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ID Number: #G33267
Informal Name/s: Pale Blue, Geode, Ellen
Age: 17 Years Old
Gender: Female
Floor: Upper Level


Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Electric Blue

Body Type: Slim and Curvy. Growing at exponential rate as body is older than actual age.

Physical Mutations Evident: Noted obvious mutations are horn-like growths on spaced equally on the forehead, square pupils, geode/crystal growths on the face, and cracks on the face. Also noted pointed ears. Bodily mutations that are obvious three long tails sprouting from lower back just below the tail β€” tail ends in sharp blue geodes β€” and diamond shaped geode/crystals along the legs and ankles. No noted fingernails and fingertips end in points β€” perhaps in reference to bodily conformity to its growth forms.

Abilities and Mutations

Type/s: Shape Shifting β€” The subject does not actually shift like the myth. The subject manipulates its mass to expand into certain shapes by genetic manipulation. By changing it's genetic code, it enables it's cells to rapidly expand or allow for more cells to grow resulting in a new stronger form. Only three forms have been noted over the series of experiments and observation. The three forms seem to serve different purposes to the subject and shows potential for more growth.

The first and smallest shape is appropriately called Wyvern. It shows gliding ability and the prongs on the wings are sharpened into weapons. Hand-like structures are webbed so the form has potential for underwater ability.

The second form is stocky and much heavier. It appears to have heavy armor and seems built for withstanding heavy damage and dealing it as well. It's faster than it appears β€” potentially because of quadrupedal shape β€” and the tail is the primary weapon besides the large jaws and elongated bottom teeth. The second shape is also the same size as Wyvern form.(Revision Code 067: Second shape has properly been named Juggernaut after case test #23; blew through several reinforced walls and withstood several army grade grenades in combat session)

Third form discovered during case test #38 β€” testing damage control β€” test subject was unable to withstand level 13 damage in Wyvern form and as the staff were about recover subject, the third form accordingly named Tyrant was displayed. The form is extremely large compared to the other two and emotional stability is a questionable trait. It displays no control over actions and acts irrationally compared to the more obedient Wyvern and Juggernaut. Perhaps rapid mass expansion caused temporary loss of rational ability β€” to be tested and more experiments needed for conclusion. Case #87 is only test where Tyrant has shown.

Case #67 discovered the ability for fire breathing in normal form. After closer inspection the subject seemed to display a rapid growth and then loss of cells which created a flammable chemical that could be ignited. Ignition created by small geodes in throat creating friction. Surgical inspection may be needed to find more information.

Notes; Geodes seem to be a reaction to cell growth and shrinkage. Possibly similar to fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva in a mild case.




Potential Utilizations for Mutation: Military use would increase funding and promote other subject experimentation. Possible secondary use: Prototype for cloning.

Flaws or Defects Evident in Subject: Noted concerns are loss of speech, expiration date due to rapid bodily aging.

Psychological Profile
Personality Traits: Bleu is a docile subject known to be completely obedient to the proclaimed master for the day. It seems that although the body has aged, the subject's mind remains suspended in a childlike state. It is dependent on whoever it clings to like a baby to an imprinted mother or father. It does not seem to remember it's pre-experimentation years and is not able to hold conversation as it has not developed the full ability for speech. Only in Tyrant mode does it appear to be hostile and aggressive. Expectedly, Bleu seems to like playing games and enjoys art projects. It is easily entertained and does not seem to have the capacity for being able to focus on anything too long.

Psychological Irregularities:
It has a high intolerance for brightly lit places and displays mild shock reactions when in daylight. However β€” as testedβ€” the subject is able to go into sunlight without any physical damage. The subject does not take well to being alone. In order to remedy this the staff provide dolls and other humanoid objects for the creature to cling to during hours which visitation cannot happen. It does not seem to take well to other subjects albeit being dependent on others and seems to harbor some hesitation to go near the others. Only on two occasions did it show aggression towards other subjects and both occasions were contained and mediated by staff.



Notable Skills: Skills considered useful are ability to follow directions and heightened senses and reflexes. Potential for militarization seems likely. It has performed the following under command; waiting in one spot for one full timed day, running nonstop for timed twelve hours, and killing experimental animal 07. Good instincts and shows some intelligence β€” basic minimum needed.

Notable Disadvantages: Social requirements exceptionally troublesome for a militarized specimen. Cooperation with other subjects has been unsuitable. Possible training may be needed. Also, Tyrant form is not able to be controlled at this moment. Even if cloning becomes possible and subject becomes expendable, life expectancy is short and needs to be lengthened.


Bleu was taken into the facility at age four and immediately placed in a lab tube for genetic testing and experimentation with creating a super-being. One other child was taken in with same purposes and experimentation was the same but only one experiment succeeded. The other child died within two months and Bleu began to develop crystal like structures on the dermal surface of its body before it was finally completely covered. One month passed before the crystal layer receded into pinpointed geodes lodged in the skin. It was not til the researchers were able to stabilize the body and ensure success did she come out of the lab reborn.

She did not seem to remember previous memories and was not able to pass an oral speech test. Rehabilitation then ensued for the next few months before a new structure was built for testing and monitoring on the upper levels.

Actions of note within facility:
Specimen has only had minor problems with aggression towards other subjects. No records of unfortunate behavior towards staff til now. During a recent case labeled #72 the subject was acting normally β€” docile and cheerfully β€” and suddenly the subject seemed to become paralyzed before it struck out against one of the staff and severely injured the staff member. The staff member lost a limb, the arm, and is receiving free trauma support services. The specimen is now being questioned and considered for movement to the lower levels until the reason for the sudden aggression is found. However, because the specimen has a clean record and is has unusual circumstances, the pending movement is taking longer than is needed.

So begins...

#G33267 - Bleu's Story