of a happy go lucky person they may have a deeper more sad part of themselves that they put on a big show for everyone else. So one of Amarettes biggest flaws draws from her biggest strength, her optimism. Now I'm sure you're saying how can anything bad stem from being optimistic, but the truth of it is she is easily taken advantage of because of this. Amarette, will let someone make mistake after mistake even if it is negative against her. Many people use this as a crutch believing that they really don't have to do anything better, because she will always see the bright side to it.

As stated before Amarette is a slow to burn temper, she'll smile and brush it off for a while believing that the person will come around, but look out if that time never comes. Many times she has lost friends in this moment, of emotional strain they having grown so accustomed to her, belief in them that when she does get upset they turn away from her as if they had been lied to. This has triggered Amarette's ability to easily apologize, in many cases though people believed that she only does this to fix things quickly instead of facing the actual problem, that what they were doing was actually bothering her in the first place, and instead of holding it in she should had let them know in the beginning.

Another obvious flaw is Amarettes affinity for boys, they are an obvious distraction for her. When you're baking a cake and you're so busy going on about a boy that had bought a cookie smiling at you behind the register. This can easily cause mistakes in recipes, despite her talent for baking. However many times, Amarette's attitude of making the best of things has turned these mistakes into successes, ingredients left out or added turning the result into a new recipe entirely.


Amarette is afraid of dogs, especially large ones. She was attacked by a very large dog as a child, and could have been badly hurt if her uncle had not pulled the dog off of her.

FC: Misaka Mikoto, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun


Amarette came into this world like any normal child. She was born in Koriko, and like most children in the town became familiar with the young witch Kiki. She was always fascinated by her, what child wouldn't be excited and intrigued by a young woman who flew around on a broom making deliveries all over the city. For a long time she wished that she could be a witch just like Kiki, but as things usually go Amarette was just a typical little girl. Not easily disappointed at a young age she decided that if she wasn't going to be a witch, then she was going to befriend Kiki.

Amarette's father was a fisherman and not home often so she was mostly raised by her, mother and maternal grandmother more her grandmother however because her mother was blind. She was also ill very often which is why her father, worked so much in order to make sure Amarette's mother received the doctor's care that she needed. Despite all of these things wrong, her mother always strove to be happy and always told her daughter to look on the bright side of things. Time spent with her mother and grandmother were always good, with occasional visits from her uncle who was training to be a magnificent chef. He always treated Amarette like a little sister since he had been the youngest, Amarettes mother was the oldest of her grandmother's children. So he had been quite young when his niece was born, the two are very close and Amarette loves spending time with him especially in the kitchen. Her uncle must have inherited his talents in the kitchen from his mother, Amarette learned from her as well. Her grandmother would always stand her up on a wooden kitchen chair next to her at the counter teach her as she cooked and baked.

Sadly when Amarette was ten her father was lost at sea and did not return, so her uncle took up the task of providing the income to support Amarette's mother. He quit cooking school and took up a job at the bakery where Kiki delivered from. The two years after that were hard, money was strained and the whole family had to work hard to make sure everyone was taken care of. They grew strong together, and when Amarette turned thirteen she begged her uncle to try to get her a job at the bakery. He said he would do his best to try, and soon Amarette was given chance for a whole year she went through an internship at the bakery. Learning everything she could, of course she was not paid during this time but it was invaluable to prove that she could do the things that would be expected of her at the bakery. After her year was up she was allowed to stay on, and to be paid, so now Amarette and her uncle both work at the bakery. She has grown to love everyone there, and realized the dream she had made when she was very little, to befriend the witch Kiki.

So begins...

Amarette Parrish's Story