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A/L00084211 - Leon

"I'm not a psychopath. I'm a sociopath. A psychopath doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong. I do. I just don't give a shit"

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a character in “Morningside Bioweapon Research Facility”, as played by Screwface Romeo


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ID Number: A/L00084211

Informal Name/s: Leon

Age: 30 (Apparent)

Gender: Male

Floor: Lower Level



Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Body Type:

Subject A/L00084211 is tall and broad-shouldered, with long limbs and large hands, strong but not grotesquely muscular, built for speed and toughness rather than brute strength.

Physical Mutations Evident:

Skin is thick, opaque and very pale, almost stark white. The subject displays heavy, defined bone structure, piercing eyes and unusually sharp teeth. Limbs are exceptionally flexible and in most cases double-jointed, providing excellent manual dexterity and range of movement.


Abilities and Mutations


Subject A/L00084211 demonstrates exceptional intelligence, superhuman reflexes and reaction time, and the ability to rapidly regenerate damaged tissue. The subject has hardened, tough skin laced with organic fibers which is very difficult to break, as well as a heavy, reinforced skeleton that allows him to withstand immense punishment, including falls, whiplash, and heavy, sustained blunt force trauma. The subject is also capable of regulating his heartbeat, hormone levels and body language in order to maintain maximum control during physical exertion, defeat lie detector tests, and withstand interrogation.

Potential Utilizations for Mutation:

Subject A/L00084211 is ideal for combat, particularly special operations where the subject's impressive intelligence, aptitude for advanced hand-to-hand combat training, and regenerative ability would provide serious advantages over traditional operators, allowing the subject to make executive decisions and adapt to situations behind enemy lines with little to no guidance from command, engage and neutralize personnel strategically, quietly and efficiently, and continue to operate at peak effectiveness regardless of wounds or injuries, without the need for extraction or medical care.

Flaws or Defects Evident in Subject:

Subject A/L00084211 is mentally flawed, unwilling or unable to take orders, rebellious, individualistic, and entirely unsuited to operating within a command structure, or in a team environment. A/L00084211 demonstrates complete disregard for authority, and is exceptionally dangerous to anyone he is exposed to. Subject also appears unable to empathize, form attachments, or otherwise function in society.


Psychological Profile

Personality Traits:

A/L00084211 demonstrates all the signs of a classical sociopath.The subject is extremely intelligent, demonstrating unparalleled proficiency in logical reasoning and problem-solving. However, the subject is also conniving, manipulative, deceptive and a pathological liar, appearing to take pleasure in controlling and manipulating people for his own amusement. The subject enjoys playing mind games and coaxing information or favors out of staff or other subjects, demonstrating an interest more in the challenge than the eventual reward. Subject frequently complains of boredom, and appears to be driven primarily by a desire to entertain or amuse himself rather than acquiring material possessions or gaining freedom. The subject has regularly described life as a game to staff members, and seems to view other people as props, tools or actors in his own little play, rather than human beings. A/L00084211 has displayed an immense capacity for cruelty and violence, but does not seem compelled or driven to either, employing them only when they suit his own ends.

Psychological Irregularities:

Subject A/L00084211 scores exceptionally high on tests designed to measure intelligence and problem-solving ability, but exceptionally low on tests designed to measure empathy or compassion. Repeated administration of the tests resulted in increasingly positive results in certain areas, with many answers being uncannily similar to the textbook, leading staff to deduce that the subject was learning from the tests in order to mimic empathy, rather than actually experiencing it. The subject demonstrates a total disregard for human life, and rarely exhibits any strong or genuine emotion other than frustration or anger, except when attempting to manipulate other individuals. Subject A/L00084211 is supremely selfish, and appears entirely unable to genuinely sympathize with or relate to other people, as well as being incapable of forming attachments, or any relationship which is not distinctly parasitic. The subject is also entirely ungovernable, resisting authority seemingly on principle, and refusing to take orders or perform tasks without either extracting a favor in return, or otherwise gaming the situation to suit his purposes.



Notable Skills:

The subject demonstrates unrivaled hand-to-hand combat aptitude, as well as exceptional abilities with ranged weapons and other combat disciplines. The subject is extremely tenacious, aggressive, and refuses to admit defeat, even in the face of a seemingly impossible situation. A/L00084211 is an extremely rapid learner, acquiring and mastering skills at an unprecedented rate. The subject also demonstrates remarkable skill in strategy games and scenarios, both in command simulations, and traditional games such as Go and Chess. The subject has an eidetic memory, and is capable of solving puzzles in minutes after seeing the solution for only a few seconds, and has learned to disassemble, clean, and reassemble every firearm in the facility's armory in record time, while blindfolded. A/L00084211 is also very charismatic, and capable of persuading, manipulating and influencing people with ease.

Notable Disadvantages:

In addition to being incompatible with any formal organization or structure that he is not personally in charge of, the subject is arrogant, overconfident, and has repeatedly demonstrated a tendency to overestimate his own abilities, and underestimate those of others.




