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"Hey, would you let me cut you open?"

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a character in “Morningside Bioweapon Research Facility”, as played by moahi


ID Number: #34455
Informal Name/s: Sai(XI)
Age: Currently 15
Gender: Currently Male
Floor: Lower Floor


Hair Colour: Currently silver.
Eye Colour: Currently black.

Body Type:
Physical Mutations Evident: None. The subject looks perfectly human.

Abilities and Mutations

Type/s: Cellular mutation: Cellular makeup allows subject to manipulate cells in order for them to assume any shape he wishes. The subject can make itself look like nay living thing, including animals, and from the results we have collected, the subject can heal injuries with his cells repairing himself, including growing new body parts after we amputate some for another experiment. Subject has shown ability of feigning death realistically, and is able to stop the cells from vibrating to assume a dead state.

Mind reading: The subject can sense the brainwaves and vibrations from others and analyse them, and has shown the ability to come into one's mind to see one's inner desires. Useful for finding traitors, and can induce fear or other emotions in others.

Advanced senses and intelligence: Subject has shown signs of abnormal strengths and speeds at times, along with his intelligence. We have noticed that he is even able to go to lengths that even seem supernatural for his size.

Potential Utilizations for Mutation:
-Information gathering
Flaws or Defects Evident in Subject:
His changes in his appearance can only be taken from those he has seen, and when he turns into them possess the person's weaknesses. From tests, when he assumed the form of a person with a crippled leg, he has the same weakness. Further tests have been conducted with ones with asthma or weak health and illnesses, and it is shown that the subject has the same weaknesses as that person.

The mutation of his brain cells cannot be controlled, and the subject has shown obvious traits of losing his memory after a few months. The time for them to mutate and for him to lose his memories are not fixed or regular, they range from months to possibly years. Might not recognise staff or other subjects after a memory loss and asks questions about seemingly obvious things.

Nature. Probably one of the most unforeseeable things is that the subject's nature that is designed for him to fight has proved a disadvantage for us. Sadistic and bloodthirsty, he has shown an obvious disregard for human life, including the ones of the staff and experiments. He shows no loyalty whatsoever, and would kill anyone without a thought. His nature is one of a child's and he treats everything as a game. That is surprisingly dangerous as he thinks that its fun if he injures someone, liking to see their insides.

Though his body is indestructible, if he is shot at the joints it can prolong his movements and healing time, along with getting his cells fried by electrocution. Staff is encourages to bring a taser while seeing him for safety purposes.


Psychological Profile

Personality Traits:
Childish most of the time, and thinks that killing is simply a past time to him. The subject would be easy to fool with his personality if not for his high intelligence, and has frequent mood swings, highly unpredictable. He might be happy for a while and killing someone the next, and is very unstable. His bloodthirsty nature has made him hard to deal with, and he has no qualms with killing another person in the most painful means possible, even seeming to enjoy seeing their suffering.

Psychological Irregularities:
The memory loss seems to have affected the subject, as he is now interested to find out who he really was with the shifting of his cells. According to him, the form he takes is only as a temporary means for convenience, but he has a confusion to who he was before he had decided on his appearance. This has been seen to act as a motivation for him to kill and slice open others so he can study their cells to see who he really is like inside.


Notable Skills:
He has high intelligence that is almost supernatural to a point, and the mending of his cells makes him nearly indestructible, giving him a sense of immortality.

Notable Disadvantages:
The subject has no concern for human life, and would kill for fun, and does not see any connections or loyalty to others.


Sai was the result of one of the projects to make mutated cells implanted into others so that their whole cellular make up is made up of those, making them immortal to a point and immensely strong. Several had died with the testing, their bodies rejecting the cells so that the cells slowly killed each other off for survival, however, the scientist had found a way to create a living thing purely out of those cells, so its body would adapt to it almost immediately as a embroyo. The subject was then given the shortened name 'sai' or Xi for the mystery of the subject.

It had no determined gender or even age, but to the staff's surprise the cells had developed slowly into a working brain with a personality, though it had been engineered and adapted to feel joy in seeing the death of others. It can be argued that it was seeing the many deaths of the other failed experiments that had triggered that adaptation, but currently it cannot be explained. After several tests, the subject has defied most of the expectations of it to die before the study was completed by the cells being accepted by the body so that it had decided on a certain form, a 15 year-old male. Irregularities were soon showed by his constant questions to who he was, and acting with violence and killing intent to staff after the first period of his memory loss, and he has been deemed as unstable and dangerous, moved to the lower floors.

Actions of note within facility:
When the first signs of his memory loss happened and the tests were being conducted to find the reason, the subject was asking odd questions, like where he was or who were the others with him, and after those being patiently answered, asked the staff who he really was, growing into an aggressive state after they answered that they did not know. He then proceeded to grab the nearest one of the staff and cut him open, claiming that he needed to see his insides to give him an insight to who he is like before, to study his cells. He killed several others as the staff is being evacuated, before he was finally secured. That incident and his already shifting moods have deemed him as dangerous and unstable, moving him to the lower floors.

So begins...

#34455-Sai's Story


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Whimpers filled the air, the normally soothing vibrations of the comfort rabbit were doing nothing to keep the nightmares at bay tonight. The image of blood filled her vision, crimson droplets licking her face and dripping from her fingertips onto the ground. The little girl's hand was still outstretched, a hole the size of her tiny fist punctured into the chest of a nurse that had been hitting her for not acting fast enough. A scream rang in the air and her entire being shook, Experiment X42759 collapsed to the tiled ground with her head in her hands.

And then it was over.

The door opened with a squeak that sent slivers of light into the dark room. Normally there would be a little girl bundled in thin white blankets on the bed, however this morning there was nothing but a stuffed pink rabbit among the sheets. The lights to the room flickered on, reflecting on the harsh white walls of the tiny cell on the lower floor. A woman in scrubs entered, carrying a cup of water and a smaller cup full of pills that sounded like maracas when you shook them. "Not again," quickly the tech closed the door and looked up, spotting Experiment #X42759 standing on the ceiling. "These are the last pills you need to take for a while, then you can go get breakfast." The girl had been taken off of isolation yesterday after battling an illness for the past week that had rendered her so sick she couldn't move; but now that she had recovered the board decided it was time to move her to the upper level, which would happen later today after a final checkup.

Reyna walked down the wall, she had proven time and again that gravity had no affect on her and yet the nurses and techs always starred as though it were some amazing feat when she came down from the roof. Quietly she took a sip from the cup and downed all of the pills at once, taking another few sips of water before allowing the tech to lead her out to the cafeteria. Upon entering Reyna took an immediate interest in the smell that was wafting from the food line. Eggs, or maybe the usual goop that they served down here. She couldn't wait to move back up to the upper flowers and have a room with a window as well as food that didn't taste like random ingredients thrown into a blender.

Something drew the girl's attention from the impending food. It was a female, one Reyna had never seen before in an over sized white shirt and spats with the Paragon Inc. logo The little blonde drew closer, her curiosity overwhelming. She knew about the hostility that came from some of the lower residents, but this one was different. She looked sick and guarded; clearly if the experiment were ill she would be in isolation; perhaps she was simply a project gone wrong?

"H-hello," Reyna sidled up next to the experiment on the line, prepared for the worst. Normally Reyna would keep her distance and sit alone at one of the corner tables, but today she was feeling stupidly brave. If things went south she would remember the protocol and call for one of the orderlies, but something told her she wouldn't need to worry about fighting this creature.