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#01675 - Eli

0 · 203 views · located in Paragon Inc Facility

a character in “Morningside Research Facility”, as played by SynapticError


ID Number: #01675
Informal Name/s: Eli
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Floor: Lower Floor (Moved there after incident report #43a, see below)


Hair Colour: Light brown, normally kept slightly shaved.
Eye Colour: His eyes are almost pure white with indistinct grey spots where his pupils should be.

Body Type: Eli is at least a head taller than most of the people in the facility and quite lean with an average but well-toned musculature. He seems to eat very rarely and has never been observed sleeping but meditates often.

Physical Mutations Evident: Eli looks like a normal human being from his eyes down. Eli’s eyes are completely clouded over, rendering him blind. That would be the most unusual thing about him if it wasn’t for his extra eye. He has a third eye just below the center of his forehead that is generally kept closed and is covered with a blindfold when out of his cell. The eye is a striking orange color and can open wider than a normal eye, darting around almost constantly until it can find something to focus on. The plates of his skull have shifted outward about an inch to allow for his swollen brain.
Abilities and Mutations

Type/s: Third Eye: Eli’s third eye allows him to see and perceive small details normally. It acts as a focus for his psychic abilities and looking into the eye directly can cause vertigo and even stun people for a short time. It allows him to see normally when open and if removed regrows in a about a half-hour of pure agony.

Psychic: Eli has the ability to mentally affect people in a variety of ways. In order for his abilities to work, his eye has to be uncovered and open, being far harder to resist and much more effective if eye contact or physical contact is made. He can read memories, sense emotions and danger, and communicate telepathically one-way.

Psychokinetic Attacks: The more violent side of Eli’s abilities are gruesome. His attacks require total focus and puts a lot of strain on Eli. They rarely occur instantly and can take up to a half-minute to begin manifesting. He can stun people, cause hallucinations, and in severe cases, brain hemorrhages and heart attacks. His ‘desperation attack’ involves throwing out a ton of psychic energy at once, creating a ‘brown note’ that maims anyone within six feet of him, but it knocks him unconscious for an hour. The largest show of force he has exhibited is the detonation of a subject's head. (See actions of note)

Potential Utilizations for Mutation: Interrogation, Assassination.

Flaws or Defects Evident in Subject: Eli is one of the most situational subjects the facility possesses. A solid hit to his eye causes him to feel extreme pain and he will often reflexively cover it with his hands to keep it from further harm. Most of his abilities can be blocked just by blindfolding him and can be interrupted by breaking his focus. His eye is what he uses to truly see, without it he can only perceive the nervous systems of people in his general proximity and the shape of solid objects in a room. His psychic attacks can severely affect him after repeated use, causing him to bleed from the eyes and nose after too long. If he pushes himself too far, he will knock himself unconscious and will need to be revived, potentially killing himself. ----

Psychological Profile

Personality Traits: Eli is a collected individual that tends to think things through rationally and patiently. He is a very quiet and soft-spoken person, to the point where his lack of obvious emotion makes him cold and detached. Eli is very intelligent and perceptive, tending to know the gist of the situation and attitudes of those around him at any given time. However, since he can sense attitudes and scan people memories, he tends to attempt to read the mind of people whenever he can so he knows how to later affect them, willing or no. Oddly, he latches onto doctors and other subjects he sees as equals and tends to get violently protective of them. He also offers to help people with what the doctor’s have taken to calling ‘psychosurgery’, purposely editing their minds to make their lives easier. Such a thing is no longer being considered due to what he considers ‘helping’.

Psychological Irregularities: Unfortunately, Eli is, at heart, a truly alien person. He tends to get along better with the more inhuman subjects in the facility. He sees people has minds wrapped around flesh rather than human beings. According to the doctors, such behavior is attributed to his unique method of sensing where people are, the brain being the most visible to him. But, he claims that he knows something about the human race the other’s don’t, but isn’t willing to tell them what that is, claiming the last time he tried to show people it ended poorly (Incident Report #43a). Sometimes, he will see no problem with mind-raping people who mistreat those who can’t defend themselves or have dark minds, ‘editing’ their problematic aspects out for what he sees as the greater good. Other times he will actively worsen a condition and ‘test’ the guards and medical staff. When told his actions are unacceptable, he is legitimately concerned they believe that and has been recorded saying he’s “preparing the others for what’s coming.”


