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Morningside Bioweapon Research Facility



a part of Morningside Bioweapon Research Facility, by VitaminHeart.


VitaminHeart holds sovereignty over Morningside, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Morningside is a part of Morningside Bioweapon Research Facility.

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#34455-Sai [1] "Hey, would you let me cut you open?"
Kato 'Kat' Nakamura [1] [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Dr. Oren D. Kovalenko [1] [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Lucifer [0] "We live in the pines where the sun don't ever shine"
#G33267 - Bleu [0] "Ki???Kiii.."
A/L00084211 - Leon [0] "I'm not a psychopath. I'm a sociopath. A psychopath doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong. I do. I just don't give a shit"
Aleks #10-21257 [0] "Do you have to be so loud?"

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Character Portrait: #22475 - Rei Character Portrait: Dr. Oren D. Kovalenko
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0.00 INK

Down on the secure level, Dr Kovalenko regarded the inferiour cup of coffee with distaste as she and one of security headed along to lockdown.

Whilst the upper areas tended to go for a light, open-plan look, the necessity of security meant that the lower level was more tight, the corridors wide and low with reinforced doors and shutters that could be drawn up to view the inside of the rooms that branched off.

A few noises, muffled by the thickness of the walls, could be heard from time to time, but generally the place was pretty quiet, pretty preferable to the noise of the offices.

Even if there was a much larger chance of being ripped apart.

They paused in front of the large, thick blast door of the lockdown section and the doctor, an angular woman in her mid twenties, pressed the button on the intercom outside.

-"So, are you planning to rip anyone else to pieces this week or can I open up this door?"-

The corridor was quiet for a few long moments before a voice on the other side staticed in.

"No, no I'm good."

"Well as long as you're good." the researcher muttered with a degree of sarcasm before she input a code, pressed her alm to the scanner and swiped her ID through the lock, causing the heavy door to slowly slide down.

"Admin is on my back about this. Prototypes taking out staff is unacceptable and you are downstairs until the team fix the problems."-

The figure sat at the back of the room narrowed their luminous green eyes in distaste.

"I'd rather not hang out with the freaks down here."

"Well I'm sorry you feel that way princess, but seeing as there are still pieces of Robinson in the ventilation system then you're just going to have to be brave and deal with it. They're opening up the rooms and sending the prototypes on this level to the cafeteria and I'm going to be dong the check up rounds, go along there, make some friends or whatever it is that you do when you're not savaging people and get used to it because you aren't leaving til I'm certain you're not going to go Cthulu fhtagn again, clear?"

The indidivual in the cell was well aware that there was not much to be gained from arguing the case. Dr K. had a lot of authority around the place, and exactly the same amount of unwillingness to back down. No degree of persuasion was going to sway her.
The figure stepped out of the blast doors, shoulders drawn up, regarding the doctor with distaste, her head still aching from the after-effects of whatever they'd given her the day before. She felt like someone had ht her over the head with a baseball bat.

Which was possible. It was all pretty hazy.

There were not that many people who could have pulled a stunt like she had and still be on decent terms with a company, but Rei did represent a considerable investment from Paragon, and in the end it all came down to the monetary value. That and while the thing had been pretty grisly, she was by no means the most hostile or difficult prototype Morningside had. Up until recently she'd been spending her time upstairs with the most personable experiments, the kind that went to meet investors and showed off what they could do, but when the random 'check-outs' started happening, they'd started talking about the move downstairs.

Downstairs was where the 'freaks' ended up. The experiments with health issues, or disciplinary problems, or glitches that meant that the level of security and monitoring was justified.

Rei had her own friends upstairs, and interactions with the downstairs lot had been limited at best, and not something she was eagerly anticipating.

The experiment stepped into the large room, regarding the guards posted up on the walkways over head sceptically.

"Looks like a classy place, huh?"

Rei was not, at a glance, all that threatening looking. Skinny, curveless and quite sickly-looking, she was wearing the white pants and T-shirt marked with the logo, and her ID code, that seemed a little large on her form. Long, silvery hair hung down to her lower back, not much paler than the unhealthy hue of her skin. All in all she looked like someone that'd struggle to carry groceries, let alone wipe people out but....when you were talking about bioweapon research appearance was always pretty deceiving.

"Don't be a smart-ass. I'm expecting a flawless record from you."the researcher remarked.

Rei made a vague noise of agreement in response, not having the energy to argue.
She stepped to the back of the line, hunching forwards whilst the doctor went to speak to security.

It was going to be such a long week.


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Character Portrait: Kato 'Kat' Nakamura
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0.00 INK

Morning shifted had started.

When it did, the twenty technicians on the live subject floors started the day shift.

Live subject techies, being incontact with subjects, were expected to take hygiene extremely seriously, and upon arrival reported to the prep rooms, changed out of their street clothes, showered, and changed into sterile garments. That was the official purpose of that period. What it tended to be mostly used for however, was for the techs to gossip among themselves.

"Told you tentacle girl was a ticking time bomb." Marcia the medication tech remarked as she dried her rough blonde hair out and took the uniform from the dispenser.
"You should see all the pills that one takes, like a bad of M&Ms. I swear to god."

