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#22475 - Rei

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a character in “Morningside Bioweapon Research Facility”, as played by VitaminHeart


Image ('scuse my bad drawing, will do a better one soon.)
ID Number: #22475
Informal Name/s: Rei
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Silver, lack of pigment has caused hair to grow out grey, even though subject appears young.
Eye Colour: Pale Green, seem to have permanent dark 'rings' around them which would suggest illness or lack of sleep, but do not seem to go away with treatment for either.

Body Type: Thin, scrawny, little muscle mass and comparatively androgynous in form. While Rei seems to show no hesitancy about eating, and appears to eat about as much as the average subject, she never appears to gain any visible weight, although due to her powers, her weight can appear to fluctuate wildly with no actual visible difference to her size, as her abilities appear to concentrate mass within her body through altering its density, rather that her body growing to accommodate it.

Physical Mutations Evident: Variable. In general, Rei may pass as human, though when presented with threatening stimuli, or if angered, she will often present with alarming, monstrous features such as claws, spikes, tentacles or armoured plates.

Abilities and Mutations

Type/s: Biological Synthesis: Rei can control the mitosis of her cells and create any form of organic matter, from blood, to bone, to neurotransmitters, to full body parts. Rei is somewhat limited in this as it takes up energy in order to create the cells. It is also dependent on her understanding of the structure of a substance, so the more complicated something is, the more work she has to do to make it. Blood is simple, constructing a functioning eye would be much, much harder.

Biological Manipulation: The second, and much more sinister branch of Rei's power. Biological manipulation allows Rei to alter the structure of living things, including herself. This can be used benevolently to aid the healing of injuries. Rei herself can use it in combat or self defense, forming spikes, bony armour, deadly tendrils, or vicious claws.

Rei's ability is extremely useful due to its versatility, however there is something extremely sinister about it, even beyond the rather unnerving nature of what Rei can do with it. The power itself seems to have a degree of autonomy, seeming to work nearly independently of Rei, responding more to her 'fight or flight' response than her conscious thoughts.

Potential Utilizations for Mutation:
-Field Medicine

Flaws or Defects Evident in Subject:

-Her capacity to change is limited to some degree by how much biomass she can call upon. Whilst it seems her body can concentrate mass internally so as to maintain human size and shape and yet create large additional body parts, if these are severed she may not be able to recreate them if her biomass stores are depleted. The larger and more complex the part, the more she needs. If Rei is deprived of food or has been unable to eat she may have none and be unable to change.

-While Rei's powers give her a phenomenal capacity for destruction, Rei herself is not very physically strong. She becomes unwell easily, and suffered seriously ill-health during her earlier years. Though much of this has been corrected in some capacity she frequently displays signs of physical frailty, has little capacity to exert herself, and cannot withstand physical attack if they can get past any defencces her abilities create. Beyond the alterations to her own body, she is quite weak in comparison to other prototypes, even those not necessarily trained for combat. Indeed the alterations Rei has internally are drastic to the point that it's questionable as to whether she could even survive without the presence of her ability.


Psychological Profile

Personality Traits:

Rei is a bit of a complex individual, if generally quite low maintenance on the surface. Her own, pretty quiet and balanced persona is, to a degree, only the result of work to 'even out' her more unwieldy characteristics, though this has been a pretty successful attempt at doing so, and for the most part, Rei is quite relaxed and reasonable, though this depends on her taking the issued medication.

Without it she tends to become very jittery, paranoid, nervous, and hostile, and also tends to openly provoke othersm this giving way to feelings of intense remorse and sadness regarding her own behaviour.

Whilst some experiments resent the use of medication, Rei has voiced her appreciation of it in her case, explaining she feels a lot more in control of her mood and thoughts when taking them.

Rei seems to look to escapism in the form of books or video games or similar rather than attempting to seek solace in other people. That is not to say that Reith dislikes other people. In many ways she craves companionship, but is a little wary of others, tending to not really allow people in unless she is sure she trusts them. Stemming as a less dramatic incarnation of her paranoia, she seems to expect hostility from people, and appears a little surprised when they react in a friendly fashion. She enjoys cooking, but is quite unskilled at it, and previous sessions in which she was allowed in the kitchens resulted in inedible abominations.