Notable Skills: Eli is unsurprisingly knowledgeable when it comes to psychology and neurology, but due to his mind-scanning abilities also has an extremely worrying amount of knowledge pertaining to the Facility and its faculty. He tends to manipulate the staff into giving him more leeway than they probably should. He is a master at maintaining a sense of focus and can filter out most noises and visual anomalies with ease.

Notable Disadvantages: Eli, despite his mental fortitude, is not physically formidable. He might be able to hold his own against someone of similar size but not against anyone with actual combat training. Even though Eli replicate and analyze emotions, he can’t comprehend most trains of thought and tends to be very socially awkward when not in his element.



No one has any idea how we made #01675 what he was. The attempt was to fully expand the human consciousness and create a human being that was more along the lines of an organic computer than an actual person, with extreme intelligence and little emotional attachment. At first, it was going well. The brain swelled and the logic centers seems sufficiently stimulated. I even fed him some of the equations the boys in R&D were working on and he solved them pretty quickly. We were ready to move on to the next stage of conditioning when we picked up on it. It wasn’t obvious at first. The thing would finish our sentences, follow our logic a bit too well, maybe demonstrate a skill we hadn’t taught him completely yet. But then the damn eye showed up. It was nearly instant. The thing just erupted from his forehead and started rolling around out of nowhere. His vitals spiked and the equipment we were using to monitor his brainwaves blew. It actually shorted out the damn device. We still haven’t been able to replicate it. We recovered quickly, though, started a new round of tests. Maybe it was the cerum we added, the extra nerves we grafted on, we even tried to find some latent abnormality in his DNA. Nothing. Our priorities shifted once his abilities manifested. We worked around the clock after we figured out what he could do. Hell, he even helped our staff during it. He got Dr. Nephi to stop smoking. Did you know he even smoked at all? We didn’t. We got #01675 analyzed, got a good idea of his skills, finally reached a level of comfort around him. Some of the others even got to asking him questions. Who liked who, immature garbage like that. Of course, they started to get more serious when he ended up right. That... that was when it happened.

-Dr. Chandra

Actions of note within facility:


I never figured out exactly what they asked him on Tuesday, February 19th. All I know is, I got the call at four in the morning saying there had been an incident with #01675 and 3 of my best researchers had died. Their brains had just... melted. I’ve never seen that much blood in my life. The coroner said they died quickly, that they didn’t feel it, but I didn’t fucking care if they felt it or not. They were dead. That was all that mattered. They interrogated #01675, of course. He claimed they asked him what he knew about humans, said he didn’t want to tell them, that they weren’t ‘ready’. I said it was bullshit. He was covering for himself. They were testing his knowledge of humans, testing his empathy. I told them before he had gotten more and more alien, more dangerous. They got tricked into letting him implant...something into their heads. Something that literally blew their minds. I don’t even think he showed them anything. Just looked them right in the eyes and let their frontal lobes turn into jelly. When the guards were escorting him to the lower levels, I made damn sure to tell him what I thought. I felt good, getting that off my chest, though I beat him. He looked scared. For him, anyway. I gloated, pointed it out hoping I could twist the knife. Then...Then he looked at me, and he said that he wasn’t scared for himself. No. I still hear those words when I sleep, seeing the conviction on his face, the truth in his statement. “I see what is coming. So did they. They saw it all.” Killed a specimen .... I heard later he defended a doctor from another subject. Blew his head up with his mind. I guess he can feel, protect. ... What do I think? It’s a con, a plan. Once the pieces are in place he’ll kill that doctor with the rest of us. You’ll see. Can you turn that off now? I’m done talking.


Dr. Chandra has been placed into a psychological recovery program upon orders of Administration and relieved of his position until further notice.

So begins...

