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David Barry

"Please, be careful with this order."

0 · 407 views · located in Koriko

a character in “More Than One Witch”, as played by ShyFox


Guster - Do You Love Me?
Full name:
David Micheal Barry

Years at Bakery:
Five years


David is quite tall and skinny, he has medium length blond hair, gold/yellow eyes and wears glasses. He is quite often seen wearing a large pair of headphones around his neck and typically wears a red track sweater. When he was younger, David's hair was more curly and wild, his mother often referred to him as 'mop top'. But as he grew older and grew out his hair a bit it lays down flat. When working in the bakery he's typically covered in flour and dough, something that keeps him more behind the scenes in the bakery. But that's fine with him he prefers to be in the kitchen concentrating on what he's doing.

Intelligent and calculating, David is very observant of his surroundings. He has jokingly stated that he doesn't have neither ability to sing nor outstanding looks, which would eventually help him through the show-business, that's why he decided to stick with cooking, calling it a popular modern medium and a quick way to earn money. He dreamed of becoming a chef since his childhood, and much like his niece Amarette spent lots of time with his mother learning to cook. David is also very awkward when it comes to romance in his younger days, often accidentally insulting girls without even realizing it. This has carried over into his adult years as an almost avoidance of romantic situations. It also seems that these awkward moments as of late have peaked especially in the presence of Kiki.

He is not very good at hiding his frustration, and often times like Amarette has emotional outbursts when he gets upset. However unlike his niece he doesn't hold things in all the time. Often this stems from something that has happened with an order and the customer is not happy with the product he produced. There was even an instance where he became upset with Kiki blaming her and the flyers for messing up something during the flight. Of course he felt bad for blaming her after spending some 'quality' time punching, kneading dough, and apologizing later. Despite his temper David does his best, to be considerate of his friends, often coming up with advice or actions that help out. While usually calm, David can be quick to react when others insult his friends or family, he is loyal to them and would see none of them harmed or hurt.

He has a gentle nature as well, which shows around his young niece allot when Amarette was born, David was at a point in his life when he was confused as to what he really wanted in life. When he saw the new baby resting in his sister's arms he decided then that, one day he wanted to be the type of man that would be able to love his children equally, something his father didn't do in his own youth. There was no question as to whether Amarette's father loved her and her mother, but he had to work hard to care for her. So David stepped up to be a strong male in Amarette's life, not a second father per say, but more like a big brother. David would do anything for Amarette hence why he pulled a few strings when the girl wanted to work at the bakery so desperately.

Likes and Dislikes

Complaints about orders.
Burning something.
Conceited people.
Romantic situations.
Being upset (Despite the fact hat he's a bit of a hot head)
Reading (Especially Manga)
Music (He listens to all types, doesn't really have a favorite.)
Spending time with his niece.
The smell of fresh baked bread.


If you think that Amarette has a talent for cooking and baking and it impresses you. Then her uncle David is sure to astonish you with his confections. He has a knack for making cakes, that boggle the imagination, doing his best to give the customer whatever their heart desires. Okay so we've covered that his cakes are almost too pretty to eat, lets talk about his physique. In high school David was big into martial arts and at one point considered doing that professionally. But his love for cooking overshadowed that as he aged.


As for mentioned David is a hot head, where Amarette is slow to anger, he is the short fuse. But his biggest problem is, he takes things to hard. It is hard for him to accept constructive criticism, often thinking if someone makes a complaint that is a threat to him. This is stemming from his belief that was he does is art, even though it is typically eaten, each cake, cookie, and bread is meticulously made with care and patience in fact cooking is probably one of the few things David is patient with.

David's biggest fear is the death of his older sister, they have always been very close and even though he is the younger sibling he has always looked out for Amarette's mother. Her health and caring for Amarette are his top priorities, and if anything were to happen to either of them he wouldn't know what to do.

FC: Akito Takagi, Bakuman


David's life has been pretty hard since day one, his father paid little attention to him from birth. Most of the attention went to his sickly, blind older sister. Despite this, he never thought badly of her for this, she was always so loving, kind, and optimistic how could he think ill of her for his fathers inconsistent parenting. So much like his niece, young David spent allot of his time with his mother in the kitchen. These were always happy times for him, most boys his age were out rough housing, while David stayed inside and learned how to make cakes and cookies. He especially enjoyed making treats for his older sister.

As he grew older, David's life didn't change much a father that still ignored him and cooking for his mother and sister. It was when he turned thirteen that he decided that he was going to become a chef. It wouldn't be easy, the family was already strained financially because of his sister's doctor bills, but David managed by taking odd jobs around Koriko. He like many of the other younger people in the city were familiar with Kiki and her delivery service but he had never really met the young witch. Saving up was hard but he managed, for three years he worked hard then his sister got married to a fisherman and had her daughter Amarette. His brother in law worked hard to care for his wife, but the absence of his sister made David feel like he was missing something in his life. His meaning for cooking for a long time had been to make his sister happy, he was beginning to think that maybe he should become a fisherman himself and even started discussing it with his brother in law. Everything changed when Amarette was born, this new addition to the family gave him a new light on life.

For seven more years, David had saved up enough money to start classes at the cooking school, granted he started school allot older than many of his fellow students but he was proud of himself for reaching his goal. Three years in to his training however, the sad news of his brother in laws disappearance at see put an end to his schooling, with only one year left. But he didn't think twice his sister and niece needed him, and the bakery was hiring. The past five years have had it's up's and downs. His young niece eventually joining him at the bakery to work and even though he didn't finish his training he still feels as though he has achieved his goal, just not in the way he expected to.

So begins...

David Barry's Story