Psychological Irregularities:

Irregularities upon initial transfer to Morningside Facility had rendered Rei to be something of a problem in regards to security. She was very defensive, often volatile, with a degree of childish spite that could make her quite unpleasant and difficult to deal with. She also suffered from an extreme anxiety that led to constant insomnia and her abilities manifesting without prior warning.

This had been all brought under control however through use of psychoactive medication and two years after arrival Rei cleared all the tests to be allowed into the Upper Level, and has, since, adapted well.

ADDENDUM: Alterations pending regarding recent 'incident'.
- Dr O. Kovalenko


Notable Skills: Rei has received a pretty comprehensive education in biology as part of her training, and as a result knows quite a lot relating to the work at Morningside.

Notable Disadvantages: Rei tends to lack more complex social skills due to the comparatively recent commencement of interaction with a peer group. She doesn't always understand body language, and will often misinterpret cues.


Background: Rei was the result of an earlier project by Paragon. The Invidia project had initially been an attempt at creating life-forms that would be able to mimic the faces of other humans in order to be used in espionage. The vast majority of the subjects died very early on in development or had severe deformities, however those that survived long enough to demonstrate the ability showed something far more dramatic, and destructive.

The project was weaponized, and refined to try and create a prototype that would survive long enough for study. Large investments were made and lots of hours of work conducted, and eventually Rei was the result of the project, though her health was poor. It took a great deal of extensive alterations until Rei was capable of long terms survival, and her ability was massively enhanced as part of the process, these things seemed to have resulted in an individual who was very nervous and struggled socially. On her transfer to Morningside, she had a poor record behaviourally.

Actions of note within facility:

With these problems under control, Rei was allowed a place on the upper level and continued to display a good standard of behaviour and remain on amicable terms with staff members. She even volunteered to use her ability to help Dr Kovalenko with some of the cellular research, and so was granted clearance to enter the cell culture laboratory once a week to assist with research sessions, and, to avoid any forced labour laws problems, she was offered some money towards the purchase of games, novels or comic books in exchange for her help. This arrangement suited all parties.

In light of yesterday's incident with Robinson (Deceased) and the air vent #22475 has been moved to lockdown and classification re-assigned to Lower Levels in the short term pending a proper investigation of the incident. Records will be edited accordingly. So you can all stop emailing me about it.
- Dr O. Kovalenko

So begins...

#22475 - Rei's Story


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Down on the secure level, Dr Kovalenko regarded the inferiour cup of coffee with distaste as she and one of security headed along to lockdown.

Whilst the upper areas tended to go for a light, open-plan look, the necessity of security meant that the lower level was more tight, the corridors wide and low with reinforced doors and shutters that could be drawn up to view the inside of the rooms that branched off.

A few noises, muffled by the thickness of the walls, could be heard from time to time, but generally the place was pretty quiet, pretty preferable to the noise of the offices.

Even if there was a much larger chance of being ripped apart.

They paused in front of the large, thick blast door of the lockdown section and the doctor, an angular woman in her mid twenties, pressed the button on the intercom outside.

-"So, are you planning to rip anyone else to pieces this week or can I open up this door?"-

The corridor was quiet for a few long moments before a voice on the other side staticed in.

"No, no I'm good."

"Well as long as you're good." the researcher muttered with a degree of sarcasm before she input a code, pressed her alm to the scanner and swiped her ID through the lock, causing the heavy door to slowly slide down.

"Admin is on my back about this. Prototypes taking out staff is unacceptable and you are downstairs until the team fix the problems."-

The figure sat at the back of the room narrowed their luminous green eyes in distaste.

"I'd rather not hang out with the freaks down here."

"Well I'm sorry you feel that way princess, but seeing as there are still pieces of Robinson in the ventilation system then you're just going to have to be brave and deal with it. They're opening up the rooms and sending the prototypes on this level to the cafeteria and I'm going to be dong the check up rounds, go along there, make some friends or whatever it is that you do when you're not savaging people and get used to it because you aren't leaving til I'm certain you're not going to go Cthulu fhtagn again, clear?"