#01675 - Eli's Story

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Eli sat in the cafeteria, enjoying the mental cacophony. There were always so many minds to listen to, so many desires kept hidden, so many aberrations and psychological monstrosities to to cleanse, to exploit. He liked to hear that #41984 really wants a pack of crayons but no purple ones cuz’ they don’t taste right and am I a sheep prol’ly not but if I was- or that #12978 thinks this food is really terrible but the lady who serves it is really pretty but burning her is wrong like last time with the- and the guards.... The guards were harder to read, but just as rewarding. The third from the right has been grappling with her sexuality because if they found out me and Claire- or that the fat one near Eli is gonna shoot that white-eyed freak if he doesn't look away right this fu- Eli quickly averted his gaze before man had to make good on his promise. Some knew about his abilities or were angry enough that they didn't have to. Very well. He could enjoy the nerves just as much.

The nerves were all he could see without his Eye other than the solid walls and objects that littered the room. Nerves were different than thoughts; they couldn't tell Eli what their owner thought, but they could tell him what they were. There was the jagged and flickering nerves of the damaged, those who dragged themselves more by will than physical ability. The clustered bright nerves of the subjects with enhanced sense made the area where their sensory organs should be burn with light, and the mentally enhanced subjects brains acted like small suns in their splendor. A nervous system arcing and floating meant a regenerator or a shifter of some sort. For every power, for every little mutation or subtle augmentation, there was a change in the system.

His attention shifted to Captain Nakai, and with it, his motives. The Captain knew, of course, something was coming. Atlas was dangerous, too unstable, too alien. Almost guaranteed to go wrong, catastrophically so. However, Eli was reasonably certain he didn't know the scope of the coming storm. Eli himself had a hard time understanding the magnitude of the future events, which honestly made him feel...scared. He didn't get scared often, at all, really, but the thoughts he heard at night, the patterns he'd been seeing, the growing sense of dread emerging from the collective mind of the facility... it overwhelmed him. Whatever it was, it was going to be upon them very soon. Too soon. Eli hadn't edited enough minds, tested the personnel thoroughly enough. He had to start now, sow the seeds and reap the harvest of a stronger facility. So he undid his blindfold.

Eli felt the fabric slip from his fingers, the bright orange eye in his forehead darting madly in his head as it opened for the first time in hours. Clarity flooded his mind; he could see again, colors, textures, writing, everything jumped out at him and lifted him from his darkened state. The thoughts grew louder, coming from everywhere at once and being sorted with preternatural speed as his mind returned to it's natural state. Eli sighed deeply and focused, eyes locked on Captain Nakai, hoping for accidental eye contact. His mind reached out and found the Captain's, and his words came from within. You must be ready. It is starting. You see, but you do not see it all. It is so much bigger than you or I and the creature you fear is stirring it's nerves are like runes carved into the bones of a leviathan floating in the void and IT IS BUT ONE OF US- The rubber bullet struck his eye directly, severing any connection he may have had and stunning Eli. The fat guard grunted, a smug smirk plastered on his face as Eli slowly blindfolded himself and stumbled back into the crowd of monsters churning below the catwalk.

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Character Portrait: Captain Edwin Nakai Character Portrait: #01675 - Eli
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Nakai snapped out of his strange trance the very instant that he saw a rubber bullet collide with the forehead of a subject.

Before the subject stumbled back, the orange blaze in the middle of said forehead was clearly visible. An eye. The eye.

So this was #41984. The reason seven guards had quit, claiming they "couldn't take it anymore", and another had blasted his own brains out. He was considered among Security to be a threat, a mental poison; yet in this instance, it seemed he was trying to warn him of something. Leviathan... was he referring to Atlas? As far as Nakai knew, this guy could read thoughts, even the briefest flicker of one to the living metal abomination.

Private First Class Fargley, to Nakai's right, was chuckling, his barrel still smoking a little. Fargley was an idiot, a well and truly accepted fact. The only reason he had ever gotten promoted is because he somehow managed to worm his way into taking credit for something mainly done by another group of guards. Now, Nakai took the liberty of slapping him on the back of the head. Hard.

"The usual policy, First Class, is to shoot them in the shoulder or leg. Do you think Executive will be happy when they find that a subject has developed critical brain trauma, or in this case, lost his powers? Hope, for your sake, that he's alright."

He walked back to his post, scanning the crowd again.