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Leila Estelle

"I-uh-I-I..." small WIP

0 · 209 views · located in Koriko

a character in “More Than One Witch”, as played by ladygeekiness


Leila Estelle

☆Full name: Leila Hayao Estelle

☆Age: 15

☆Year at Delivery Service: 2ndImage

☆Sexuality: Heterosexual

☆Appearance: Leila has long brunette hair that she usually keeps in two plaits under a hairband. She's at an average height for a 15 year old, perhaps a little shorter. She's light in build, and equally light on her feet and broom. Her eyes are black, and are usually looking down at the ground in shyness. She often wears loose or baggy clothes though, so her frame isn't shown off. She wears pants and shirts after joining Kiki's Service, as she flies often and would have no forewarning to having to go on an unexpected delivery run. She's practically always blushing, and even if she isn't, the altitude and outdoor exercise she gets rosies her cheeks. Her small mouth is usually in a soft smile or in a determined set with her jaw. Her eyes are usually gazing into the distance, and sometimes in the distance is the team's destination.

☆Personality: Let's say if Leila were asked anything about herself she would be too shy to. Leila is one of the shyest human beings on the planet. When meeting someone, she can barely say hello with a nod and a wave to someone she's never met before. Once she's known someone after at least one conversation it becomes a little bit easier. If she does pluck up enough courage to talk, she usually can't look someone in the eye. If trying to speak to someone she is intimidated or unfamiliar with she may choke up when she tries to speak. It's kind of a condition actually. Her shyness however, does not mean that she is weak. She is a very tenacious girl, determined to do what she wants to do, and this tenacity has become far more apparent since she became a part of Kiki's team.

Leila's got lots of spark, but she doesn't show it very often sadly. She is embarrassed very easily, the slightest humiliating thing can leave her blushing for days. She can be a little cold sometimes, as people have wronged her in the past, and sometimes wishes people would be able to just understand. Understand she's shy, but not weak. Understand she's not lonely, just content being on her own. Understand she's not pointless, that she's just as worthy as every other witch on the team, and she' perfectly capable of doing her job as leader despite her shyness. That's kind of why Kiki chose Leila as head flyer. She saw the fire and the leader, not the flicker or the stutter accompanied with this excellent flyer. Kiki saw a shyer version of her younger self in Leila, and knew after accepting her that she was the best lead fyer she could have gotten. Of course, Leila doesn't know this, but she still has complete faith in Kiki as a captain, and completely adores her. You might be thinking, how can such a shy girl be the leader of the flyers? Well, Leila is like a coin. She has two polar opposite sides, except one side is always face up. Yeah, metaphors.When Leila knows it's necessary, she can be as strong and confident as any other. Once she does start talking, she speaks from the heart, and can get carried away if she's angry or upset.

☆Flying, otherwise she would have applied as an assistant
☆The Night sky. She was named after it after all.
☆Kiki's and the Bakery's cooking. It's super tasty!
☆Koriko, it's her first true home.
☆Seagulls. It's weird, but she admires the way they fly, even if they pester.


★Her shyness, it's a major pain.
★Raisin bread
★Cruel people, which is obvious but she really hates cruel people.
★Skirts. They're a pain when flying.
★Her parents. But we'll get to that later.

☆Flying, Leila is great at flying, and her tricks are simple but lovely.
☆Leila is very good at the arts, but she's especially good at sculpting and sketching.
☆Leila is also good with animals. Most animals like her when they first meet her.


★Leila's shyness is one of her biggest flaws, but she can't help it.
★Leila daydreams nearly all the time, but she tries not to if she's on the job.
★Leila has a brand where her upper arm meets her shoulder, like this, but not a tattoo.

★Leila fears the slave traders, and has nightmares about them. But she's only old Kiki about this.
★Leila is afraid of fighting and violence, and hasn't been in a single fight in her life.
★Leila has a phobia of suffocating

☆History: Leila was born in a small town, not too close to Koriko, but not too far either. She was a happy little toddler, but there was just one problem. When she was born, a little black kitten came in every night to sleep with Leila, and wouldn't want to leave the room until someone physically forced the cat out. But then Leila would cry when the little cat left, so her parents just let her stay. That was the first time Leila's mother was nervous around her. Then, when she was about four, she was playing in the front lawn, and used magic for the first time. That was the day that the local witch had decided to visit. Normally the witch of that town, who was talented in healing, would visit families with a young child to help, but Leila's parents despised witches, and declined her help. You can probably see where this is going now. The witch applauded Leila when she lifted her toy into the air, and when she got indoors asked the couple why they hadn't told her they had witch blood in the family. When they said they didn't, she frowned. "Then why is your daughter one?" They laughed, but when they saw Leila using magic, albeit badly, they believed the witch. Then Leila's mother began to sob hysterically. She was asked to calm down by her husband, but instead kept repeating; "It was just one night! One night!!" At first Leila's dad didn't understand what she meant, but then did a bit too quickly. Leila wasn't his daughter. Almost as soon as the witch left, Leila was despised by her "father", and her mother couldn't even look at her. About a month or two later, Leila's mum went missing. Leila turned five on the day the news reached them, and for some reason, as soon as the police had left, her father stopped looking upset and just treated Leila even colder. ]His hate for her turned her shy, and a lot of anger got bottled up when she got older. It took her father two years to admit she needed training, and every weekend, Leila went to stay with the village witch. She did this for 6 years, before travelling on a moonlit night with Nix across the countryside before she finally found the tiniest village on earth, and found her speciality in aerial magic. Leila found she was quite good at light spells, and could do marvelous tricks with her broom and lights, and every night she would put lights around the tiny village to light up the dark, and on special occasions did light shows, but couldn't make much of a job out of it. When she got back, her father was no different, but disliked her even more now that she was a full fledged witch. One day, not too soon after she'd come back, Leila's father didn't even talk to her. He kept looking at her like there was something more she didn't know about. She woke up the next morning, and couldn't see anything. She tried calling out to her dad, but her mouth was gagged. She noticed wherever she was, it wasn't a house, because it was moving. She felt the vibrations of an engine, and heard some children crying. When the vehicle stopped, whatever was blinding her was yanked off, and she was blinded for a few moments. She saw rough looking men, and they laughed. "So this is the witch eh? She don' look like much." "Shut up, we'll get loads of money off of her!" Leila looked at them, puzzled, and they laughed again.

☆Other: Her cat is called Nix, and she can no longer hear her, but of course they are steady companions.

So begins...

Leila Estelle's Story