The indidivual in the cell was well aware that there was not much to be gained from arguing the case. Dr K. had a lot of authority around the place, and exactly the same amount of unwillingness to back down. No degree of persuasion was going to sway her.
The figure stepped out of the blast doors, shoulders drawn up, regarding the doctor with distaste, her head still aching from the after-effects of whatever they'd given her the day before. She felt like someone had ht her over the head with a baseball bat.

Which was possible. It was all pretty hazy.

There were not that many people who could have pulled a stunt like she had and still be on decent terms with a company, but Rei did represent a considerable investment from Paragon, and in the end it all came down to the monetary value. That and while the thing had been pretty grisly, she was by no means the most hostile or difficult prototype Morningside had. Up until recently she'd been spending her time upstairs with the most personable experiments, the kind that went to meet investors and showed off what they could do, but when the random 'check-outs' started happening, they'd started talking about the move downstairs.

Downstairs was where the 'freaks' ended up. The experiments with health issues, or disciplinary problems, or glitches that meant that the level of security and monitoring was justified.

Rei had her own friends upstairs, and interactions with the downstairs lot had been limited at best, and not something she was eagerly anticipating.

The experiment stepped into the large room, regarding the guards posted up on the walkways over head sceptically.

"Looks like a classy place, huh?"

Rei was not, at a glance, all that threatening looking. Skinny, curveless and quite sickly-looking, she was wearing the white pants and T-shirt marked with the logo, and her ID code, that seemed a little large on her form. Long, silvery hair hung down to her lower back, not much paler than the unhealthy hue of her skin. All in all she looked like someone that'd struggle to carry groceries, let alone wipe people out but....when you were talking about bioweapon research appearance was always pretty deceiving.

"Don't be a smart-ass. I'm expecting a flawless record from you."the researcher remarked.

Rei made a vague noise of agreement in response, not having the energy to argue.
She stepped to the back of the line, hunching forwards whilst the doctor went to speak to security.

It was going to be such a long week.


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Whimpers filled the air, the normally soothing vibrations of the comfort rabbit were doing nothing to keep the nightmares at bay tonight. The image of blood filled her vision, crimson droplets licking her face and dripping from her fingertips onto the ground. The little girl's hand was still outstretched, a hole the size of her tiny fist punctured into the chest of a nurse that had been hitting her for not acting fast enough. A scream rang in the air and her entire being shook, Experiment X42759 collapsed to the tiled ground with her head in her hands.

And then it was over.

The door opened with a squeak that sent slivers of light into the dark room. Normally there would be a little girl bundled in thin white blankets on the bed, however this morning there was nothing but a stuffed pink rabbit among the sheets. The lights to the room flickered on, reflecting on the harsh white walls of the tiny cell on the lower floor. A woman in scrubs entered, carrying a cup of water and a smaller cup full of pills that sounded like maracas when you shook them. "Not again," quickly the tech closed the door and looked up, spotting Experiment #X42759 standing on the ceiling. "These are the last pills you need to take for a while, then you can go get breakfast." The girl had been taken off of isolation yesterday after battling an illness for the past week that had rendered her so sick she couldn't move; but now that she had recovered the board decided it was time to move her to the upper level, which would happen later today after a final checkup.

Reyna walked down the wall, she had proven time and again that gravity had no affect on her and yet the nurses and techs always starred as though it were some amazing feat when she came down from the roof. Quietly she took a sip from the cup and downed all of the pills at once, taking another few sips of water before allowing the tech to lead her out to the cafeteria. Upon entering Reyna took an immediate interest in the smell that was wafting from the food line. Eggs, or maybe the usual goop that they served down here. She couldn't wait to move back up to the upper flowers and have a room with a window as well as food that didn't taste like random ingredients thrown into a blender.

Something drew the girl's attention from the impending food. It was a female, one Reyna had never seen before in an over sized white shirt and spats with the Paragon Inc. logo The little blonde drew closer, her curiosity overwhelming. She knew about the hostility that came from some of the lower residents, but this one was different. She looked sick and guarded; clearly if the experiment were ill she would be in isolation; perhaps she was simply a project gone wrong?

"H-hello," Reyna sidled up next to the experiment on the line, prepared for the worst. Normally Reyna would keep her distance and sit alone at one of the corner tables, but today she was feeling stupidly brave. If things went south she would remember the protocol and call for one of the orderlies, but something told her she wouldn't need to worry about fighting this creature.