Subject A/L00084211 was designed and bred as part of a series of experiments to produce high-level special forces operators, the primary criterions being intelligence, combat aptitude, and physical resilience. The subject was the eighth in a series of prototypes intended to achieve this goal, and the only one who has managed to survive so far. The previous prototypes either failed to exhibit any of the desired traits, expired shortly after being removed from the incubation chamber, or died due to complications resulting from their regenerative abilities. Despite numerous attempts, Paragon staff have been unable to duplicate A/L00084211's success, which combined with the subject's unsuitability for his intended role, led to the program being mothballed. A/L00084211 was retained for further study, but researchers have yet to learn anything meaningful beyond the fact that engaging him in conversation is usually a bad idea.

The subject grew and matured rapidly, thanks to artificial hormone implants, and began to learn and develop at an astonishing rate, mastering language, writing, tactics, martial arts and weapons, as well as becoming exceptionally fit, and training his already impressive reflexes. By the time he was physically mature, he had acquired the equivalent of a masters degree in history, military tactics and literature, as well as a working knowledge of psychology. The subject chose the name Leon for himself, apparently as a reference to the lion in Dante's Inferno, which represented mankind's sins of violence, murder and warfare.

Despite concerns over his incorrigibility, lack of empathy, and appearing to take pleasure in playing increasingly malicious mind games with the staff, researchers believed he was still ideal for his original purpose and continued to train him in weapons and tactics until he eventually snapped and attempted to escape, killing numerous security personnel before being subdued. When questioned about the incident, he laughed, claimed that he did it because he was bored, that it was a game, and challenged the facility's leaders to "try to do better next time", at which point he was moved to the lower level, and all training ceased. He has attempted to escape four more times since then, allowing himself to be returned to the lower level in every case, and has disclosed to staff that he is keeping a running total of his "score", with points assigned to defeating security systems and killing guards in various creative ways.

Actions of note within facility:

After a period of relative docility, the subject initiated an incident, retrieving 2 Sig Sauer P226 sidearms, 2 15 inch combat knives, and a Benelli M4 semi automatic shotgun from the armory during weapons training, and proceeded to attempt escape, killing 36 guards in the process, and sustaining over 200 bullet wounds. When the subject was ultimately subdued with stun grenades, tear gas, and multiple taser shots to the chest, all but the most recent of his wounds had completely healed. In response to this incident, the subject was moved to the lower level, and security personnel were issued BrenTen sidearms chambered for hollow point 10mm Automatic cartridges, to replace the 9mm P226.

The subject attempted a second escape attempt 3 months after being moved to the lower level. He convinced an attendant to bring him newspapers, which he soaked in water from the toilet in his cell, twisted, and allowed to dry, until he had crafted a rigid bludgeon, which he used to kill two guards and acquire their sidearms. He then proceeded to escape the lower level through an elevator shaft, and almost made it out of the secure portion of the upper level, when he was apprehended by guards. He immediately surrendered, and was returned to his cell. Further security systems were installed, and the lunch trays were replaced with paper plates.

A week later, he convinced another attendant to allow him to eat in privacy, at which point he snapped his lunch tray into several long, sharp pieces, which he used to kill the attendant, don his uniform, and slip back into the armory, where he acquired a USP 45 caliber pistol and a suppressor. He managed to silently kill 12 guards using either the pistol or his hands, before being detected, at which point he again surrendered and allowed himself to be returned to his cell. Security was again tightened, and the armory door connected to an electronic lock system that required senior personnel to unlock it from the control room.

Over a period of several months, he developed a relationship with a female attendant, convincing her that he was misunderstood, and merely wanted to be free so that they could be together. Under his guidance, she disabled several security systems, allowing him to escape the lower level, acquire a sidearm from a guard, at which point he took her hostage, and convinced security to allow him to leave the facility. Upon reaching the lobby, he shot her in the head, and surrendered to the guards. Following this incident, his attendants were replaced by teams of 3 guards armed with AA12 automatic shotguns, deliberately chosen due to their friendship with guards he had killed previously, to prevent him from gaining their trust.

Two and a half months later, while being transported in a straight jacket, he was left alone in an interrogation room with an inexperienced psychiatrist, who he convinced to get him a cigarette. Using only his mouth, he tossed the cigarette over his head onto the chair behind him, and used it to burn through the jacket's restraints, before snapping the doctor's neck, and using his body as a shield to absorb the majority of the buckshot from his guards, who he proceeded to kill when they ran out of ammunition. Acquiring a shotgun from one of them, he killed 23 facility personnel, before being discovered sitting in the faculty recreation room, quietly smoking, drinking a beer and playing Xbox, at which point he surrendered yet again without a fight. In the 5 months following this incident, he has not attempted escape, and has behaved like a model inmate.


Subject A/L00084211 is classified Extremely Dangerous. Do not speak directly to the subject unless cleared by senior staff. If the subject addresses you, do not respond. Do not provide the subject with weapons. Do not transport the subject without restraints. Do not leave the subject unattended when out of his quarters. Do not approach the subject unless accompanied by at least three security personnel armed with heavy weapons. The subject will attempt to use his considerable charm and charisma to convince you to do things for him. Do not listen or respond. If the subject escapes restraint, do not attempt to engage the subject. If suspicious activity is observed, do not intervene, and notify security personnel immediately.

So begins...

A/L00084211 - Leon's Story