"Poor Steve though..." Bridgit the hygiene tech muttered as she slipped her shoes on.

"Pff, Robinson was a dick. Tried to grab my ass at the Christmas party. Won't miss the guy. Still, it's pretty gross. Why I hate working lower floors. Wish they didn't make us cover both. For once I'd like a job I don't have to take a stun gun to." Marcia stated, pulling on the set of scrubs with the logo imprinted on the front.
"Even the well-behaved ones'll turn on you like that....unless you're Miss Freak-Whisperer, huh Kat?"

At the sound of her name, the young woman peered round the side of the decontamination shower, pulling a towel round her and stepping out, dyed hair dripping with water and mild disinfectant that was making her eyes sting.
"Yeah Marcia, it's all my weird Pied Piper powers at work." she chuckled, snatching the hair drier from the other technician and making her way to the mirror.
"And I didn't see that one coming. Some of the stuff recently has been kinda....out of the blue.... must be the phase of the moon or 'summit."

Kat was known among the other techs as being good with test subjects, or at least with ones that normally defied the normal expectations on how a person should act. She was not cleared for dealing with high security cases, so hadn't had much to do with the 'real psychos' as Marcia would so tactfully put it, but it didn't mean that her job was a completely safe one. Nor was it the most pleasant. Kat had certainly seen some things whilst helping out in procedures, things she wouldn't care to try and explain, but, coming from the family she did, she was not easily rattled, and had always handled things in a pretty laid-back way. That was key to a lot of these things. Keeping your cool and being in control of the situation, also, knowing what set different subjects off. That was a BIG part of making the day easier. Everyone had SOMETHING and it was just a matter of keeping track.

Kat dried off, pulled on her uniform, and clipped a standard issue stunner to her belt beside her communicator, and tied her hair into a slightly untidy up=do. ID clipped, gloves on, and it was time to start her rounds on the Upper Floor. Upper was invariably preferable to start with as she had less chance of having to get blood or bile off her shirt after two subjects and at least it'd have meant that the Lower bunch would've taken their meds before she got down and had to deal with any incidents.

Stepping out of the changing room with the other girls and swiping her hand across the clock device (they'd stopped using their IDs to sign in after one of the researchers had realized one of the techs hadn't been in for two weeks and had just been having his buddy scan his card every day) Kat took her form which showed her rounds for the day, the duties required, and any passive-aggressive notes left by the research staff in the progress. Just another day in the wonderful employ of Paragon Inc.


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Character Portrait: #22475 - Rei Character Portrait: #34455-Sai Character Portrait: #X42759-Reyna
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0.00 INK

Whimpers filled the air, the normally soothing vibrations of the comfort rabbit were doing nothing to keep the nightmares at bay tonight. The image of blood filled her vision, crimson droplets licking her face and dripping from her fingertips onto the ground. The little girl's hand was still outstretched, a hole the size of her tiny fist punctured into the chest of a nurse that had been hitting her for not acting fast enough. A scream rang in the air and her entire being shook, Experiment X42759 collapsed to the tiled ground with her head in her hands.

And then it was over.

The door opened with a squeak that sent slivers of light into the dark room. Normally there would be a little girl bundled in thin white blankets on the bed, however this morning there was nothing but a stuffed pink rabbit among the sheets. The lights to the room flickered on, reflecting on the harsh white walls of the tiny cell on the lower floor. A woman in scrubs entered, carrying a cup of water and a smaller cup full of pills that sounded like maracas when you shook them. "Not again," quickly the tech closed the door and looked up, spotting Experiment #X42759 standing on the ceiling. "These are the last pills you need to take for a while, then you can go get breakfast." The girl had been taken off of isolation yesterday after battling an illness for the past week that had rendered her so sick she couldn't move; but now that she had recovered the board decided it was time to move her to the upper level, which would happen later today after a final checkup.

Reyna walked down the wall, she had proven time and again that gravity had no affect on her and yet the nurses and techs always starred as though it were some amazing feat when she came down from the roof. Quietly she took a sip from the cup and downed all of the pills at once, taking another few sips of water before allowing the tech to lead her out to the cafeteria. Upon entering Reyna took an immediate interest in the smell that was wafting from the food line. Eggs, or maybe the usual goop that they served down here. She couldn't wait to move back up to the upper flowers and have a room with a window as well as food that didn't taste like random ingredients thrown into a blender.

Something drew the girl's attention from the impending food. It was a female, one Reyna had never seen before in an over sized white shirt and spats with the Paragon Inc. logo The little blonde drew closer, her curiosity overwhelming. She knew about the hostility that came from some of the lower residents, but this one was different. She looked sick and guarded; clearly if the experiment were ill she would be in isolation; perhaps she was simply a project gone wrong?

"H-hello," Reyna sidled up next to the experiment on the line, prepared for the worst. Normally Reyna would keep her distance and sit alone at one of the corner tables, but today she was feeling stupidly brave. If things went south she would remember the protocol and call for one of the orderlies, but something told her she wouldn't need to worry about fighting this creature.